Lifesavers or Smugglers? How Sea-Watch and Italy Play Political Games With Migrants | The Dispatch

Lifesavers or Smugglers? How Sea-Watch and Italy Play Political Games With Migrants | The Dispatch
Lifesavers or Smugglers? How Sea-Watch and Italy Play Political Games With Migrants | The Dispatch
Okay, cool cool cool it now an into custody up to 10 years in jail is the latest on the world’s deadliest migration route, and I wanted to know. Can I plug out just three years ago, was one of the many search and rescue NJ Mediterranean Europe shut? It Sports most operation Seas on this day. It is the only rescue ship working in the area steam. That was something people actually appreciate it right now, we’re mostly being a hated from entire you and there’s no ladder opponents in Italy, far right interior Minister Matteo salvini. He sends a message to the crew. Nevertheless, she Walsh helping the people smuggling operation by keeping the root open. Essentially, I know you feel like let down by the authorities. It was meant to be a day of practice bills, but then a call from a nearby surveillance plane, at least fifty people, on for more than it’s raining since 2014, I was prepared to see the wars and some of the crew were trying to build a case For the intervention seems to me, that’s great: it’s just have a disc and it’s expected the ship’s arrival. How do you know that we are stewards? Are you following us on Twitter, 65 men, women and children from West and central Africa bored after a night scene? Nobody in the Mediterranean, I didn’t think there were any rescue boat, I’m here by the way many migrants arrive to escape poverty and violence. Instead, they ended up stuck in Livia, most in detention. Centers were many were subjected to torture and extortion, who beat Arizona every morning to send money. You want to point out. Never never never go back to Olivia is repeated warnings. The captain sets of course greatly, but they stopped short of entering Italian Waters and circles. For a day, Shikamaru and then surprise, move by the Italians an offer to allow migrants to disembark, but only the families Captain Arturo when the head still wrestle with the idea of separating the migrants, responsibility, somebody’s kids, Hello, everybody wants to pick up all the women Children And Families we tried to save the ones that everybody tell him. I said no something good, so they take the women and the children. If we refuse, then they can say while they refused with the boat still in international waters. The Italian coastguard take the families of the ship. Take me to shake it to separate kiyoshi things. Someone was on board in distress, now is Asher and safe, place., and also a kind of person that I would not expect too much.. Captain Arturo is in a difficult position: by pushing into Italian Waters, the remaining migrants could claim Asylum, but, as Captain would be liable for illegally crossing the border, I’ve been attacked, but the police order Archer, with an anchor before reaching the shoreline. When was the first time, the speaker has an appeal to the world through social media, how to play ball pool, but nobody will get to hear their messages. The media effort is interrupted by call it’s. The Italian police are here to collect evidence. The prosecution was awarded. The boat to be seized for violating immigration law, the police questioned Captain Arturo on his role in the mission Defender 110 good. Finally, the police order the migrants to disembark cute and you go to short, safe and sound. Don’T the standoff is over was answered.
We went onboard a ship that rescues migrants in the the Mediterranean and witnessed a standoff between the captain and Italian officials, who view the crew as criminals.

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