Magic Johnson is not the reason Kawhi didn’t go to the Lakers – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby

Magic Johnson is not the reason Kawhi didn’t go to the Lakers – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby
Magic Johnson is not the reason Kawhi didn’t go to the Lakers – Jalen Rose | Jalen & Jacoby
There was some people that are saying that sort of outward speaking about his meeting with Kawhi Leonard violated a pack of secrecy. The qilin is Camp had with everybody that he spoke to about his brain sea decision and that have pushed Kawhi Leonard away from signing with the Lakers. I don’t think so for credibility reasons. I want people to always paying attention to who’s speaking and what best interest they have before. They give their point on this program. We make sure that we’re not using our social media handles to troll athletes, we’re not liking everything that their Pole, but they post we’re. Here, to be fair and just like, I was when Magic One On First Take and led to an assassination of Rob pelinka character and basically bruegge saline on the Los Angeles Lakers. To the point where the conversation between media and fans with a doom and gloom. And what’s wrong with LA and I’ll personally said: there’s nothing wrong with LA there in a great spot, LeBron James, they have their young assets and then what happens magic steps down. They get the number for Pick and then that makes it to where New Orleans is now taking their calls, because they got the number one pic so now you’re able to move a Zion Williamson. I need to do the same thing for Magic. Johnson right here was never going to the lake do with that. He was never going to the Lakers okay. So if he was serious about going with the Lakers, you probably going to meet with the people that you actually going to be working with Dickie like Zoe, did like Genie box regardless. And let me ask you a question because Magic Johnson Darrell the Lakers chance of l’antica. Why would I say it is not Magic, Johnson’s fault that he didn’t go there? I said he was never going there. I said if he was going to literally make Los Angeles Lakers a true destination, you’re, probably going to meet with Frank Vogel with Jeanie Buss, with Rob pelinka and to answer your clippers question. Yes, he had a meeting with. Yes, he had a real meeting with the Toronto Raptors that were legitimately in the Kawai sweepstakes, going to Los Angeles to play with no, I said the clip is so now that this news is coming out. I want to make sure I protect the Integrity of Magic, Johnson’s character, idea in the corner, while LeBron James, Anthony Davis ran pick-and-roll with a minute to go in a game roster spot open on the Los Angeles Lakers BP, Andre Iguodala who’s. Now, with the Grizzlies many rental leave, the leave, the Grizzlies could come to a deal with him and buy him out there in a rebuilding phase. Do you think, there’s a real chance that Andre Iguodala ends up with LeBron lady on the lake Illinois, his former agent of the lake replica correct? So if he is bought out by Memphis first thing, smoking La do not pass go, do not collect 200 on minimum deal. I think getting what Out means. You got your breath for this year and, yes, he would take the remaining funds from the Los Angeles Lakers and take that open, roster spot that they will keep open for him, because we all know it’s going to take place. They’Re trying to build around ja. Morant he’s there future trying to build around Clark trying to build around Jaren Jackson. Jr, not Andre Iguodala, thanks for watching turn on YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN + right now.
Jalen Rose and David Jacoby debate Magic Johnson being the reason Kawhi Leonard chose the LA Clippers over the Los Angeles Lakers because he leaked information about their meeting. They also look at the possibility of Andre Iguodala joining the Lakers later in the season.
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