Life After Hurricane Florence in North Carolina | NYT News

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Life After Hurricane Florence in North Carolina | NYT News
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I mean we knew they said it’s just old was coming but I blew it off I swear I did I ever said we’ve heard this before and then go to my apartment so I felt a little stupid and it breaks my heart it’s really heartbreaking because I don’t really have a home I have keys and my rent is paid but I don’t have hurricanes Wilmington North Carolina do my apartment is a lot to me because I work very hard to get it you know I saved up a lot of money I stay with my sister for a little while which prepared to start a new home have a great apartment it’s in the back it’s quiet but when you when you’re dealing with a hurricane I was really concerned about these trees and it’s just Wilson Douglas just moved into this apartment two months ago when he heard about the hurricane he quickly evacuated to his sister’s house in the northwest of the city but the entire city of Wilmington was affected record rainfall and wind damage down trees and flooded neighborhoods isolating many of Wilmington’s roughly 119,000 resident local an out-of-state firefighters rush to rescue more than 450 thread of people from flash floods here the Waters of now receded but there are still more flash flood warnings and the river Maycrest again even up to the houses a lot of these errors were pulling people out of they lived there for 20 25 years if they’ve never seen it that height and they were was told it would never get that high there but even if the sun started be back in the coastal city thousands of people are still without power or Stranded by floodwaters for residents like Douglas that means cleanup won’t begin for another few days it’s mind-boggling is right there so that’s the truth right there on top of the window structure and completely broke it for now without renter’s insurance and more flood warnings on the way the hard work for Douglas is just beginning this is all just demolished all my picture frames so I’ll see you probably won’t be back in here no time soon
Wilmington, N.C., took a direct hit from the storm and rapidly rising waters left the city virtually cut off. We spoke with one resident who’s life has been upended by this disaster.

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