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Jimmy Spencer was sentenced to 67 years plus life in prison for a number of crimes dating back to the mid-80s but altogether he only served about 32 years total and that’s the reality of Alabama’s overcrowded prison system says man County district attorney Rob Richard we only have so much prison space and we only have so much funding for the prisons and we have X number of people that are that are felons and if we only have so much a decision has to be made of who who were going to keep and who will let go Spencer’s record includes mostly non-violent offenses burglaries and three prison escape attempts and that apparently helped him get out nowadays probably the controlling factor is was it a violent crime or not that you committed but according to Franklin County DA Joey rushing there’s more to the Spencer story in 2013 opposing Spencer’s release calling him dangerous rushing told the board at Franklin County resident had to shoot Spencer to stop him during a burglary attempt in 1989 Brossard set for Crime Victims the releases are hard to understand even and what are considered non-violent cases probably shocked a lot of the public if you’re the man whose house has been broken into and they stole everything you got and then you look there’s the guy who did it out on the nine months later you don’t understand that Spencer’s life sentence was for second-degree burglary but it was under the three-strike system basically life in prison for a third felony which proved to be unworkable Broussard said so now the focus is on prison reform and all of that is just another way of saying the old way was jamming up our prisons and we don’t have any more space and they’re maybe federal intervention if we don’t do something about it Spencer was released from prison in January DEA rushing said he would have opposed it again but he says he was never notified Spencer was up for parole
Colton Ryan Lee, seven, and his great-grandmother Marie Ann Martin, 75, were found dead at Martin’s home in Guntersville, Alabama, on July 13. At a home across the street 65-year-old Martha Reliford was found dead the same evening. Police have charged 52-year-old Jimmy O’Neal Spencer, a homeless man with a long rap sheet who had been released from prison in January, in connection with all three murders.

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