LIVE Royal wedding: All you need to know about Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

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LIVE Royal wedding: All you need to know about Princess Eugenie’s Wedding
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LIVE Royal wedding: All you need to know about Princess Eugenie’s Wedding
Tell them it’s the first house in The Chapel at Buckingham Palace announced this morning. That’S a lot of autumn no colors in this I’ll teach me today that she wants red velvet cake that feeling orange trees, and I was in the chapel before Harry Meghan got married and you could see the way the pitching have been arranged to getting in the Game, so you can tell that there was an arrangement actually going to. The chapel is divided into two parts that you’ve got the time choir, which is the front of the chapel, which is why the peas are not so much to fix the AC in the fuse. That’S why the royal family sitting outside the closest relatives and Friends little bit has a protein and they can be arranged in different Arrangements. I’M so she came to well, as usual, he’s going to come through the night with her father and meet Jack halfway so which is halfway between the the night, and I can stay a little bit of that sass. The question in French strange thing, as opposed to make sure she is prince Andrew and she’s working member of the royal family. So she doesn’t carry outs official engagement officer. Please doesn’t represent the rules. How many officially shouldn’t do tricks cheap, private, individual? Who happens to be? But she doesn’t and she has as a result of that, had to know relatively quiet upbringing. She went Newcastle University. She managed to have a bit of time that I was. She was very much help support my knowledge Leo. You have pretty much Macy private life, because when I hear she is now, but what the public is paying for it, so you have some soon how much it cost ring the wedding out into the streets of Windsor. That has an additional element when it comes to the 30th. Anyway street view of the situation Westfall great to see things are required road closure. You will to have a situation with the police required to protect the public. In a situation like this, we are getting a phone number for MSU the congratulations. The couple coming into the ABCs Facebook pages that Mountain Baker from Australia Rose Cruz office at congratulations from Tulsa and Oklahoma. What is the atmosphere like in Windsor today from New York? Where’S? The princess of my age rhythm, with brown, hair and so is always growing up having that one to identify with, and so it’s very cool that sort of everything lined up and when I find out the date for the wedding, I was absolutely I mean I hit The carriage woman – it’s just going to be so incredible – I think it’s, this is back history. This is that Institution just be like that’s her and have that keeps getting longer, and I think will be really incredible. Come to my head, if I could have a day off school, what are you hoping to say today, Victoria? Can I just bring it by around then again actually has some other prior engagements special engagements in Aberdeen said today, she’s visiting to school months in advance, the Rotunda is Arrangements in the song I’m, so there is definitely an argument that she didn’t want to reschedule them. She didn’t want to change them and she wants to keep those commitments because they are Arrangements in the song. They come to move us when it’s when we do know that the engagements are arranged and she would have disappointed them directly if she hadn’t pretending it has opened up the narrative that the real question is why the chicken? Why did she move things so that she could see that if I’d never to be half a dozen results of has been watching having an eye on the gas deriving, which is a pretty good, 5 wheel, stand 66 Lamborghini and I think that’s interesting insight into who People. With all their friends off actually very close to that has no, we didn’t realize South Africa to SSS usernames with my favorite text, Sarah Duchess, if you or is she, has seen a very controversial pic of it in the royal family she’ll be here today, love You and how she fits into the wider picture of the royal family. Today, 1996 offices that happened and very much and I’m Forever by significant about the timesheet, have seen the dog really fast. I think that way, I’ll saying that really she is yeah yeah yeah is providing very kind of sick. You are bringing Full that to children and that’s definitely something that we we we stayed because I’m eating is very much. We will get a chance to see them all together in the chapel shortly coverage throughout the day. Thank you. Thank you. Bye, bye,
Princess Eugenie is the Queen’s granddaughter and is ninth in line to the throne
Princess Eugenie is marrying Jack Brooksbank. The BBC’s Royal correspondent Daniela Relph is among the crowds.
The ceremony is being held at 11:00 BST in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle
Prince George will be a page boy, and Princess Charlotte will be a bridesmaid
Princess Eugenie’s fiance, Jack Brooksbank, proposed in January this year
The couple invited 1,200 members of the public to watch the wedding

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