Man ‘wanted to comfort’ grandson during wildfire

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Man ‘wanted to comfort’ grandson during wildfire
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more than a dozen wildfires are still raging across Northern California this morning the wildfires have killed at least 8 people so far including three members of One family seventy-year-old melody Bledsoe and her two great-grandchildren for you Emily Roberts and five-year-old James Roberts died in their home on Thursday Melodies husband and Bledsoe his granddaughter Amanda Woodley join us now we are so sorry for your loss we we heard read your story and it’s just the most haunting heartbreaking story that we’ve ever heard I mean that you were on the phone with your five-year-old a great grandson James as the fire was moving in to toss what happen when you the doctor you left the house to go to the doctor did you know how close the wildfires were at that moment now my house and they they didn’t give no evacuation notices or nothing when I my wife called me and burn when I got up there to traffic blocking the road all the way in but I got out and run towards the house I got down there and some guy was blown over by the fire I helped him get out but I still want down there and they stopped me and wouldn’t let me go in should I actually went regardless of what anybody says as the big old fire tornado and the fire didn’t come across down towards my house around the river and come in behind my house to get out open the door to get out his hair caught on fire where all the hair off his arms and took his breath oh my gosh instrument of your guilt or your Devastation and feeling like you should have been there for you can’t fight nature I mean this is too powerful these are still raging you could not have done anything I mean that’s what you know and that’s what I all of us want you to know this is too much with overpowering families Amanda can you explain to us for those of us who luckily don’t live in a wildfires Zone how hard it is to escape what it is like when it encroaches in on a house or the anxiety I mean it just it’s really scary and from what Gary was saying he tried to get out the tornado was hovering over the house I haven’t even hit the ground it was just a tornado over the house and it took him a minute and a half to catch his breath and he tried everything he could to so nothing anyone could do it she made it back up but she should have anyway he couldn’t they want no way he could have got into my house or you just suck the roof off the house and I mean that’s what we can’t that’s what those about to never live to a wildfire I can’t understand is the tornado of fire that you’re describing that it’s over your house that is spinning around your house and then it could take the roof off of your house and then these are things that are imagination can’t even deal with and that you all just witnessed we’ve never seen it we’ve never seen anything like it there’s always wildfires every year but we’ve never seen it coming to town we’ve never seen anything like this will all the fire was across the street about a mile you you couldn’t even if you could just see the smoke you can see no fire and it was on the other side of Sacramento River and we got a dam and a big ol like a lake in there and so that’s where they watching to see if the fire was coming across and I never did come across or went down the river come around come in behind us and just goddess it just I talked to Junior and he just knew I was going to get in there and get him he just I just said I’m holding on to you Emily and grandmas we’re waiting for you so don’t go in the back door it’s on fire come in the front door exit I’m on my way I’ll be there don’t worry a little bit I’ll be there I just wanted to come not so great I don’t think I mean how can you say common you know Grandpa you lost them to sleep for their final time it was peaceful they just went to sleep and you come them until they went to sleep and I realized that yesterday and that he’s mine yesterday I’m there protector phone with them and if they heard your voice and then you were keeping them calm and there’s nothing that you could have done when you got back to the house or had you been in the house and look at what you’re describing with all of your relatives listen to him out of the fire nobody would have protected Antilla fire went out and I don’t I don’t think that that’s how it works you know but I do think and that you make a good point that there were no evacuation orders I mean how would you have known get everybody else out you were watching the wildfires I mean how do you are you are your neighbor’s all evacuated now what why weren’t there evacuation orders there 6 people perished in it by my house and two caterpillar drivers died on a firefighter died up there and it was so terrible for like this is a beast and it got them too I guess no surround for everyone then we’re sorry for the other family in there it just is that when he opened his door that leaves hitting like somebody was slapping him he said he got out and burn his hair and he’s Buddy’s hair on fire on his head starts sucking his breath also we got back in his car and try to get out how you did get out good for the rest of us because you know those of us who’ve never lived through a wildfire imagine house fire we know house fires and sometimes maybe if you’re lucky somehow you can get out of window or you can go out a door but with the Wildfire what you’re describing hearing you say that it has its own weather system and it’s it’s a tornado it’s a fire tornado all around your house and there’s no escaping from that and it’s ripping the roof off of your house and you are just completely helpless to that level of nature and Ed and Amanda we are praying for you we’re praying for your family I want to point out to our viewers you have a GoFundMe page it’s on going to put it on the screen there it’s a GoFundMe page it’s up to more than $50,000 so far and of course all of this is to help your family and your great-grandchildren you’ll do what I say the last word at I want to thank everybody and love for everybody to eat people are still outstanding so loving you I just want to thank them all I want add and they want to hug you I want you to tell him add blood so Amanda would leave everyone is praying for you everyone is sending love to you and of course thinking of your four-year-old great-granddaughter Emily Roberts 50 James Robertson your wife seventy-year-old Melody Bledsoe thank you for sharing your story will be right back
Ed Bledsoe, a man who lost his wife and two grandchildren to a wildfire in California, describes the final time he spoke to his grandson over the phone, saying he just wanted to be there to protect his family.

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