Liberals move to tighten laws governing ‘asylum shopping’

Liberals move to tighten laws governing ‘asylum shopping’
Liberals move to tighten laws governing ‘asylum shopping’
Our priority has been to ensure the Canadians can continue to have confidence in our Asylum system in our Refugee system. We need to recognize that there are larger numbers that now than before, because of global and instability and tremor fat refugees. That’S why we’re putting more resources in and we’re also ensuring that the system is fair for everyone, Refugee claims in Canada, if they’ve made similar claims in one of the other five eyes countries. That’S, for example, includes the United States is calling that quote Asylum shopping. The changes in response to the recent wave of asylum-seekers arriving at Canada’s border about 4 thousand of them have crossed into Canada between official points of Entry since 2017. So how are Refugee Advocates? Responding? Lauren Waldman is senior Council of Walnut and Associates and he joins us. Now, from thanks for inviting me under this proposed change, the immigration and Refugee protection act, asylum-seekers could be considered ineligible if they’ve claimed asylum in another one of the five eyes countries prior to coming to Canada. That includes the United States. What do you think of the change? We’Re extremely disappointed that the government decided to make this change? First of all, to do it in the budget? Where there’s not going to be a full debate, because it’s hidden in the budget implementation act when it should be really a separate piece of legislation is improper in our in our view, and we would hope that the government will take it out of the budget and Put it into a proper piece of legislation so that the issue can be properly debated. Secondly, of all, we are deeply upset about it remember this is a government that won the last election in large part because of its support for refugees, and now it’s introducing a measure which is going to seriously undermine the fairness of the process whereby candida decides whether Or not, to give protection to people who seek Asylum, you know the fundamental porch. How did they do that? Yet you have a hearing before an independent tribunal, the specialized driving with the immigration Refugee board, which hears your case and makes it fair determination as to whether or not you’re a refugee. Instead, people who are now ineligible get that here you are going to get a paper review by an officer who’s not from an Independent Tribune, an employee of the government who might conduct hearing, and so the officers don’t have the experience. Expertise at the tribunal doesn’t conducting these hearings and we think it’s going to have a significant negative impact on the fairness of the process. People who said that is a bit concerning that that people are just walking across points of entry and certainly and you’re, actually right. It’S a political discussion, but just even average Canadians who, who wants that happen. The government says it is trying to prevent quote-unquote shopping. Would that actually do this? No it doesn’t it doesn’t do it at all. I’Ve been this whole notion of people crossing the border is being illegal, is completely wrong. Most asylum-seekers can’t get to Canada through legal means. Are they required to apply for a Visa that they don’t to get so most of my clients either come with an improper passport and some of them cross the border a regularly from Canada. The question that Canadians after asking all of these cases is are the people Canada wants to protection, would refuse. That’S why it was a liberal government campaign.. That’S why I took the Canadian support of them and what they’re doing now is they’re, providing a less than fair process for determination, Rescue Planes by denying people to hearing for the Independent Tribune how people get to Canada and make us are, is irrelevant. The question that needs to be determined in each case is the first of the genuine Refugee. You want to have a fair process, and the government, by taking this step, is eroding the fairness of the about protests. Why is it irrelevant? Why is the means by which they get here irrelevant? Because refugees don’t have the luxury of applying in the normal way and and the people were fleeing for their lives? You know receive a dram of the people getting on the boat crossing the Mediterranean, while the people who come to to Canada regulated through the United States and many of them have very hearing stories to tell, but how they how they managed to get here. And they choose not to claim in the United States many of them because they don’t trust the current regime there because of the anti-immigrant policies of the President Trump, and I think a lot of Canadians can understand why. Why of a person who is clean life would be reluctant to trust their fate to a to a government, that’s controlled by someone who makes anti-immigrant statements, countries, obviously, of which the United States is one of those. Given what we’ve heard the rhetoric we’ve heard on the issue be seen on the southern border, for example in the United States, were you surprised that was very