Lima Group holds emergency meeting on Venezuela crisis | Power & Politics

Lima Group holds emergency meeting on Venezuela crisis | Power & Politics
Lima Group holds emergency meeting on Venezuela crisis | Power & Politics
Unrest in Venezuela emergency meeting in Peru, the group, including watto, has been rallying his supporters to protest all week in Venezuela, guado called for a military and popular Uprising to topple president Nicolas maduro’s government. Thousands of anti-government demonstrators took to the streets in Caracas this week, but so far failed to hang out near that Simone Bolivar international bridge on the border between Colombia and Venezuela. For the latest. On this developing story, we’ve reached a VOA News, correspondent, Celia Mendoza, improve. I feel your nice to see you. Thank you for your time today. Thank you for having me and I understand that they have released no server communication, a 15-point. Some of them are indicative of what we heard from members of the group before, but some of them go over. What you think is relevant they’re. Definitely something that we Sonu during that this meeting is the inclusion of other countries which are not part of the 2017, and they has had countries that has always supported the opposition. During this meeting, we had the presence of the foreign minister of Ecuador, as well as the foreign minister of Costa Rica are. Members of the contact group is an international group that includes Union, as well as some members like Bolivia, which are close allies of the government of Nicolas Maduro. This group has started a series of meetings actually they’re meeting next week in Costa Rica. For the third time want to do is try to bring them together and it’s our communication between both of the groups, and that is important, because it means that they really want to move forward with a solution. And we have heard that the opposition – that’s not want to have any sort of. I love with Nicolas Maduro, and this could be to actually become part of a process of dialogue. So far, the secretary-general has established a position of being neutral, not taking sides and then be able to have their good offices to start a process. Todai luck but the other point that I believe is very important, and it is the first time that we see the name of Cuba being one of the countries that they’re trying to reach to and be able to have them as partners and dialogues. To be able to change the situation in Venezuela, important things Harry is that they have recognized that is influenced by the government of the president of Cuba, diaz-canel, to make a change to make an impact on the current situation in Venezuela after many meetings, many years working On this process, this is the first time that we’re trying, but we have seen any inclusion of countries like those that are very close to the government of Nicolas Maduro discussions around some kind of political process to move this forward. Is there an acknowledgement today in the meetings that took place or among the leaders who were present, that that type of political process is going to have to be necessary that what’s happening within the borders of Venezuela might be not the enough to to to see any Kind of change who actually answer questions from reporters said that they’re open to reach out to different countries, whichever countries they are, but at the same time they said that they are supporting any actions by especially their freedom week to try to accomplish what they want to Accomplish and what they said is together. Political process has started that ends with the exit of Nicolas Maduro, so what we saw it that they believe that doing what they’re doing in Venezuela, but they need the International Community to actually get fresher to neglect to get them out of there in that, isn’t something That probably needs assistance cancel the context of the conversations that the United States are doing with Russia. The possibility of a meeting between Sergey lavrov say something about Venezuela. President Trump said that he believes the Russia has similar intentions and trans of humanitarian help to Venezuela. That was a question that we made directly to this group and they believe that eating to a possibility of a political solution is, of course, and the context of the comments of the security council. Member than you, mr. Bolton, as well as the ability of military action is not off the table for sure alright. Thank you. So much really appreciate that crabbing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
The Lima Group, including Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, came together in Peru to discuss the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. Thousands of anti-government demonstrators have taken to the streets in Caracas in an uprising against President Nicolas Maduro’s government.
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