Live: President Trump is addressing the nation with a “major announcement”

Live: President Trump is addressing the nation with a “major announcement”
I need to meet them halfway at some point. What do you say to that? Border security? That’S been proven time and time again that votes, but this manufactured crisis, this manufacture, outrage and this crisis of convenience has been created by President Donald J Trump and he has the only shut down Iran, immigration policy and why he is offering the DACA fix as a Nugget keep in mind the Supreme Court in the last week, or maybe even yesterday, decided to not address the issue. That means that the current Graham will be in place for another year, and so this President is playing political games and wanting to really placate his base to say yes, he is trying to do something in the Democrats. Do not want to compromise Pelosi and Schumer have been very clear about what they want in terms of trying to address this immigration issue Step. One is the reopen the federal government put 800,000 Federal American employees back to work. First fat. You look at the polls. It shows that the public is blaming the president, for this shutdown is a present, possibly losing the fight here, on public opinion, ways to put pressure on Republican Senators, who are beginning to walk away from the president’s, such as Susan Collins of Maine and others. I think right now, you’re beginning to see, at least if you look at Republican voters, you’re starting to even see the president lose come support their particularly when you talked about National Guard, for example, they have not received pay in over a month. Now, though, they are expected to continue to work. Are you talk a lot about TSA agents in West Virginia? To imagine just recently mention about 14000 individuals. There are working without pay. The bills are individuals who supported the president, and so, in order for him to continue to hold out here, he has to do something to shore up the base, and you do that by attempting to put political pressure on how to say this is what I’m willing To do now, you all have to come to the table and attempt to compromise with me on something, and you know Caitlin. How does this plan that we’re at we’re hearing about now? How does it compare to other plans that have been floated that you know there was one last month with Lindsey, Graham Congress try to deal with this issue during the Trump presidency number last year, when we were at this position, where the president actually ended up, saying That DACA needs to be figured out by the courts. Are the senate had considered a four different proposals? One of them was 25 billion and exchange for DACA. You didn’t see enough support for that. You also saw the president during that discussion at in a request for changes, legal immigration and that kind of scrambled everything and really put put that issue aside, because it just didn’t Garner enough support. Now, with something like this you’re going to have not only Democrat saying that they, this is a non-starter but also Republicans, some like Steve King who been talking about all week and other conservative members at the house. They look. They don’t want to vote on anything related to Dhaka or anything perceived as giving what they call a to those here, undocumented sponsored by several Democrats, including Dick Durbin, who is number of Democratic Leadership, and so this is a way for them to try to put that Pressure point on here, but this was always a measure that was supposed to be temporary, to get to an event solution for DACA, eventually way to address those were brought here by their parents as kids, and now some of them are adults here, undocumented and so, but They’Re saying that look, this was temporary and it’s not going to be in Antoine. I want to ask you a little bit more, no matter what the President says and actually know what we see him walking up right now. This is a major announcement that he’s expected to make swearing in of 5 new Great American citizens. It was a beautiful ceremony at a moving reminder of our nation’s proud history of welcoming illegal immigrants from all over the world into our national family. I told them that the beauty and Majesty of citizenship is that it draws no distinctions of race or class or faith or gender or background Americans weather 1st generation or 10th Generation are bound together in love and loyalty, friendship and affection. We are all equal. We are one team and one people proudly saluting one Great American flag. We believe in a safe and lawful system of immigration, one that upholds our laws are traditions and our most cherished values play. Our immigration system has been badly broken for a very long time. Over the decades, many presidents & many lawmakers have come and gone, and no real progress has been made on immigration. There is a humanitarian and security crisis on our Southern border. That requires urgent action. Thousands of children are being exploited by ruthless coyotes and vicious cartels in gangs. One in three women is sexually assaulted on the dangerous Journey North. In fact, many loving mothers give their young daughters, birth control pills for the long journey up to the United States because they know they may be raped or sexually exhausted or salted. Nearly 50 migrants a day being referred for urgent medical care. Vast quantities of lethal narcotics are flooding through our border and into our communities, including meth, cocaine and heroin, and drugs kill 78,000 Americans a year and cost our society in excess of 700 billion dollars. Heroin alone kills 300 America, 90 % of which comes across our Southern border. We can stop heroin. Illegal immigration, reduces wages and strains Public Services. Lack of border control provides a Gateway, a very wide and open Gateway for criminals and gang members to enter the United