Life after four years as an IS captive – BBC News

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Life after four years as an IS captive – BBC News
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to me they said women would never be free and that our families would kill us if we tried to come home so I was scared I was scared my family would kill me and I was so surprised at the welcome I got around the face and they wanted to go they hit All My Children I’m so scared for them but at least they didn’t take my children away from me happiness 1 families for children and their mother have returned home from the Captivity of Islamic State it almost lost hope and then look they’ve arrived just in time for AZT Festival awesome When Baba
The Yazidis of Sinjar in Northern Iraq have been persecuted by so-called Islamic State.
Ghazal’s family raised thousands of dollars to get her and her children released, and they have been welcomed back into the community.

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