Lorelai, Elaine and contraception | Episode 6 | Season 1

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Lorelai, Elaine and contraception | Episode 6 | Season 1
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I might be pregnant oh I love Gilmore Girls but this particular Voice bugs me can I come home from magazine party the other night we were comfy and I got primordial this is why used correctly what should you ask your doctor does getting an IUD hurt or condoms really 98% effective probably not isn’t very specific as to how that happened I’ll roadblocks down we can obviously assume she had unprotected sex with Luke but what does that mean did they not use a condom did she forget to take a pill or is she also a sponge user who can no longer buy her favor birth control Off the Mark at the Washington Post and I much prefer Elaine’s directness on birth control over lorelei’s vagueness device in the Seinfeld episode like this help destigmatize of it and let everyone know it but it took a long time to get to the sponge worthy moment before the late 80s and early 90s writers really avoided the issue of birth control or found bizarre ways around it let’s start with I Love Lucy as an example I was pregnant during the 1952 season and rode it into the show storyline she couldn’t have sex would have been truly outrageous remember we’re dealing with a married couple that slept in it took another 30 years for networks and start talking about something as scandalous as condoms in this episode of Valerie Jason Bateman 17 year old character is ready to have sex but backs off when he realizes his partner isn’t on the pill and then she makes a truly radical suggestion go down drug store and pick up some and other shows like it more than eager beginning to finally being able to talk about birth control in Primetime and once we got the 90s it was hard to miss and my diaphragm goes to wine Elaine Benes is joined by Monica Geller on friends forever embarrassing but I got a new diaphragm and it’s stuck just brings us back to where my journey began Gilmore Girls which started airing in the year 2000 the show did have it Progressive moments but overall the topic of birth control was totally sanitized we never Lori means when she says she’s got it covered and season 5 is so many modern so many of them like I’m Glee about teens having sex were almost as common as all those freaking show tunes this is a wake-up call. I’d like to assume that one of those choices is what kind of birth control Rachel is using if she’s even using it but the show doesn’t take that next step up talking about condoms or pills or an IUD or anything even recent shows that have been they’re both portrayal the female sexuality struggle with this issue on the first season of Girls Hannah asked and now Infamous question but what about the suffix talk about every aspect of sex like me as soon as that contraception would be included but the show second season was criticized for just seems great Lorelai Gilmore and leave a teenager like me wondering what she meant by Allroad lockdown after her night of unprotected sex letting female viewers know that they have choices to 20 by the way I thought I knew play the man to elevate his sexual needs above mine and yet here with a new one asking that I take medication that alters my body chemistry I wasn’t sure how many days weeks or months he would be around
Pop culture video editor Nicki DeMarco uncovers the many methods of approaching birth control on television.

It took a long time to get to the “sponge-worthy” moment on Seinfeld. Before the late ’80s and early ’90s, TV writers really avoided the issue of birth control, or found bizarre ways around it.

Contraception is confusing. We’re asking the important questions for you. “When Used Correctly” is a show about birth control from The Lily, a publication of The Washington Post. You can find new episodes every Thursday. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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