Linda Tripp: Why I exposed Clinton-Lewinsky affair

I know what it’s like to be in the crosshairs of the most powerful person in the world to be attacked viciously not because I said something untrue but because I said something people did not want to hear and it was about a popular president you know to politicians only sides matter and the truth becomes the casualty I think we’re all a bit different whistleblowers believes that truth is not disposable not dispensable integrity and honor mean something and to those who see us as prayers if we’re staying through a lens of negativity then my question to them is if I’m not a team player whose team whose team you know in my case my doody Steve talked about doody my oath was to the office of the presidency to the institution not to the sitting in Cumberland and I was you too that oath I told the truth but I do fault myself for not having the gumption or the courage to do it sooner I was faced with a culture of corruption and again is not partisan in any way that was infecting the office of the presidency I was quiet for many years I was afraid on many levels to up there was a quote and I will give you that quote open quote we will just have to destroy them and quote I first heard the startling birds in the west wing of the White House they were chilling they were not directed at me but in early 1998 I’ve began to fully comprehend what the politics of personal destruction really really means and you know they say forewarned is forearmed so I knew what was coming but I was ill-prepared for the power and the Fury and in the end the overwhelming effectiveness of the smear campaign what had seemed abstract to me we’ll just have to destroy them was Now personal and I was the the target I know what a real High-Tech high tech lynching feels like I felt like that exactly what happened if began with the smoke and mirrors you saw on your TV where it turned a sitting president into a victim of a vast conspiracy it was the full frontal attack on anyone who would dare speak against him the destruction of another human being and the Vista Marchman belittling and ridiculing for political gain when the villain is magically victimised which is essentially what happened the wrongdoer became the victim that’s when in my case The Whistleblower was essentially destroyed through all these allegations and the ridicule in Malaysian that I suffered at the hands of a complicit media certainly willing entertainment & Industries so it was it was not pleasant and it was very unpleasant for me family and for that I’ll always be sorry you know there are two things that I think we got out there today with a lot of the speakers actually we all end up sharing a couple of things first I don’t even know how to quantify this but it’s a feeling of sheer loneliness a feeling of an utter sense of isolation until you meet them a feeling that you’re on your own and that no one really is on your side there’s nothing quite like it and there’s nothing that can prepare you for it but then comes the second phase and I think we all faces on some level the retaliation the retribution the personal and the professional attacks when you speak truth to power the powerful pushback when this story broke the 24-hour news cycle was in its infancy back then it was normal at normal times of day and there was just so much they could fit in however that changed my story was tailor-made for this very thing and for it was the birth of advocacy journalism it was a time when reporting to the back seat to a pinion journalism and slant and it was all filtered most importantly through political lens so while I was watching this as everyone else was I was pretty stunned at there for trailed it colored National dialogue it form National opinion based on very little fact at all and in my opinion victimized the wrong person I hope that my being here today can help change that Dino even if just a little bit so that whistle-blowers future whistleblowers with just causes can avoid the harsh reality I faced I blew the whistle on not just a powerful person but the most powerful person in the world it was not until I became aware that the president was informed that I quote new everything that I decided to act to this day I regret that I didn’t do so sooner but when in July of 97 that I’ve became aware of what he knew I threw caution to the wind and accepted that my career my livelihood my pension and by then I think it is band a good 26 7 years federal civil I knew I loved it would be a casualty of the action I was going to take into those out there who say I did this for personal gain I say standing here 20 years later what did I send again then or now I stood to lose everything and in fact I did and yet if I had to do it all over again I would okay I will say I simply couldn’t have lived with myself had I failed to act it was poorly done I know there was no handbook there was no manual that said this is how you take on a sitting president as a lowly civil servant done things that might have been better for me in terms of gathering evidence like taking contemporary contemporaneous notes documenting evidence 2 years before I finally did the catch up to recreate on Celluloid had been hearing in a horrifying fashion for 2 years have I done all that perhaps the end result would have been different it might in the removal of a president from office and then again what I provided to the independent counsel was insufficient had I had the proof that I I have had the results would have been different
Speaking at a whistleblowers event in Washington, Linda Tripp, the former Pentagon staffer who secretly recorded White House intern Monica Lewinsky detailing her relationship with President Bill Clinton, revealed why she decided to expose the Clinton-Lewinsky relationship and the backlash she felt.

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