Manafort ‘lied to Mueller and FBI AFTER plea deal agreement’

Manafort ‘lied to Mueller and FBI AFTER plea deal agreement’
Former Trump campaign manager, Paul manafort, repeatedly lied to investigators even after agreeing to cooperate with the Russia investigation. That’S according to special counsel, Robert Mueller steam late Monday. Who’S saying that means reached agreement, is probing possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign. He said in a court filing that metaphor committed federal crimes by lying to his team and the FBI on a quote variety of subject matters. Manafort said in the same filing she disagrees that he lied to investigators, it’s also unclear. So far. What Miller’s team alleges manafort lied about, however, both the special counsel and manafort’s attorneys agreed that the courts should move ahead. Sentencing for his crimes, expert State without a pardon manafort, could spend the rest of his life in prison. The surprise turn comes at a crucial time for Mueller in the coming months, he’s expected to finalize a report on his probe into Russian meddling. A former Federal prosecutor, told Reuters, Mueller’s team at hoped. Manafort would prove to be a valuable witness. He previously made tens of millions of dollars working for pro-kremlin politicians and Ukraine in September this year. He begin operating with Miller’s prosecutors after pleading guilty to conspiracy to the United States. Trump’S lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said in October that he spoken to manafort’s lawyer and that he believed manafort had not provided any information to prosecutor that was damaging to the presidents.
Special counsel Robert Mueller charges former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort violated his plea agreement by lying to the FBI and his team. But¬†Manafort denies doing so, and both sides want sentencing to be set immediately. Mueller’s office, in court documents filed Monday evening, claim Manafort ‘committed federal crimes by lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Special Counsel’s Office on a variety of subject matters.’¬†

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