Liberals block ethics commissioner from testifying on SNC-Lavalin affair | Power & Politics

Liberals block ethics commissioner from testifying on SNC-Lavalin affair | Power & Politics
Liberals block ethics commissioner from testifying on SNC-Lavalin affair | Power & Politics
I think today’s vote and our committee meeting was sadly predictable. The prime minister in the tempting this cover-up. I think we all know that, on the eve of an election, this kind of part of partisan gamesmanship bye-bye the opposition is it. Is that what it exactly appears to be two motions requesting he appear before, then the opposition wanted to dig deeper into his finding last week that the Prime Minister and did try and quote Ben the will of his attorney general to get the snc-lavalin criminal trial drop. Why did the Liberals reject the motions and what opposition MPS planning to do next after all, 2 months away, Lisa rate? Is the conservative party now from The Fall of the House of Commons over in the west block hello to all three of you, thanks for being mrs., really appreciate it report, in fact, he’s gone through now: 13 hours of testimony 10 Witnesses a 5 weeks of hearings, A 63 page report that is itself the product of months and months and months of work by the text. Commissioner, I think there’s a lot of information out there for Canadians to digest, and I think we all know what brought us here today we’re on the eve of an election, so the opposition that sent their there they’re almost partisan players. They came he how to try – and you know one more time squeeze this lemon, but I’m afraid to Canadian see through those partisan game on the Geauga cons Island, butts that your members, but that your colleagues voted against it, because the election is near bearings. 13 hours of testimony is a lot of information out there, and I think Canadians know that. There’S a lot of partisan gamesmanship going on on the verge of an election, and that’s why you saw this sort of influx of very partisan opposition numbers to come today. To one more time, try and then play these games. What more do you need to hear one act of Parliament that was broken, the conflict-of-interest act and referred to it as being bent or something he broke, the law he broke the law, beginning that this is an affair or a controversy. This is this. Is the prime minister who broke the law and the ethics commissioner? Has a report we like to ask the ethics commissioner more questions about his report? Cuz. It’S completely not the same thing that the prime minister is saying about the report and, as a result, we brought the motion and the Liberals said no, they shut it down and, as far as saying that were part is an interesting word. Vice-Chair of the Justice committee. Peter Kent was there the vice-chair of the Ethics Committee. We were just trying to get to the bottom of what was going on and once again The prominent members from the Liberal Party shut her down and we don’t have the ability to get anymore Nation from the ethics. Commissioner. Specific information that you’re looking to get from the ethics commissioner of the report was lengthy, was detailed to conclusions are specified. What more do you need to know? Who is there in the wildest in Willis days of the Harper government, when Dean Del Mastro was the Parliamentary secretary when Paul Calandra was the Parliamentary secretary? I’Ve seen everything, but I have never seen a government interfere and obstructed. Look up. An officer of parliamentary 42r committee are committing it’s where the ethics commissioner brings his report, and what did the liberals do today? They brought the former director of the liberal party soon as he walked in. Everyone is like all. I wonder how this is going he’s not a member of this committee’s never showed up before he showed up to shut this down. So why? Because there was a finding a ruling that the Prime Minister broke, the law of Canada, the parliament of Canada Act. The conflict of interest act has clear obligations on the furniture he broke, that we found the evidence that his work was interfered with by the prime minister’s office 9. People who had what they said were relevant was relevant information, but they couldn’t put it Forward because they didn’t believe that they that cabinet. They believe that it was covered by confidence and they couldn’t get that waived. Don’T want any quotes Troublesome presidential course. He doesn’t want something Troublesome he’s under investigation for breaking the law to help very powerful people. No, but like I’m thinking of how much they respect having a confidence when, basically s & c was sitting under the table, while Jerry Botts with strong-arming Jody wilson-raybould. What we seen is how the prime minister’s office misuse the role of the privy Council and mr. Warner there’s many questions here about Mr Trudeau being found guilty of trying to discredit going after Jody Wilson’s reputation. I would like to know more about that. I would like to know about who these Witnesses were, and I’d like to about the pattern of interference from the get-go, when the Prime Minister meets with the CEO of snc-lavalin and set this in motion when Bill Morneau flies to Davos, to meet with the head of Snc-Lavalin and then tell the ethics commission can’t remember what they taught I mean come on. I know Mr morning was really important guy, but he flew all the way to Dallas to talk with that, since he just before they slipped us into the Omnibus legislation, because why is this important? It’S about whether or not the super-rich can write their own laws when they’re facing fiber in corruption and that’s not an acceptable standard in Canada, clock Cooperative, very freely and fully with the ethics. Commissioner, the thing is that you do not on an ad-hoc basis, change ancient Traditions, foundations of our democracy on a win like this. But the fact is so. I grabbed a very early on in the process so as to enable full participation. But I must whoever report that I was unable to it is charged the investigator investigatory duties conferred upon me by the app things