States, including the Criminal Alien who murdered a brave California police officer only a day after Christmas, I’ve gotten to know and love angel, moms, dads and Family, the Lost once two people illegally in our country. I want this to end, got to end now. These are not talking points. These are the heartbreaking realities that are hurting innocent precious human beings, every sing all day on both sides of the Border as a candidate for president, I promise I would fix this crisis and I intend to keep that promise one way or the other mission system should Be the subject of Pride, not a source of Shame as it is all over. The world immigration system should be the Envy of the world, not a symbol of disunity and dysfunction. The good news is, these problems can all be solved, but only if we have the political courage to do what is just and what is Right. Both sides and washing 10 must simply come together. Listen to each other, put down their armor billtrust reach across the aisle and find Solutions. It is time to reclaim our future from the extreme voices who fear, compromise and demand open borders, which means drugs pouring and human trafficking and a lot of crime. That is why I am here today to break the Log Jam and provide congress with a path forward to end the government shutdown and solve the crisis on the southern border. If we are successful in this effort, you will then have the best chance in a very long time, at real bipartisan immigration reform, and it won’t stop here. It will keep going until we do it. All. puzzle I will outline today is based on first and foremost, an input from our border agents and Homeland Security Professionals and professionals. They are, they know what they’re doing. It is compassionate response to the ongoing tragedy on our Southern Border. In recent weeks, we have met with large numbers of democratic lawmakers to hear their ideas and suggestions by incorporating the priorities of rank-and-file Democrats. In our plan we hope they will offer their enthusiastic support and I think many will. This is a commonsense compromise. Both parties should embrace the radical left can never control our borders. I will never let it happen. Walls are not immoral, in fact, they are the opposite of a moral because they will save many lives and stop drugs from pouring into our country. Our plan includes the following: 800 million dollars in Urgent humanitarian assistance; 800 $ 5000000 for drug detection technology to help secure our ports of Entry, 750 border agents and law enforcement professionals; 75. New immigration judge teams to reduce the court backlog of Believe It or Not. Elmo 900000 cases. However, the whole concept of having lengthy trials for anyone who sets one foot in our country unlawfully must be changed by Congress. It unsustainable, it is ridiculous. Few places in the world would even consider such an impossible nightmare. Our plan includes critical measures to protect my grandchildren from X, rotation and abuse. This includes a new system to allow Central American minors to apply for asylum in their home countries and reform to promote family reunification for unaccompanied children. Thousands of Home wind-up on our border doorstep to physically secure our border. The plan includes 5.7 billion dollars for a strategic deployment of physical barriers or a wall. This is not a 2000 mile concrete structure from sea to Sea. These are steel barriers in hi priority locations. Much of the border is already protected by natural barriers, such as mountains in water. We already have many miles of barrier, including 115 miles that we are currently building or under contract. It will be done quickly. I’Ll request will add another 230 miles this year in the areas are border agents most urgently need it will have an unbeliever impact if we build a powerful and fully designed see-through steel barrier on our Southern border. The crime rate and drug problem in our country would be quickly and greatly reduced. Some say it could be cut in half, because these criminals, drug smugglers, gangs and traffickers do not stop at our border. They permeate throughout our country and they end open some places where you’d least expect them they go all over our country. A steel barrier will help us stop illegal immigration while safely directing Commerce to are lawful. Furthermore, in order to build the trust and Goodwill necessary to begin real immigration reform, there are two more elements to my plan. Number one is three years of legislative relief for 700,000 DACA recipients brought here unlawfully, buy their parents at a young age many years ago. This extension will give them access to work permits Social Security numbers and protection from deportation. Most importantly. Secondly, our proposal provides a three-year extension of temporary protected status or QPS. Republicans and Democrats and our Farmers & Vineyards won’t be affected because lawful and regulated entry into our country will be easy and consistent. That is r border security, DACA TPS and many other things straightforward, Fair, reasonable and common sense with lots of compromise the immediate crisis – and it is a horrible present. It is a humanitarian crisis like we rarely see in our country, and it provides humanitarian relief, delivers real border security and immediately reopens our federal government. If we are successful in this effort, then we can start the Border project of we making our immigration system for the 21st century once the government is open and we have made a downpayment on border security and immigration reform starts to happen. I plan to convene bipartisan meetings at the white house, so we can do a finished product, a great product, a product that we can all be proud of having to do with that elusive immigration Problem. Whatever we do, I can promise to this. I will never forget that my first Duty