Man travels to Dorian-hit Bahamas islands to rescue friend

Man travels to Dorian-hit Bahamas islands to rescue friend
Man travels to Dorian-hit Bahamas islands to rescue friend
From the air, this is what relief responders are trying to assist in the recovery beginning. This is what has been laughed at: Dorian strongest hurricane on record. At least 20 people are dead, that the number expected to rise. Many people still trying to locate loved one because of all of his Devastation and communication is still still weak. They do not know so really, even on today, Thursday morning, before extent of the damage in the loss is still being revealed. You see those aerial pictures and we have been showing so many of them from different perspectives. Active has been right down on the ground, he’s going to tell us about it this morning. I want to introduce you to Toby Smith, who flew the helicopter from his company right over and onto avaco after Hurricane Dorian, a pleasure to meet you. This you’re now saw their looks like a nice day in Nassau, but thanks for being on our program today specifically took dropping the images from the from the air as you’re flying over and filming. This just describe your impressions and what you’re saying Northern Bahamas Nassau is fine. We got high winds, but that’s about it yeah. It was absolutely level it’s devastating. It’S completely devastated is the only way I can. I can put it all. The houses and buildings have been completely flattened. Would that be an assessment of the extent for, as you saw it, I mean 90 to 100 % and some of the islands. It’S just all completely gone wooden structures that completely gone concrete structures that have concrete walls to we got a very strict building codes turn off downstairs. No power is the power lines were all blown down. That’S no! No electricity, no water, no cell phone, no line lines as there’s, absolutely nothing. Stoke people are stranded without being able to contact the loved ones and other. Let them know that they’re, okay, so it’s Saiyaman exercise to keep his face and hearing. But it helps me understand, went off that sort of total obliteration that you saw in the air. Look at this video of Toby Smith, complete Devastation, cuz one concrete building standing over there I mean. Even this is a concrete building with reinforced rebar concrete and the roofs caved in and, as you mentioned, we know the Bahamas had, as you said, Strong building of Dorian, even those buildings, I’m so as far as the building perspective is just level the meanest shipping containers. Hundreds of yards pushed into town XIV, the government. There is in good shape. I managed to walk out that stream, the government clinic, and it was actually a very gracious person that I know that gave me a seat on the helicopter, but it was from the government Clinic long point where I was told my friend. So I got a call to say: if I don’t know, I got to make it so that was added incentive to get out there and get him out and ironically he was he that’s got me into Saw V and rescue. So he was, they told me he was actually buy, landed, got to run back to the clinic. The US Coast Guard is doing an amazing job in putting assets into the Bahamas to the hospital. I found him at the accident emergency at the clinic locally there and then u.s. Coast Guard Medevac him out the helicopter that I arrived and was fortunately there a jump on the shelf for a meeting back in that store then into the hospital. But that’s the case for hundreds of people right now getting Medevac out by the US Coast Guard everybody’s, pitching in as a good sense of calm togetherness, with the Havens with strong, resilient and strong. And yet I can just hear the emotion in your voices. You talk about your friend and also the situation I mean we’re talking about. This is being generational. Devastation look at to getting out of this with hurricane Joaquin a few years ago, and I found that we help, and this is, it is way more expensive is not limited to have a code remain stationary of a Grand Bahama and dumped a lot of rain. A lot of wind, I tell people, imagine driving at 185 miles an hour to head out the window for a day. That’S what’s that says: nothing’s no trees that it did look like a bomb went off that yeah, a flea which is great. You left some supplies behind. You were able to to to do some of that to help, and you think you’re going to be continuing to do any any more of the Release Yourself. Mom had nose is a non nonprofit organization and and they’re doing an amazing job and getting supplies in there. It’S it’s it’s still early days. I wish I was at the aviation I’m two days ago, just waiting all day, trying to hitchhike and asking everybody that I knew. Can I catch a ride up there and then I actually got a fortune cookie today wow. Why is it so emotional for you Toby hurricane Joaquin? I did it in the Austin Martha’s fds quake in Haiti and yeah the stuff that you see the stuff that you bring back but being there. I was fully prepared emergency care and what not, but with no communication out there, I thought that might I’m the best you sent an ass or trying to push things into a pill in Grand Bahama riding to meet. You never know communication. So, that’s why I jump back on the helicopter back and we’re trying to get vessels in that the British army is out there u.s. Coast Guard. Lots of people are rendering assistance internationally trying to help people who are in such tremendous need, and you will be happy to know. We were just talking on the program with somebody in Montreal who’s doing some fundraising with head Knowles and be exact organization. You mentioned to try to get to made from Canada to so. Thank you for the really appreciate the conversation this morning, Toby Smith, in NASA
Toby Smith took a helicopter to the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas to rescue a friend injured in Hurricane Dorian. He joined us from Nassau and says 90 to 100 per cent of the buildings in the northern part of the islands are demolished.

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