with many many official I having full and free access of writing a 63 page report that Canadians are free to consult missions for the Government were very clear: we’re for the economic well-being of SNCC and stakeholder, assertive considerations that were being put forth by the government as well, and he didn’t exactly say that that was appropriate. It was a very much at the Forefront of my thinking, and I know that you have been at the Forefront of the thinking of the cabinet exactly why we need to hear from the ethics commissioner, because he’s misconstrue the ethics commission’s report was, quite frankly, very clearly. Contrary to the prime minister’s submission that there was impropriety and there was politically motivated – he gave for instances when it happened. The things we need to talk about with the ethics commissioner, so he can give the context around it instead of relying upon liberal part, is an MP’s trying to. I don’t know, reconstitute the report and say what they think. It means not what it actually does mean. He said he did also detail the sort of motivation in so far as saving those jobs goes correct. Actually, mr. Morneau provided no evidence to the commissioner to back up these clay. The Prime Minister was recorded in the ethics commissioner noted that he was saying: hey, I’m the MP for Papineau. This is this showed why the Prime Minister had a direct personal interests, but I think mr. McKinnon is pretty much laid. You said I can’t do a better job than him. He is the former director of the Liberal Party. He is just said that the work of the ethics commissioner, whose job it is told all parliamentarians to account, was acting on an ad-hoc basis and on a whim of following the rule of law. I think mr. McCann is very clear on this, because for the Liberals, they don’t believe the Prime Minister has to obey the law. When it comes to the rich friends, they believe they can interfere in the rule of law, and this is what he was found guilty of by the ethics commissioner. So, of course, Commissioners should even have the right to appear before the committee and their disrespect for the committee shown by the fact that they send a guy, like mr. McKinnon, the former director, the party to show up and shut down work that we’ve done on a Non-Partisan basis for four years, then we have a real problem in this country. If they don’t believe, then we have a real. I think they’re questioning why you were there instead of you. I don’t know where Mr Angus is getting out of breath legal in Masters MPS across the way we’ll decide whether after silencing Jody wilson-raybould, they will silence the ethics commissioner as well, whether they will vote to ban the ethics. Commissioner, from appearing at the Ethics Committee, he has to report to us. This is his job, any attempt by the Liberals to stop that will be a pattern of continuing the interference and the obstruction in the fundamental principles of the parliamentary system. Think deeply wrong here, and I beg my friends around the table to allow Michelle Dion to speak to us this process for reasons of politics reasons of partisan games. It is for that reason, mr. chair, that we will be opposing this morning. Mr can’ts motion is defeated. Majority of the Ethics Committee voted down opposition motions to hold more hearings, NC snc-lavalin Affair. That’S following a report: ethics, commissioner last week., snc-lavalin favor, but wilson-raybould has said she doesn’t believe anything illegal took place. So is a further investigation needed of Canadians already made up their minds on this issue time for the power panel. Sally Hauser is a political commentator who has worked on NDT campaign. She joins us from in Toronto. Omar Khan is Vice President of public affairs, with Hill & Knowlton strategies, and here with me and auto attempt hours is a vice chair of Summa strategies, hi everybody in the in the comedian in the comedian, the past. But what about the politics that show the needle hasn’t moved immediately following the release of that report? What does that mean for political parties in the way that they approach this Steve McKenna quotes Steve’s a friend he’s doing what he’s supposed to do and say North as the opposition back from the politics? If that’s at all possible at this moment, I think there’s probably enough Canadians, even some liberals who wouldn’t have minded hearing from commissioner Dion. I think that maybe is a bit of a small, Miss couch station by the Liberals. You’Ll remember they originally tried to stop a Jody wilson-raybould and others from testifying. The story tomorrow will be, or already is, I should say, and then it continuous cycle that they’ve done, that information new question that would have led to more questions by stopping at now. They take the one-day hit. I don’t think the conservatives are going to give up on this or are the NDP so we’ll see in another few days, if there’s any more movement on this, I think there was you saw. It was Andrew Shearer. Yesterday, though, he did write that letter to the RCMP he’s signaling, a recognition by talking about fiscal policy and some of the tax credits. He was announcing yesterday that he recognizes that in and of itself going on this issue with long will not be enough for him to win. The election can play politics three weeks, three or four weeks before the start of the general election campaign. To keep this in another clearly want to keep the story alive and in the new cycle as long as they can, and then you know, God bless them – that the opposition party will do this, and and and and that’s what they’re going to do. It’S not really working for them.. If I was advising in a heartbeat for me to advise mr. sheer or mister mister sing, but if I were advising them, I would take a bit of a different track right now and as we noted earlier, that the poll numbers aren’t moving and particularly they’re, not Moving in Ontario and Quebec and in this country, if you’re coming out of a general election with you know hundred 210 1120 seats out of those two provinces, it’s pretty much the ballgame. They kind