MacLeod faces backlash over alleged comments to autism group

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MacLeod faces backlash over alleged comments to autism group
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MacLeod faces backlash over alleged comments to autism group
MacLeod faces backlash over alleged comments to autism group
Stalemate on both sides of the autism issue: Social Services, Minister, Lisa MacLeod, saying today she can’t recall making inflammatory remarks to an Autism group. She said she won’t back down from funding changes. I want office again going to keep coming until she does a few blocks away at her constituency office parents of children with odd some say they weren’t feeling the kindness was the launch of kindness week. Think about other people. The cloud told the crowd: that’s what governments do and why she’s committed to proceeding with her changes to autism funding in order to eliminate a long waitlist for therapy 4 comments. She is alleged to have made to the Ontario Association for Behavior Analysis, saying it would be a long four years if the organization didn’t support the funding changes. But today McLeod was jointed kindness week by MPP Jeremy Roberts. Tv Story, 6 years ago has autism, and while this is an issue close to his heart Roberts, his government’s decision like goal in all of this. The reason I ran for office in the first place is to make sure that families don’t end up in crisis situations. Like my family ended up in when I was 15 years old, which is exactly what these families say is going to happen in three months time we are going to be put out in the cold. We will not have any help from this government who sings and and claims to be interested in the well-being of children what’s happening at Walmart Cloud says she won’t change her mind. These parents say they won’t either. We won’t back down play exhausted by any chance part of this Anton where they go from here. Patricia
Backlash against Ontario Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod over comments she’s alleged to have pressured group to support Autism program changes.

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