LIVE: Theresa May on BBC Radio 5 live and the BBC News Channel

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LIVE: Theresa May on BBC Radio 5 live and the BBC News Channel
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LIVE: Theresa May on BBC Radio 5 live and the BBC News Channel
I believe that if we would go back to in Union and say well, we didn’t have another one we won’t get. I don’t think they’re going to come to us and say will give you a better deal. She’S Plan B we have to get through I’m working on making sure that we get this vote through in Parliament. I think if we don’t get the boat through empowerment and what we will see is more division-i, more uncertainty, people in Parliament who will deal some who does he want to stop? This is going to be on getting this week to finalize the deal on Sunday with you, but it will be some of your cabinet call. Lisa said the same is no deal no brexit. What is Plan B guaranteed get it through, but the time is right Leon. Getting the deal through and on saying to people when you come when I need to focus on is: is this right deal for the UK? Is it a deal that delivers what people voted for? I believe it does several messages if you could just answer that. From my point of view, there is no question question of no brexit because the government needs to deliver on what people voted for in the referendum in 2016. So, as far as I’m concerned, the UK’s leaving to you on the 29th of March 2019, but people would have heard if they knew it was happened in Parliament – that if I had the wrong voices in Parliament that I actually want to frustrate, this is the right Deal for the UK, my job is to deliver brexit. Welcome to the what is your question 2 years, I won’t buy happiness. Obviously, the first thing to listen to is the boat that took place in the referendum in 2016, and I recognized that that was a 52 %. 48 % boat intuitively versus remain, but I think Tom attention to go to the public. We want you to make this choice on people chose to leave, and I think it’s right in terms of trust in politics that we do deliver on that. Well, I’ve been looking to do is to deliver on that vote, but to do it anyway, what does deliver a better future for everybody? So does recognize some of the concerns that people who voted remain has about our future and protect jobs Brendan Brendan the Prime Minister. What was your question is that cigarette final? Ok, Google, is what being a great between us and the European commission. This was a discussion and negotiation about what we legally owe the the EU when we leave and the may have seen the time we started these negocio 100 billion in the the question about whether or not it’s anymore, the part of physical altercations we’ve got, but also Apologize, this money enables us to have What’s called the implementation. Will transition., Which means it wasn’t for businesses about protecting jobs in the UK, as we leave the EU about whether it will be paid in one, and some of it is to be paid up front in Some of it is to be paid over a period of time, so it isn’t just one lump sum of 39 billion that is paid over to the European Union. No implementation. Would that entail paying some more know. The circumstances in which, this being all the discussion of of extending the invitation. We have in the future future relationship in place again December 2020 and Circumstance we could extend the IP we could give it to me talk to me they would ask for more financial contribution. We went into the back, so it would be. No Financial contribution is this that relates to Legal obligations, which I actually won’t come instead of materialize until some years down the line, but in relation to certain things like some pension contributions, so this sometimes there is a timetable of payments. Some of those will materialize. I say in a few years time, but crucially will no longer be obliged monster outside to send files to my SD you ever yeah. I may be on board 500 pages, but if you can’t get it through, what you can’t guarantee, no politician can will you resign? I’M focused I’m focused on actually ensuring that we do this deal through Parliament, because I believe this is absolutely the right deal for the UK, and so they would like to know it’s in the public interest. It’S kinda taking calls this morning. What is next, and I asked you about what was next in times of the day off, but in terms of leadership people Lowe’s on certain face, you have steak to a premonition get through. This is the only question only you can answer. Your other colleagues have been off since they caught on to it. Will you resign if the deal doesn’t go through I’m sitting here? Thinking about me, thinking about getting a deal through that delivers for the people of this country is at the Forefront of my mind when I say that I’m going to be focused over the next few weeks until the meaningful vote in Parliament votes, I’m going to be Doing all those things too, I’m going to be around the country, I’m going to be explaining the deal to people up and down the country, because I think this is important. It’S not just about the NPC’s in Westminster. Looking at the deal it’s about people across the country, understanding what the deal is about, that’s my focus so no plans to resign. My focus is on getting this deal through Nigel. What would you like to say he’s cooled in from Timeless good afternoon? What’S your question results, I’m good! I just say that it’s not just any old Christmas card at the Christmas card designed by a child in my constituency, a great invention to make that happen. Station 33 winners this year, so they will be designed by local local Child by like a child referendum. Some tissues in the referendum, immigration and ending to free movement was one of the issues that people really concerned about, but I also spoke to him. He actually, when David was doing his remember his negotiation prior to the referendum, raise the importance of security in some of the cooperation we have with you on Thursday, with Theresa and criminals. And, of course, that’s one of the elements. The song things like the trade relationship in all deal, but I actually this