Maduro Is Losing Ground with Venezuela’s Poor, Here’s Why | NYT News

Maduro Is Losing Ground with Venezuela’s Poor, Here’s Why | NYT News
Was shot and killed while protest stronghold, but not anymore, mostly thanks to government support and subsidies, but in recent years under Maduro there living standards have declined along with the country’s economy. Since early January, a growing number of people started to Rally behind the new opposition figure. One glydo Maduro support has dwindled in Venezuela, but not everyone in these poor areas has come around to Clyde. Oh still, those protesting in neighborhoods, like Katya, say they’re facing a Swiss government Crackdown Witnesses. Told Nivea. Pacific group was behind her nephew’s death, the special action force or fight. It’S an Elite Police Unit, Maduro created in 2017 to fight crime, Xavier human rights groups inside Venezuela Accused by securing out extra-judicial killings to silence a political opposition in this year’s protest. Seaway Melissa been tracking the. And says at least 35 people have been killed in January 22nd, 1 Mass protests again significant. Try to skirt the issue after they’re demonstration La protesta. This person asked not to be identified. He says five shot and killed his friend at a protest on January 23rd, final straw, to push them away from Maduro, but people are also fed up with the mounting economic crisis. Leonardo get out of lives in antimano. Another Maduro stronghold in the West, Caracas, with his family, Leafy Sea for the first time, is without anything, 24th is cracking down on these communities. Nintendo podcast
President Nicolás Maduro has long enjoyed the support of Venezuelans in some poor neighborhoods. But many have sided with the opposition in recent protests. The government has noticed — and has cracked down.

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