disappointed policy decisions based upon the notion that people are going to be treated fairly in the United States? And I just was thinking about having observed, what’s been happening in the United States, since President Trump became the president and in particular the Auntie Refugee rhetoric of the current Administration, I find it hard to accept that our government would it would. It would assert that people who who come from United States will be treated fairly there and don’t have a valid reason for coming to Canada. Why do you think I mean before Trump? Was President people were crossing the border in mass of never across the border? In response to the anti-refugee anti-American rhetoric of the Trump Administration for people like you, who think this is unfair, they obviously have a majority. This is attached to the Budget Inn and Bill is ready. We course. The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to try and Lobby liberal MPS who who, who we supported in the past and hurts them to push back on the government to against the Santee Refugee policy, we’re going to work with opposition parties and then we’ll. Obviously, working work with Senators to try and convince them as well, and if none of that works then obviously we’ll look at the legal challenges to the legislation. Earlier I spoke to Lloyd axworthy, a former minister of immigration. Here’S the rest of that conversation you’re the chair of the world Refugee Council. I know you hold a position and if it’s official capacity answer, but apart from that position, I want to ask you about something that the government has proposed they’re, proposing changes to the Asylum system here, and they include them in the budget implementation bill. That would make refugees ineligible to sort of make a claim if they’ve already done so in another country, one of the five eyes countries be person, criticism from lawyers and ads. They said it said an attack on refugees. What do you think pulling a number that end? What we forget is that the oldest human right in the world is the right of Asylum goes back twenty thousand years. I goes back to city states and Grayson in the Middle East. The idea of sanctuary that you can well get protected against somebody who’s trying to persecute you, our friend, the basis that there really isn’t that much difference, but how the United States and Canada. at the in the camps on the border around Tijuana sexual American still coming Up women, who were really quite agitated they’ve, been what would have happened to him all the way along that one track from Honduras. They’Ve been told it, they could claim status based on domestic violence issues or gang violence. What more Criterion place like on the earth when I go to the border, the Border guards were saying: we don’t we don’t recognize those criteria anymore, they were hitting us. What were they going to apply to an application of the fact that the Americans no longer recognize that criteria? That’S your problem us into clothes. I mean right now. People are looking for alternative stuff efforts being made around the world. Prime minister, in the first election, made the big kind of really leader, and I think it was like this big as a chip on it. The idea of doing something else. Can I view statement. I think I’m old enough been around and there’s so much effort owners back on refugees of somehow they are out there shopping. They got in there escaping from Terror, from violence from starvation, from their families being persecuted. And this way, what kind of language system that was set up right after 9/11, the so-called safe party Raymond, the cause of the problem cuz, it’s preventing refugees coming through the state to legally apply to our consulates. Do you think play mr. Trump essentially make it harder for some refugees to claim asylum in Canada would not using a official border points of Entry were back with the power panel, Bruce Amanda Tim and Kathleen Kathleen what it is? If you apply for asylum in one of the five eyes, countries includes the United States. You can’t that the rule would be that you can’t then apply for it again in Canada. What do you think in the middle of a global Refugee crisis around the world? There are 68 million refugees worldwide, 25 of them. Are you and recognize this government claims to be human, caring, compassionate leader? They cannot shut the border down right now. Let’S talk because our neighbor to the South, with Ed with you at remember the story of the man say to Muhammad who crossed the border, I’m Angela border and lost his fingers in the dead of winter, because it was so cold that man, LGBT Refugee, from eligible Under this, the way that the way the Liberals are changing it, I think that they have to reverse that there’s a way to suspend the safe Third Country agreement forward to 3 month., So they can see if we in fact are living up to what median to Our humanitarian grounds are conservative and liberal the immigration Refugee forward. I’M it’s not running this way. It should be doing, and so that is why our money for it in the budget has have increased with the. What they’re talking about here 10 is is an issue that we talked about author