and ultimate loyalty is to you the American people. Any reforms we make to our immigration system will be designed to improve your life, make your community safer and make our nation more prosperous and secure four generations to come. Thank you and God bless America. Thank you. I want to bring in now. After hearing the president, our panel of experts and strategist cbs.n, reporter Caitlin huey-burns, is here from New York and Democratic strategist and Tom seawright joins us from Columbia. South Carolina and shermichael Singleton is Republican political consultant. He joined us from DC Kayla. I want to start with you. It seems like to me that he’s going to try and protect DACA DACA recipients from being deported for 3 years in exchange to get money for that border wall. He said that this is not something that they are going to support and for a couple of different reasons: one. They say that they want to open up the government’s before they have any talks on immigration, and they also argue that the reason that many DACA recipients are in limbo, because the president ended the program putting it into the courts and it’s still mired up. And, of course, the Supreme Court just this past week saying we’re not going to take it up yet and now it will remain for several months. They also argue that it doesn’t a path to citizenship, which is something that they have wanted and that it is still very temporary who wanted more permanent fixes. But the strategy from the White House and from some Republicans who support the president, is that this is putting the ball back in the Democrats. Court as a president plus you just minutes before and in the sense is that only the whole thing. But it’s essentially says that called this a compilation of severally previously rejected initiatives unacceptable, does not represent good faith. No starter. Some of the words is using bottom line, is even before hearing the proposal, she’s saying no game here and see what I want to ask you. Your Democratic strategist to give something to, and it appears that there this deal, throw and attempt to release by the president, throw out a plan to attempt to release political pressure because he’s starting to feel it as pose. It indicated in 2020, damn to up for reelection with a matte look very favorable after pure public pressure from his base and rejected these proposed, and so he cannot negotiate in good faith. I think speak speaker Pelosi in her car cuz they’ve been very clear. Let’S reopen the federal government, then we’ll work toward comprehensive immigration reform to including things to do a long-term. Not this temporary fixes, such as three years that we heard from this presidents in the fact that this president has a short memory because of him, this manufacturer out rate is all because of him. I call it a crisis of convenience. Another number of illegal people attempting to come into this country are down from 2 years ago. Where was this outrage? Where was this crisis? Where was Fierce urgency of now two years ago, when the numbers were hired, when they were, then they are right now I want to turn out at 2 shermichael Singleton, his Republican political consultant. The truth is, this is going to probably likely not going to go anywhere. The house, what do you think I’m going to go anywhere in the house at all and Caitlin articulately pointed this out when she was speaking accurately. I believe that what the president is attempting to do is throw in some things that Democrats do support and sort of forced their hand to say no. We will not support this piece of legislation because you continue to ask for that think he’s at 5.8 billion for the wall. That would give him the ability to say look at least attempt to compromise here – Saint Antoine alluded to this last year in the Senate. When Democrats and Republicans came together, many of the things that the president spoke of in his remarks in the temperature to bring together last year and a president who’s going to support it and then days later he came out and said he was not going to support It after getting pressure from some in the conservative, based by the President, also said some things that were inaccurate. He talked about drugs into the country right now in New York, with a chopper where former drug Smuggler stated an overwhelming majority of drugs that are brought into the country, Kung Fu legal ports of Entry. The President also talked about the failure of previous administrations. That was also inaccurate. I was actually coined deporter in Chief because he deported so many individuals during his eight-year tenure. Let’S also keep in mind in 2006, the strong fence Act passed by both Republicans and Democrats that essential placed 647 miles of fencing along the border war. From 2010 and 2015 data from US border and custom Patrol indicated that that fencing was breached over 9000 times, would cost taxpayers millions of. talking about something there. A lot of holes here in the president’s remarks that are just going to make Democrats not be willing to come up with a compromise for him waited another conservative who said this was just a few minutes ago a hundred miles. Maybe we can get a full blown Trump proposes amnesty. We voted for Trump and got Jeb Caitlin. We also know that in the house they’re going to reopen forward measures that the Senate has already passed before Trump could have backtracked on the border wall and said that he was. This is going to be his his position. This is before the government shutdown, but the Republicans in the Senate have already said under the leadership of Mitch McConnell, who is the Senate Majority Leader and they’re, not going to pass anything that the president himself won’t Stein, so we’re still kind of in this limbo position. Both sides, at least at this point, pretty firm in their positions. Now the president of providing this