Male infertility: The secret shame of having no sperm – BBC News

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Male infertility: The secret shame of having no sperm – BBC News
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igp the door while you got it supposed to what’s the weather there problem is growing man in the western world are becoming less fertile population don’t understand just how common it is as the last 50 years or so and spend quality has decreased the first time ever problems with male fertility at a primary reason for couples sleeping all day it’s Raditz potent off available I think we were any point of an alternative to IVF on the NHS being told the consequences of poor sperm quality so what needs to change we got married in 2010 and started here after that we were children it just didn’t happen I subscribe we need to get tested in from platten had difficulty conceiving. Says presume the issue must lie with Casey and the gynecologist Daphne so it was it was it was today with me and then I had the stages that he told us that it wasn’t only then like many men with fertility problems with no results found trade had no sperm do to a chromosome defect the news was not shut the toted the dolphin the doctor was I’m sorry about your children there is no compassion no nothing that. Just completely destroyed us it’s very common for women to have issues with fertility and I think they did without quite regularly where is Mao facility side of it they do is I told a couples date and IVF in the UK and it’s a drug and issue with men wanting to have children later in life and sperm quality decreasing due to Mother lifestyle factors such as processed food consumption and being overweight Alison Temple is directive embryology of the UK’s biggest chain of private fertility clinics associated with male Factor infertility how many sperm in the semen sample is the quality of I’m spending quality has decreased sometimes we have more access then we have sperm doesn’t happen very often but it’s and it’s a huge challenge Professor Lewis is one of the UK’s lead infertility his head the British andrology society which aims team fruit a for men’s reproductive Health she believes couples will continue to be failed unless the medical community place is much greater emphasis or male infertility it’s not quite urgent that we look at the problem men are not appropriate not diagnosed and not care for the revolves around a woman is being used to treat male infertility having an invasive procedure to a person who doesn’t need it in order to treat another person about doesn’t have them in any other branch of Medicine this is huge expense for the NHS as well as for the couples who has to remain anonymous decided to see how to wipe themselves if they hadn’t they may never have best son I don’t think we were any point of an alternative to IVF on the NHS it was basically IVF is the only way you’re going to be able to have kids so this is the process they have been trying for over a year when they were offered that first round of IV despite the band nothing wrong with the woman’s fertility it was unsuccessful and it difficult process to go through my life it was really unpleasant injecting of stomach with those that don’t go in the first time is not overlooking the park even before the idea if I had a really invasive test where I was injected with dye it was a student that they got it wrong it was horrible any other options were available a private Clinic discovered Daniel not his real name has varicocele and abnormality in the scrotum the effects up to 40% of men with fertility problems treatment for it is not available on the NHS is not something we do on the NHS he didn’t really know huge amount about it the couple paid for the operation privately and a few minutes later the sun was conceived naturally for us was America when I sunk I’m alone it happened really difficult when the IVF didn’t work treatment should not be offered to man as it has not been proven to improve pregnancy rates but Professor Lewis says it was very to sail repair Tremont won’t be the solution for every man there is real need for the NHS to offer other treatments before IVF and have a dental history of clinical examination and some simple treatments before they go to the stage of having IVF for the well-being of their offspring at 40 45 and they don’t have any more eggs but what happens with men is as time goes on and because of their lifestyle are there more and more opportunities for mutations to occur within the sperm men here over 45 when they have children are more likely to have children who have childhood cancers or may have psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disease are autism and we also know that smoking can cause the same problems in offspring so little photos on male infertility Winfrey discovered he was infertile he was sent by his GPA to a Women’s Health Specialists I was actually referring to the Gynecology Ward saw the hospital women pregnancy and being told that we can’t have children to be sat in that environment was really really really hard and there was actually no many men so I can remember it could have been dealt with so much differently story or you need to was told he was infertile haven’t had testicular cancer think they actually had an awful lot of gardens to give you Houston dog show with his wife Suzanne I’m at two children can see through donor sperm when Mark was found to be infertile it was Suzanne that was first informed leaving March feeling sidelined soon as you have the same time I’ve often called afternoon that just said I’m ready sorry to tell you that this pen county is there I will let you a referral at you another appointment to come back into school so that was it just a phone call I told him I will say it again but then came Haven CC we got to say says is infertility as a woman support for her with much straighter Dodgers Los Santos in the GPS where I’m going to avoid you that can point you the lady’s number in the Royal College of GPS says doctors are highly trained to have sensitive non-judgmental conversations with all patients until I advise them best options during forwards trade struggled with the emotional toll of hair end of his infertility when we found out about it so angry for a long time and when my money didn’t I waxy rice question definitely support this I lost my job last night last year brake bicycle that it’s not it’s not a manly thing to discuss its boxed up put the back of the mind and soul to the goblin about did you tell any of your friends about that centrally trade-in tasty and I’ll look into the future but do you know it could have been very different and I can see why they wouldn’t be elsewhere through that because it’s so hard for the mail to the man to actually come to terms with not being able to give his wife a child private haven’t been refused IVF on the NHS procreate we love to either way regardless of whether been conceived naturally whether it’s been conceived borrowed time Suzanne’s but whatever Direction Cooper State he says the tee for men is not to be afraid to talk if you think you’re still going to have children in the evening talk to be opening Frank about it rather than don’t go too hard to head out to Full Steam and see if you can find some answers to some solutions or at least help understand.
Male infertility is now the most common reason for couples to seek IVF – but men often feel alone.
And the stigma is such that – despite male infertility being as common as female infertility – men feel alone and suffer in silence.
The Victoria Derbyshire programme’s Adam Eley looks at what needs to be done.

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