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first one over Katrina and not actually going down and meet with the people there children they’ve lost family members and they like to hear from the leader of the Free World you know the president of our country who can come here and hopefully give them some comfort and we’ll see what kind of assurance he gives them and and we’ll see about that but we are also eager to find out leaders are you going to find out just how much damage this storm caused the in terms of dollars billions potentially I’m right there there is so nice so all of them now stepping off the plane behind him there on Air Force One leaders local leaders there in the New Bern area Havelock area the force of this hurricane when it came on Shore last Friday when other president is expected to tour New Bern today that area has been under water since Friday not this was just such a tragic deadly storm at least 37 people have died so is Evan just alluded to I’m sure a lot of people will be comforted and seeing the president they’re really taking this seriously no matter your political Strife site Chesterfield County South Carolina your Charlotte is well a lot of these towns already still still recovering from Hurricane Matthew so during the rebuilding process weather call news and the president about 200 yards over there you see the inside of Air Force One he’s going to walk up here and walk straight to a table which is underneath the inside he will sit at the head of the table and I dress the people here we see a I believe we see yeah we did we see a nameplate for governor Roy Cooper I haven’t seen him with my own eyes here but we have seen the CEO Duke Energy Lynn good she’s here a lot of Power Players here to hear from the president as he is about to make his way here to the hanger where he will sit down we understand that he’s been briefed by generals on some of the he expects to see this afternoon and we were keeping an eye on Evans Twitter feed heard that from my one of the people here earlier I should say media relations it’s been such a long day for everyone conditioning units were flooded out to they haven’t had a c they haven’t had a nice warm bath in a while so here comes president Trump right now he’s expected to speak here hopefully offer some words of comfort and also give a briefing on the damage of hurricane Florence stepping off Air Force One down into his car hanger that Evan wasn’t standing right beside give us a time line of where you’ve been the last couple of days and Union County we made our way to Jacksonville yesterday morning and then to have lock this morning so it’s been a long week of travel here in the Carolinas but the governor just momentarily right now will be able to hear the discussion or or it is Mike. Ben we should be able to hear the president’s comments that my test earlier was successful so I’m going to turn off my mic and allow you guys to listen I appreciate it continue to watch the president first started hitting the coast I think Thursday before it finally actually started doing much of its damage they’re at they’re running on E and they’ve been running on E for several days now I’ve just been devastated and so we know these towns that are underwater the cities are really trying to get help still there they still need a lot of Aid when it comes to money volunteers and some cases food and water and so these presidential visits really put that attention in the focus on the places that was highly criticized for its response to hurricane in Puerto Rico Brock long local University looks like the president is almost done shaking hands going to take his seat anytime you need 2nd and will brief us about what’s the latest head of Duke Energy Charlotte base Duke Energy one of the if not the largest utility companies in the country of course I’ll be playing a large role they already try to play a large role in the recovery effort at one time they told us that they had triple there Manpower going into the storm and had several good right now especially there in the eastern part of the state play the last few days as well well thank you very much everybody we appreciate it incredible keep it going that way because some of the hard work is now we’ve done through very dangerous work and still dangerous but some of the hard work is taking place right now even though it’s nice and beautiful hard to believe and we’ve seen all the pictures warehouses you don’t even know there’s a house there and you know one of those saying the water starting to go down recovery working a lot of talent without the talent that doesn’t work either got a combination of hard work and that great ability we’re joined also by secretary Nielsen administrator McMahon director Mulvaney and administrator administrator great job credible job the be planning that went into this is beyond beyond belief so I just want to thank special I also want to thank some great friends of mine and some very talented people that love thank you very much have a great representative Senator Thom Tillis thank you thank you what is Tom thank you Tom Lindsey Graham we’re ready and they’re ready to do whatever we have to do to make this perfect and that means unfortunately the money will be a lot but it’s going to come as fast as you need it going to take care of everybody Hurricane Floyd break for you God bless you we will never forget your loss we will never leave your side we’re with you all the way and to all those impacted by with you and ready to help and you will recover most importantly we give thanks to the incredible First Responders including sheriff’s police officers fire are great Cajun Navy they’re all over there all over the place I put them I put them up online and everybody loves it everybody