Making hair loss ‘fashionable’ – BBC News

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Making hair loss ‘fashionable’ – BBC News
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people say I’m strange. IHOP lost hair time to hair straightening using hair relaxes as well as pulling my hair with that right I print out of the dryer after childbirth what really strapped with the sense of isolation had a shame is well we already stop the standards that have been laid out within the fashion industry of what mode on the catwalk should look like which are you know you should have long hair you should have nice hair fashion is alopecia we are going to use our campaign and into the fashion industry and challenge perceptions is not a lot of models that have alopecia the opposite to me I lost my hat and for a long time I just didn’t deal with it I would be so scared to go out I mean I’ve been kind of stay saying I’m going to pet they said stuff about the situation behind my back I’m never going to be accepted grown up with that thinking guys are going to be repulsed by me it’s normal it’s fine if even I can send out in the streets it was a lot of people watching his when we do it
A campaign called #Alopeciaisfashion aims to make hair loss more accepted and visible in the fashion world.
It aims to make the condition more accepted in the fashion world and give a platform to models with hair loss.
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