of know that I’ll not be moved fascinating. But you know we’re kind of running out of runway in a way batter for the Liberals, he doesn’t it’s problematic for the Liberals, this is a crisis of the Liberals own making. That’S been mishandled from the very, very gecko. It’S a strong issue for the opposition. Ethical Scandal that the conservatives and liberals have been able to put out put out there over the past kind of ten years. This is going to be more problematic for the Liberals and all the kind of ins and outs and and the specifics. But it’s that larger tone that impression of a government that is just out there for their buddies in in corporate Canada or International corporations for their friend, not for the public, not trustworthy, those greater narratives. Those are really problematic. During the election campaign. He’S going to try to explain the whole thing and in political ads, they’re going to narrow it down condense it to his biggest message, which is you can’t trust this guy he’s not in it for you? Maybe there are Canadians are buying into it for sure, but are they then turning away from Justin Trudeau to other parties, because the polls aren’t necessarily showing that the last the human dimension of Judy Jody wilson-raybould calling out there are other indicators? There’S some movement there around Charleston and electability those numbers being down for the prime minister, but I see you’re not going to win the election on this. If you are a jagmeet Singh or your Andrew Scheer or you’re Elizabeth May, it has to be about affordability, but I wonder if the Liberals made a bit of a another mistake there today vaschy when they had Anita vandevelde there. She, of course, was one of the liberal members who voted today. She previously been sanctioned by the ethics commissioner, I’m not sure how legitimate it was for somebody who has arguably a history with the ethics commission or come inside hear from him. You know it’s small things like that that, in their Communications were allowed before they’ve got in trouble. That’S not going to be an issue, that’s going to change the dynamic of the election, but it makes it harder for a homer and others who are passionate about the Liberal Party to come out and say, there’s nothing to hear. There’S nothing to do here, because the Liberals are, of course covering their butt here, because the greatest vulnerability for the liberal party and even Omar would agree with this is if Canadian, since they’re, you know the old David dingwall, the line they’re entitled to their entitlements, their Self interests rules, above all self liberals, do have to manage that. That’S why they want this to go away out there on the trail. You know his number one priority was. It was trying to find some some solution to to protect thousands of workers across this country and particularly in the province of Quebec. You know, I think, that’s that’s a defensible position for sure things could have been done differently and look from the ethics commission. Is it like 68-63 page report out there? What’S your policy to keep growing economy and economy, that’s been growing at a record Pace with with record low unemployment, but what’s your what’s your what’s your plan for the future to make sure the kids are graduating from college and trades and universities right now to get A job absolutely aaannnddd, I think, having the Prime Minister and his team out there talking about how. Yes, perhaps mistakes were made them and they said this. Perhaps things could have been done differently, but the underlying intent and everything was to protect middle-class jobs and that’s the number-one focus of this government continue to insist that this was about saving jobs and it would appear if you look at the polls and I’m not saying That they’re even of the be-all end-all, but that that message has resonated to a certain degree this breach of the public trust, which is really what it is. I think when you look through that. That report, it becomes pretty clear that this wasn’t about jobs. This is about buddies and Wealthy donors and take exception to don’t blame the Liberals for taking his line. I would do the same thing if I were there, because it’s all that they have can coming up that nobody’s really excited to vote for Justin Trudeau, like perhaps they were in the past, and that’s been really kind of targeted advertising on this issue and others. I can make that difference once the Writ actually dropped, hey brother, this job so well pointed out. There was no evidence to all of that and you you’re asking about it – will look at what’s happening at Cincy at what’s happened, snc, crappy corporate governance and apparent corruption. Snc leadership of the past – and perhaps some of that is still there – create this problem. So4J Sally’s entirely right: Justin, Trudeau was trying to say never mind that this company is too-big-to-fail well, the company leadership has to be held to account there and even Neil Bruce the CEO. There is no suggestion, we’re going to knock off 9,000 jobs and they had just signed a deal with casted apodo 2026 to properly fund. Their expedition cannot then bid on any federal projects for 10 years and there needs to be accountability, there’s a criminal process, but I think what was at the Crux of its intended – and this is evident if you, if you look through the 10th, the the testimony, even Though the secret recording that Jody wilson-raybould released, the underlying motivation was to try and find ways to protect and see, are as many of those jobs as possible, because you know what none of those workers were on the on the front lines over there had anything to Do with any of the allegations regarding face host of Power & politics, see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
Liberal MPs voted to block a motion to have Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion appear before a House committee to testify about his report that found Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act over the SNC-Lavalin affair.
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