Lisa Raitt on SNC-Lavalin allegations: ‘Doesn’t get more serious’

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Lisa Raitt on SNC-Lavalin allegations: ‘Doesn’t get more serious’
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Lisa Raitt on SNC-Lavalin allegations: ‘Doesn’t get more serious’
Did anyone in the prime minister’s office at anytime communicate with anyone in the former Attorney General’s office on the matter of the criminal prosecution of fnc, lavalin? Yes or no allegation? So that’s a question that opposition report that alleges the prime minister’s office pressure, the former Attorney General to make a deal with a Quebec construction giant snc-lavalin. According to the allegations, Jody wilson-raybould refuse to intervene to prevent a trial on Friday, corruption charges that the company is facing was the prime minister’s office actually trying to make a deal with that. Why was this obstruction or not? The Prime Minister denies all this. Let’S bring an MP find out where this is all going with me and Studio Ontario liberal MP, Marco Mendocino, coming to us from Toronto is conservative. Deputy leader Lisa rate just spoke to the Justice Minister, David lometti. Why are opposition members calling for an emergency investigation into this issue for Canadian Justice? It is the question of whether or not there has been political parents in the prosecution of a criminal case, and it doesn’t get more serious than this. Allegations have been made and we would very much like the Parliamentary committee to interview the people involved to ensure that Justice is being protected this case and that there isn’t this bleeding over a political interference into what is happening in public prosecutions. Nationwide DIY Vuitton that every tool in the toolbox to try to pull those answers out of government they the allegations that appeared in that Globe and Mail article were incredibly serious, as Lisa mentioned. As the former liberal General in Ontario mentioned that obstruction of justice charges have been brought against Canadians with far less evidence than we already have here at that crossing over of helping out a well-heeled multinational company that, incidentally, illegally contributed more than $ 100,000 to the Liberals. Lobby for changes to the criminal code got those changes and then wanted this. As you know, the case well wanted this little plea deal to happen on the side, so they can continue to bid on incredibly lucrative government con if they had found were found guilty of corruption and bribery charges in court, their band for 10 years, and so the Ethics, commissioner, has a role to play in this because under article 7 of that act, they conflict of interest Act, denies or band public office holders from using their influence to preferentially help anybody of 50 times the last 18 months in the prime minister’s office on criminal And Justice issues don’t know a construct company is talking to the p.m. about crime and Justice so much, except for the fact that they are in court facing incredibly serious charges and and crimes of corruption and bribery. I don’t know how he knows that. How do how should Canadians know that there was no pressure put on Jodi Wilson when she has refused to say anything publicly articulated very clearly of there was no Direction. There was no influence. You can insert whatever words you want into that sentence and so I’d. But let me let me just complete the thought, because I think it’s important that your viewers understand the prime minister is somebody that respect fundamentally the Office of the Attorney General. He respects the independence of the Judiciary. He respects the independence of the public prosecution service of Canada and are all of our work today in government thinks that specificity didn’t direct her, so did he or did they ever try to influence the former Justice Minister? Not to have a criminal charge, it reflects the position of the Prime Minister and with regards to the openness and transparency with which deferred-prosecution agreement have come into public discourse. This is this is a tool which has been advocated for by non-partisan experts for quite some time. Long before we were in 2015 and it’s a tool which I can tell you as a former Federal prosecutor, can be exercised in accordance with a set of criteria which replied is Canada versus her cabinet. Colleagues – and it is very, very, very clear – and you can check it out, Marco in that desk book that you receive when you become a crown – and I know you were crowned at one point in time as well, and it says in there very clearly that the Attorney General should not have any pressure put on her and making her decision and further. She can’t even be told what her decision should be. So we want the witnesses to come in and explain to us exactly what happened. Clearly there were conversations because it’s not like nothing was happening where there’s smoke, there’s fire. We want the witness has to tell us – and I certainly Michael, that your colleagues will vote in favor of our motion next week when we meet we didn’t Direct. The question remains because Jody wilson-raybould has stayed silent, has not talked about whether she was pressured asked and all this lineup and point to a picture and everybody sees the picture. Criminal code was asked for bias in sea level, in which we believe it was that they would this change. The code would help them out enormously were talking billions of dollars in contract for a company that is denied being able to fit on other contracts in other countries and that the prime minister’s office was talking to, and you remember her letter for letter where she said It’S important to speak truth to power, and it is important incredibly important for the Attorney General’s office to be free from political interference. We all wondered at the time what. Why would I free from even the perception and, if that’s true, but then let’s bring the people forward who were involved to say as guilty as they do a question., Not answering the question independently by the members of that committee, and that speaks to the value that We placed on Independence, it runs through not only our respect for the work of members who serve on committee committees and I would point out several instances where committee so-called Witnesses and in each and every instance. This is a government that has supported transparency and accountability and with respect to Wilson, Wilson and we’re not going to tell the committee, I will not preempt the decision of the members who serve on a committee, because indeed that would be impinging on their independence. But I will say that Minister Wilson also spoke about the pride of the work that she did. Ask Justice Minister and her ongoing commitment to do good work on behalf of our better
MPs Lisa Raitt, Nathan Cullen and Marco Mendicino discuss the SNC-Lavalin case and if there should be an emergency investigation into the allegations.

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