Life Inside the Migrant Caravan: ‘Everyone Is Tired’ | Dispatches

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Life Inside the Migrant Caravan: ‘Everyone Is Tired’ | Dispatches
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Life Inside the Migrant Caravan: ‘Everyone Is Tired’ | Dispatches
Arizona Mills that young woman is Joseline and this baby is her niece Genesis. Joseline is determined to keep going and has one go. The US border Jocelyn is 23 she’s traveling to Honduras, with her five-year-old daughter, unisa and three sisters, your Lenny Stefani Sandra, who also has a daughter and it’s 3 months pregnant. The town of Whistler, with thousands of migrants, are resting for a few hours. Its 4 a.m. just letting her family start walking with the rest of the my Grand Caravan load for 9 days, and it could be weeks before they reach their final destination. For now, the next door is about 40 miles away, Venus dresses but still they’re strangers to her, and she worries better Family Safety. It’S 7:45! It’S getting hotter and more humid and there’s still 30 miles to go. They’Ve been walking for about 4 hours and they haven’t had any food or even want her since the night before lucky and quick and hitch a ride, police officers step in to help track down Vehicles, opportunity, nothing is taking my day groups and individuals and their beverages. Food and clothes to park wish you would count for the night battle is over, but tomorrow it all starts again.
The political frenzy is heightening over a so-called migrant caravan heading toward the United States, but who are the people making the grueling journey? We spent 24 hours with a family as they trekked through Mexico for an up-close view of what’s at stake.

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