loves it but they put themselves all of them In Harm’s Way and they’ve done to save precious lives of our citizens has been nothing short of incredible nearly 20,000 Federal and military personnel are supporting the response brave men and women of North Carolina and the National Guard now course we’re going to South Carolina right after this and they have been incredible and I know you’ve worked in coordinated very well also South Carolina that’s been a really great partnership together with state and local First Responders save assistant and rescued more than 3,000 people so we want to thank you and I will say I’ve been watching the Coast Guard you’ve done again we appreciate it thank you very much more than 1.6 billion meals have been delivered to North Carolina and more than 400,000 already in South Carolina as soon as they’re requested so we’re standing by with 400,000 meals and South Carolina Cruiser restored power to over 1.2 million customers already North Carolina starting to go on as soon as the water and goes down that meeting the demand incredibly well have been very responsive as soon as that water goes down for the most part people have power in moments of Despair we witness the true character of the American people so true citizen protect the innocent & to restore hope to families who have experienced tremendous and unbearable loss I want to thank all of the people here today very special group of people very talented group of people and we love working with you it’s an honor to work with you we have done a real job and we’ve got to continue to do that real because another phase is coming in right now and we’re going to meet that face just like we met face one so Governor again thank you very much I appreciate it and to everybody thank you very much and whatever we have to do at the federal level we will be Twitter Nielsen place now speaking you see her there on the right head of FEMA FEMA is to her as well they’re talking about the really the Herculean effort that it’s taking the job he said we’re releasing the true character of the American people it’s tragic we’ve been reporting at least 37 people have died but more than 3,000 people rescued see some of the worst-hit areas including New Bern of course you know that was really the first city to be by the storm saw up to 30 of rain many parts still underwater even as we speak from there he’ll also going onto South Carolina we’re going to continue to stream this news conference live on our website at I’m in this corner to your left Mike Gummy Nola to tell everybody thank you thank you very much Senator Tillis Center for another representative Carter County county is without power River and Creek flooding storm-surge flooding in Wilson Stacy they had probably a 12 ft of water in homes Corbin displaced and we are too freely Sheltering neighbors or Sheltering we’re going to need help with shelter big thing is Public Safety we haven’t had trash pickup since the Wednesday before the storm for health reasons we need to make sure that we get all of you guys help the text about the boots on the ground I mean I know protocols and procedures you got Manuel’s but as I look around I see the military force here is done train and you know trains support to help her boots on the ground facilitate the resources help people write County and surrounding counties in North Carolina probably be asking for more thank you very much I appreciate it please so I’m pleased to report and 1/2 citizens for power we have a hundred fifty thousand to go and we will not leave until that power is restored but we are the opportunity the governor and his administration was director Sprayberry with the federal agencies secretary Nielsen undersecretary preps not only that the planning but the resources necessary to restore power so we thank you for the leadership directions to get a hundred fifty thousand thank you very much let’s get back to work
With his disaster response operation under scrutiny, President Donald Trump heads to the Carolinas on Wednesday to survey flood damage wrought by Hurricane Florence.

“I think it will be an incredible day,” Trump told reporters as he exited the White House en route to stops in both North and South Carolina.

The visit comes less than a week after Trump infuriated officials in Puerto Rico and drew criticism from both Democratic and Republican lawmakers for questioning a study that said nearly 3,000 people died on the island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The study was commissioned by Puerto Rico’s government, which has accepted the finding as its official death toll.

San Juan’s mayor called Trump’s claim “delusional” and even Republican leaders such as House Speaker Paul Ryan distanced themselves from Trump’s tweets about Puerto Rico.

On Wednesday, the president is scheduled to depart the White House en route to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in Havelock, North Carolina. The East Coast of the Tar Heel took the heaviest hit from Florence, and thousands of homes and roads are under water.

“This is a tough hurricane – one of the wettest we’ve ever seen, from the standpoint of water,” Trump said in a video tweeted out Wednesday.

The storm is responsible for at least 37 deaths in the Carolinas and Virginia, officials say.

Local officials say the president is also expected to visit flooded areas near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Trump has praised the response to Hurricane Florence – but also predicted it will be second guessed by Democrats “at some point in the near future.”

“Right now, everybody is saying what a great job we are doing with Hurricane Florence – and they are 100% correct,” Trump said Tuesday on Twitter.

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