section on security, which is really important cuz, it’s about keeping the conversation going, I’m leaving you to clear out the master to come and Boris Johnson David Davis stomach Rob. Well, I’m sorry, I’m on Union and cabinets, so I’m disappointed when people feel it necessary to resign, but my focus is always on here no choice. Actually, I’ve also had a huge number of messages really calling messages for people up and down the country. People who sent me flowers, 1:1 cupcake, with my face on it saying so from Shirley MacLaine, he said tweeted using the BBC News Channel hashtag BBC are getting tweets. Why is the prime minister ignoring the will of Scotland? We voted to remain in the European Union Buchheit in different ways. So whales waited to leave Scotland and stay in different ways joins the European Union as the United Kingdom, and we will leave the European Union as the United Kingdom and that’s why it’s right to take the view that came from across the whole of the country. The hold at the United Kingdom view was to leave the European another one’s come in on Twitter from Max’s also use the hashtag BBC also asked if you seen his channel hashtag Thai prime minister. I’Ve noticed that no brexit has crept into the PM’s vocabulary within the last couple of weeks. Along with no deal my has no brexit. Why has that suddenly become one of her options? Options want to frustrate brexit. I want to stop brexit and I just think it’s important to people know that we will be leaving the European Union a blue trying to frustrate what people voted for unable to do so. But I wanted to leave on a good deal for the UK and that’s what I believe: we’ve got with the European Union and I’m going back to Brussels tomorrow will be the European Council on Sunday. Crucially, this brings it into free movement, brings into European cool, having jurisdiction are in the UK, Jesus by controller not sending to the to the European Union, but also enables us to do some other things. Cultural policy on Fisheries policy which of these things that haven’t been working well for you K. Well, we’ll see what support you guys again in the lower back has gotten touch. What’S your question for the Prime Minister Beth thanks very much for that question or base than done you probably you may have seen that this is come I’ll, put more of an issue in the last couple of days, we’ve with very clear about as the UK, but When we negotiate for simulations while leaving the European Union and our future, we do so. I Omaha the whole UK family, including Gibraltar. The position is the people of Gibraltar and what we done actually in looking at this phase of the negotiations, the withdrawal agreement and the political situation is actually been working with the government of Gibraltar to put into place the measures that I actually relate to relate to Gibraltar, which show me whip a toasty visible to the opposition here in the UK, is the government on the sovereignty of Gibraltar has not changed. Okay. Thank you very much. Question. That’S bringing Michael Michael, a question. Please! I’M here now accepted the referendum result to leave without any post which stayed in you. You honestly believe that I’m getting what is going, what is a good deal for the UK and I recognized that they were aspects of being in the European Union but cool people. So concerned, and free movement was one of those. When I came out when I gave a speech at the beginning of the referendum campaign, when I explain why I was waiting for May and I actually I wasn’t one of those who said that, if we, if we leave Europe Union, it will be ready by 4. Uk and we will be able to correct it – will be a different world for us outside the European Union, but it will be a good one and only believe we can really build on what what we doing. One of those examples is actually the trade we can do a trade Partnerships we can develop around the rest of the world. I genuinely believe there’s a bright future of this country and our best days are ahead of us. I think we will be better off in a situation which will have outside the European Union, where we have control of all those things and are able to trade around the rest of the world. Only was one of those people who said butt. I don’t just said that it wasn’t going to be the case that I’m outside the European Union we were going to have to sort of problems at some other people said we would, I think, it’s different. Actually, it’s a different sort of environment, a different approach that will be taking two things. What will make us special is not so much about whether we’re in the you or not it’s about what we can do for our economy, but what we can do for our prosperity. That’S about things like just drove by ensuring we’re at the Leading Edge of key Technologies and developments such as you know, Battery Technology, artificial intelligence. These are the things that will make us better off. So it’s less about whether we’re going to watch the European Union. We want to do a trade relationship with you, be you good trade relationships about the rest of the world, but it’s what we do our hands and that’s what’s important hanging a simple, yes or no, my way! Happy! 5 minutes! Thank you. What’S your question? Please interesting. They actually last week, I was in one of the one of the Prime infants goes in my constituency that question by one of the people – and I said when I don’t get to bed till midnight or after midnight, home and said mommy can I stay up till Midnight cuz the prime minister to us very quickly how you going to celebrate with Phillip weeks, and then we will be over to getting the meaningful folks trip. We will have a drink together.
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In an attempt to go over the heads of MPs, a majority of whom have threatened to reject the agreement when it is voted on next month, she will take calls on BBC Radio 5 live and the BBC News Channel later, in a special programme presented by Emma Barnett.
People can text questions to 85058 or use the hashtag #BBCAskThis ahead of the programme’s live broadcast between 12:30 and 13:00 GMT.

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