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breaking news at KeyBank or Paul manafort just had his Manhattan home burglarized and unusual robbery in the middle of the night is Banker was a link to the loans of Bob Miller prosecuted manafort’s recent trial and the banker David follow Reno says that after nice break in the quote only items missing from his home or a briefcase iPad and sneakers that’s according to report for NBC journalist Jonathan one of the three key figures not called by Bob Miller’s office to testify trial of Paul manafort the break-in came on the same evening the news broke that man afforded begun negotiations with Bob Muller about a plea deal and this new report of the burglary does not identify any Suspects link between this burglary of Paul manafort’s Bankers home and the current legal pressure on manifold who is now convicted felon and you don’t need to be a detective to know there are random burglaries in Manhattan it’s possible to see this as a random unsolved burglary take one of the most burglarized areas in Manhattan the Garment District near Penn Station which is had 27 different burglary since the start of 2017 according to City Records now that’s a place where there are some but how about Sports Baker actually lives it’s an expensive neighborhood by Central Park line with fancy doorman buildings are random home burglaries is common there maybe instead of 27 there are 20 or 10 or five we check City Records today and found that since January 2017 that block has zero burglaries not one we confirm those records with NYPD assistant commissioner Dvorak a denied who says no residential burglaries on that block at all since January 2017 authorities are again not saying more about the suspects or motives if no reporting it says this is linked to Paul manafort directly it could be an unusual event at unusual time what could be unusual for a reason in a moment I’m going to speak about the water manifold issues to two former Federal prosecutors but first I go right to the reporter on the story Jonathan dienst 4 wnbc what happened the nypd’s investigating they responded to a call placed by that Banker David Fowler you know that his homie been broken into overnight and last you said sometimes a burglary is just a burglary but what makes it unusual as you said who the victim is this happened and what was taken so again the NYPD now trying to find out who took this Bankers iPad and briefcase trying to review surveillance video long that block to see if they can identify a suspect 9-1-1 call came in over night around 1:30 in the morning the banker claiming that he had left the door to his Penthouse the balcony door to Penthouse unlocked and that somebody come in leaving and left a crow behind and he woke up when he heard his front door slam again unclear who broken police not telling us what was in the briefcase or what’s contained on that iPad is the fact that something like a briefcase which is not considered outwardly all that valuable on a block that never let you know his had a burglary in the last year-and-a-half is that significant do you think know what they’re looking for or was it just a random and was the burglar scared off because the victim woke up during the burglary and he may have heard the victim coming out of his bedroom and less flat out the front door it’s unclear there’s nothing to say that this was any free planned incident this is a 9-4 balcony overlooking the back of the building and it has a terrorist there are adjacent buildings nearby it is on a Block near what cult Billionaire’s row We Roll these luxury high-rise reviews of the Central Park where as you noted there are very few Brig break-ins the only crime that I could find anywhere near that block was the robbery off of a truck parked about a block or two away but that was parked out on the street so again investigation early ongoing it certainly something that’s a talker but as of now you would think that given the Manna for trial in the conviction that just happened from this bank fraud case that prosecutors already had a lot of the information they already needed to their case and they did with those convictions on the story thank you very much I want to bring in Ty Kelly former Federal prosecutor deal to a lawyer who work with four Rod Rosenstein as well as for better posture Paul Butler Paul what do you make reporting us in a measured way we spoke to NYPD there aren’t a lot of 9th floor crowbar robberies there hasn’t been any home invasions as I mentioned that your reaction most likely weird stuff happen except for two thing one this is Donald Trump and Paul manafort’s New York where folks have fixers and Shady Financial deals and Donald Trump talks call mafioso wise guy asking for loyalty pledges and complain about Witnesses who flip and sell in that context it has to be looked at with more suspicion and Paul manafort is already and died for witness tampering that’s also going to make the prosecutors look at this more than they will look at any just ran to Berkeley to re what happens is federal prosecutor you get your FBI agent to make a call to NYPD this is your case you guys handle it but let me know if anything looks weird on the difference that makes burglary has one of the lowest clearance rate we’re going to pay attention to this case of course makes the connection that is so important this is in a case where there has already been charges of that kind of obstructive conductive truck trying to fix the evidence authorities aren’t telling us they investigating it this way do you think this is something that the prosecutors would be interested in there is no doubt that the prosecutor is have already made contact with NYPD to make sure that they I know everything about how the call was made what the first statement by the banker was what’s missing what was in the briefcase undoubtedly there is going to be some work together there to see if in fact it has anything to do with a manifold case
A key banker for Paul Manafort has had his Manhattan home burglarized in an unusual robbery in the middle of the night. The banker was linked to the loans Bob Mueller prosecuted in Manafort’s recent trial. “The Beat” confirms that the neighborhood in which the burglary took place had not since a home burglary since January 2017, making the event unusual.
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Manafort Banker’s Home Burgled Amidst Reports Manafort Might Plea | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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