today we’ll see what Democrats come back with, but for now they’re saying that this is not sufficient. This is not something that they could support. Remember the president needs Democrats were anything that will get through Congress, not only because Democrats control the house, but because they don’t have a super majority in the Senate and they still needs Democratic votes in the Senate. You’Re already hearing from people like the German, Dick Durbin us and in the Democrats on the Senate side say that he’s not going to support us. I think you have to crawl before you walk, as we say down here in the South, and I think crawling in this case is reopening the federal government keep in mind as the even though Congress has a low approval rating. We can walk and chew gum at the same time it so I think Republicans in the Senate, particular 2020 Republicans are probably sooner rather than later will say. You know what let’s come together and put our federal employee back to work it’s if the critical by the Republican party to talk about being American. First, when 800,000 American federal workers are laid off and held hostage because of the president campaign promise of building the wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for. So I think that’s the and then from there. I think you will probably see some reason about moderate Republicans and Democrats say coming together. You know what let’s put some money for border security, like we did last year with the 1.6 billion dollars allocated for border bearded. By the way, the president spent less than 10 % of that up to this point and you’ll start to see piece by piece bit by bit a plan to work towards an immigration reform package to include border security. To include something that would take care of dreamers to include fixing the many holes that we have an immigration system that people can live with in the long-term, not just a short-term shermichael Singleton Republican leadership will be gathering together to conference and answer of discuss this plan. Just based on Twitter on the reaction from conservatives on the right, this did not go down well by their very upset about this. The way this was handled with DACA and and what was being exchanged. What do you think of Republican leadership needs to do in that meeting this afternoon? Mcconnell has to shore up some of those more moderate, Senator such as Susan, Susan, Collins and in, and there are others that are up for reelection, as Antoine alluded to in 20/20. There are believe 18 or a little bit more than 18 Republican Senators up for reelection and some of those States. Donald Trump did not win by a large margin and in some states you didn’t win at all. If you look at the Senate map at least currently Democrats, I would say one could argue our favorite to take the Senate, and so Mitch. Mcconnell has to figure out a way to keep those Senators at Bay and I’m not certain how much longer he will have before he has to go to the president and say, mr. president, don’t have the support in the Senate. We have to compromise. I think the bird here is moreso on Republicans politically speaking, then it is on Democrats and meet up over majority of of the American people according to every legitimate poll below Yvette. This is a result of President Trump and Republicans inability and unwillingness to compromise with Democrats or give politically. I don’t think the odds are in favor of Republicans and Mitch. Mcconnell, who has seen his poll numbers in his own home state or decrease significantly, is also thinking about the political outcome for him, where the president is far more popular in Kentucky that then Mitch McConnell. So you think about the political Dynamics here. Are you begin to really see why McConnell’s doing some of the things that he’s doing, but you also see why the president is being such a hard line, hear you, you read the quote from Ann Coulter. You also have to think about folks over at Fox News. For example, or something this is not conservative, enough of the president doesn’t stand by this weekend. I continue to support him, so everyone, I would argue both sides are looking at the political Dynamics here, but I do want to ask you if we were talking to her about the reaction from conservatives on Twitter, some well-known conservatives who are upset about this DACA deal Potential deal: do you think this potentially could be the president who could do something significant and immigration reform? No other president has been able to do. I don’t think so. As I mentioned earlier remember last year, Republicans and Democrats came together in the Senate to come up with Comprehensive immigration reform. The president first said he was going to agree to what they propose and then only days later, flip the script, and you saw a completely unravel. So I think from Democrats perspective, they don’t have a mandate to work with him into they have to ask themselves. Can we even trust with the president tells us – and I think history proves they can for joining us for Michael Singleton, antjuan, seawright and, of course, our very own Caitlin huey-burns? Thank you all three for urinalysis
President Trump said he will make a “major announcement” about the southern border and the partial government shutdown on Saturday. It is scheduled to take place at 4 p.m. ET.

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Saturday marks the 29th day of the longest government shutdown in history. Mr. Trump and congressional Democrats are currently deadlocked over funding for a border wall. Mr. Trump refuses to sign any government funding bill that does not include money for a wall, and Democrats are refusing to negotiate while the government is shut down. Around 800,000 federal workers have been furloughed or working without pay since the shutdown began.

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