Macron’s Moment: France’s Leader Is Ready To Reset His Troubled Presidency | TIME

Macron’s Moment: France’s Leader Is Ready To Reset His Troubled Presidency | TIME
Macron’s Moment: France’s Leader Is Ready To Reset His Troubled Presidency | TIME
Call you in a few we’ve done was President macron, since he was elected two and a half years ago. At that point he was very new here, Tony being an officer months. No, I think it’s indisputable, that he really is the most important leader in Europe. If you have to wait for you doing, and I kind of a + 2 d, whatever the worst Market is the end of the month – dates for election in 2022 for nothing mandate, which is what the French call the presidents five-year term in office. She’S come off. The most terrible is fuel prices. You kept social benefits, you cancel the wealth tax and all of that triggered the most violent Mass protests known as the yellow vest movement. Jean movement shop. working classes. We have, in democracies, conditions economic, digital technology, climate. The main result, is you don’t have a life enough of deer? Has popularity has plummeted? You still face a lot of people, calling you the president of the rich. They call you arrogant in all completely like leadership, and we want to kiloliters to have any regrets telling somebody that they should cross the street to the first job with each of these people, and we just one sentence: getting it out of the contact. Does it? Is it it created this image much better than I did at the very beginning, to have a method which is not just to refund for the contribute to reform with the country, which was this mess of lunch? With the great debate? Half a million people participated different kind of presidents he’s. Making concerted efforts to reform is image heading into the re-election season. He visited Warehouse in neck workers with new immigrants move and young people good cutting their first job in many years. He is in much more of a listening mood, but if you again was engulfed in strikes and protests who is juggling list, Master concerns with his Ambitions to be a major figure in the global stage about your relationship with President Trump he’s been here four times. I believe Batman piece of dandruff would you agree and we all know the position of Fallen. Ministration watched me not to Jurassic City, we’re committed themselves during his campaign to have this position Jen and will behave. We still have soup with need to find an agreement whatsoever in the hands of Europe, find it to leave, not working people, and today you have just a political British crisis. Is deadlock? Is a British the possibility to win the whole article 50 should forget that it’s a big risk for Europe of weakness and to just have the choice between us and China and look at the u.s. positions. Russian position to Chinese positions are not to have a stronger Europe. When I look at the increase of extremist in Europe, nationalist, which means we have to build, to condition to create a better life for people in Europe, he wants me to get rid of Mike would be the next leader of Europe, if only he would leave his Country scene, where he stands today, I’ll protection has Dodge seats, come true.
France’s leader is ready to reset his troubled presidency.
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Macron’s Moment: France’s Leader Is Ready To Reset His Troubled Presidency | TIME

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