Man living with dementia reconnects with wife through music

Man living with dementia reconnects with wife through music
Man living with dementia reconnects with wife through music
My name is Monica and I’m here with my husband Steven and where they are laughing home and the things we’ve been talking about the music memory box and it’s a box fix a bloated with shoes that are favorites of my husband’s in myself on the Evoque. Thanks for the Memories of Times Gone by and with the little of chips that we put on the sensor in the box with a place, it particular children and it if these opportunities to think about memories – and it can be quiet motive – also make some home alone Or in some cases he sings along if his forces found that day, it also is quite emotional for myself as well, but it takes us back to when we were first married and how we feel about each other yeah, it’s been it’s been. We had it for a while 3 years, not saying we use every week, but it’s Universe, Steven, the movie to them. I saved you want to play music memory. Folks, we get it out and it too, if I was quite a lot of emotion at times, friendly from my point of view. Even today, when we played it, I can feel myself choking up. I think it’s a wonderful idea that people can’t communicate or kind of speak the way of connecting and Chloe who designed the Box will hats off to her advice, simple thing, but very emotive, by grateful, we were given the opportunity to have yourself one of them.
The Music Memory Box is a kit which families fill with significant objects such as photographs which also plays songs. Steve Garrity, 82, and his wife Monica, 74, use the innovative box to interact after Mr Garrity has slowly deteriorated in health, unable to speak to his wife for five years. The box, created by Chloe Meineck, 28, has been a lifeline for the couple, after Mr Garrity was diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson’s in 2011.

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