Macron defends his defence plans in Trump meeting – BBC News

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Macron defends his defence plans in Trump meeting – BBC News
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Macron defends his defence plans in Trump meeting – BBC News
Getting along from the standpoint of fairness – and I wanted to be fair – we want to help Europe, but it has to be fair right now. The burden-sharing has been largely on the United States. Is the president will say any understands that, and he understands that the United States can only do so much In fairness to the United States, so we’ve left we’re rebuilding our military. We just had to prove 716 billion dollars the year before that we had 700 billion. So we’re almost complete rebuilding our military with the latest and the greatest, and we want we just want. We want to absolutely be there. We want to help, you want to be a part of it, but different countries have to also help. That’S only fair – and I think the president we’ve already discussed this in the present right very much agree on that. I do agree. I think it I closed it together to make it – and I mean the Super Bowl of racing against chemical weapons user, and then we will be together in Middle East in Africa, European Security today being assured just by the United States, and we need a much better. That’S why what prison has to protect her to Deacon one of the one of the states of the United States? He doesn’t ask France or Germany, it’s the first in prison terms of Bridget for defense for the coming year.
French president Emmanuel Macron has defended his idea of a European military force, while at a news conference with Donald Trump.

A day before the meeting, the US president had lashed out at Macron’s idea that the EU needed a joint army to handle threats from the US, China and Russia.

But Mr Macron and Mr Trump spoke warmly of the friendship between France and the US and of the importance of co-operation on security and terrorism.

And the briefing ended with Macron patting Trump’s leg.

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