over the past two years and that isn’t this, your number of people who have crossed by foot in between points of Entry, very critical of them for not doing more. The NDP of also being critical on the front of funding, more funding for the the refugee board they’re doing something now to try and stand the numbers you know is it is it fair to I don’t know, I mean obviously criticize them but they’re responding to a Criticism that they were getting never pick a fight with Lloyd, axworthy, cuz, I’d lose or one with Bill Bel-Air, because he’s a pretty tough police officer straight it with our immigration system, believe it is weekly people are taking advantage of it. So the Lexicon that the chief Blair is using, it’s that it’s a clear political play to try and address some of the vulnerabilities. The government figure feels they have they’re, both in the West in Manitoba, which is an important area for the Mandy and Quebec. The bigger problem – I think, with this too too, just to even be able to say if this was being addressed properly, then you got to have it as stand-alone legislation and here’s another liberal turn right. They were never going to do these big Harper, like Omnibus bills. Will they stick this in back and 3 page three hundred and something so, if they’re really serious about it, and it is something that can be defended and something that is legitimate, bring it out. Folsom debate not pack it in there in the back and hope it gets in not knowing what the consequences are or the impact of it will be missing points of Entry. This is at the bottom of a budget implementation Bella attached to it and therefore wouldn’t get the same kind of debate if it were treated in a different manner or not do sympathize with the people that are coming in and trying to get across these borders. They don’t know that that it’s minus forty degrees Celsius here and it’s a very dangerous situation. My relatives on my on my on my mother’s side. After the Northwest rebellion and in Saskatchewan, they went down to the United States and formed a community there at Rocky Boy Montana. There still and they were in poverty. They were defeated. They were at least it physically defeated. They were starving, they had to defeat. They had to go their same with after the Wounded, Knee massacre massacre, the Dakota and North Dakota. Some of them had to come up here for a while. We welcome, then we we, we we, we tried to help them as much as we can, and I can certainly see the parallels at that. A lot of these people are going through in their home countries and what is the answer? I don’t. I cannot invoke World Peace. What do you think I mean he didn’t mince any words there and in criticizing I guess the language around Asylum shopping in it, and I think after is a bit surprised, given the Liberals rhetoric so far. I guess on the issue and they’re sort of Defense, of of accepting these Asylum Seekers fresh when it comes to refugees and asylum-seekers. I think that’s almost impossible. I don’t think there’s a government since done more frankly continue to be strongly in favor of our immigration and emigration system. The RCMP has requested funds to beef up enforcement so that we can move two official check. Obviously, this is about making sure that it’s going through the right channels and that we keep the strength in our borders and help our RCMP enforce with that wanted this one’s. For this one move I mean it does have repercussions when you consider that that sort of environment in the United States – I think that’s the main question that’s being raised right like can we consider an asylum claim rejected in the United States, valid the way in which Refugees are viewed their now, given the policy of the administration there. This is the problem with these politically charged conversations: town in fact, card processing, speed, no Indians, actually, if they fail their now forcing refugees, if they get declined, a person will have to wait another year and I’ll have to appeal to their process. So that’s doing a humanitarian grounds application. The 2015 election turned on a very sad story about Alan kurdi, the conflict there right now we have a government government that is considered. Liberal government is concerned about what they consider doing on the refugee and immigration issue. So this is a shield issue for them they’re, trying to basically create than liberals on this, and they are not right policy. They are choosing politics over the correct policy and they are actually walking away from their humanitarian and compassionate responsibility to the 16 million refugees across across the globe. I’Ll crack myself up before you, even more specifically, if you’re comfortable in uncomfortable in the Integrity. The system in the policy ideas are offering don’t stick in the back of an Omnibus budget, bring it all forward. Okay, thank you very much for the power panel.
The Liberal government is taking steps to stop so-called ‘asylum shopping’ by making refugees ineligible to make asylum claims if they have already made a claim in another country that the federal government considers safe for migrants.
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