Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 investigators say controls were likely deliberately manipulated

Malaysia where an independent investigation Into The Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 has failed to turn up any answers but just released reports fans 1500 pages Michael serapio has the details for us Michael walk us through this report 1500 pages and no answer no answer and the families at this point data already expressing their disappointment at this report now Malaysia Airlines MH 370 flight 370 disappeared in 2014 and this report was prepared by a special investigation panel but despite the size of this report investigators cannot answer the most important question why why did this all happen now is people may remember Malaysia Airlines flight 3 The Departed Kuala Lumpur on March 8th of 2014 was headed toward Beijing it made its last communications with air traffic control some 38 minutes after departure but after that the crew was never heard from again I’m military radar did track it for another hour as the plane made Divergent away from China before disappearing altogether debris was found a year later off the shores of reunian island in the Indian Ocean but no bodies were ever found and as to the Y well today’s report only says it can rule nothing out though they are what’s there to point the finger of blame on the pilot take listen Beyond not being an event committed by the Tyler the same time not be nice to say that they was an item that we cannot deny the fact that SPS analyze the systems love man you need to know otherwise any possibility we just saying that diverted investigators are ruling out any mechanical or computer malfunction but who is responsible for that deliberate change in course while investigators say despite massive searches there’s not enough hard evidence to know this is frustrating the family but is point Malaysia is closing the book that is unless new information comes about that opens up the investigation in years to come but at this point the conclusion is there is no conclusion Hannah my name’s we reach for my pilot NTSB accident investigator Larry Vance and he believes the plane was deliberately crashed into the Indian Ocean and is also the author of MH370 mystery solved he joins me from Ottawa thank you for Finding Me soap for your investigation a 1500 page report nothing no concrete conclusions what your reaction they could they could spend four years looking at the evidence in this case and missed the most critical evidence of all which is the evidence that washed ashore in the in the records with the records pieces that we do have available for examination the most critical virtually no stop in the evidence that’s available from those pieces as a ditching event that the flash were extended and then given that the flaps were extended we know that the pilot had to have extended the flaps we know that the pilot deliberately put the airplane on the ocean because it was at a load it speed not a high-speed crash this was a deliberate event onto the ocean surface in the end they missed all that evidence they don’t even make an attempt to look at it copilot crack but the report dismiss that specifically sang investigators found their mental health was fine but there was no anxiety no stress in the audio recording so how do you square that they went with the idea did because they couldn’t find a particular reason why the pilot would do this that the pilot could not have done it was ridiculous ridiculous when we have evidence and it really is immaterial if they can’t find a reason why that individual would do it that that doesn’t doesn’t add up this is either a case of incompetence in the investigation or it’s a case of I just don’t want to know I don’t want to know that this was the pilot who did it but I would call in confidence that’s the bottom line that’s where it is maybe you can help me is that they do say that the plane was manually diverted or taken off course but they don’t say so what does that mean then could have been an event that was caused by some kind of hijacking or or intervention somehow was not connected to the pilot that makes no sense at all if you look at the evidence in its totality starting with the fact that the airplane was deliberately ditched on for the ocean surface then the only person who really could have done that would be the pie then the airplane comes full circle the fact that they didn’t get the information or they didn’t get it right the information that proves that the airplane was intentionally did they went back and and and Confused everybody with this mishmash of will it could have been this or it could have been that that’s it’s it’s it’s really does if the wreckage is found what will happen is that will will will confirm the evidence shows that the airplane intentionally was just on the ocean surface is there regardless of whether they are playing this time we don’t have to find the airplane to prove what happened at the end of the flight was there for Crews what happened at the beginning of the flight the evidence is all they’re all they have to do is open their eyes to it insights today Larry Vance is a former pilot NTSB accident investigator and he came to speak with us from Ottawa thanks so much
Investigators released a report on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 on Monday, saying the Boeing 777’s controls were likely deliberately manipulated to take it off course, but they were not able to determine who was responsible.

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