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we enter this Labor Day weekend the traditional kickoff of the midterm campaign home stretch with a cloud hanging over this election in the Mueller investigation is showing no signs of slowing down in the president still lashing out at it and at the attorney he believes could and should have stopped the pro from ever being launched Trump last night at a rally in Indiana but our justice department an hour FBI have to start doing their job and doing it right and doing it now cuz people are angry people are angry what’s happening is a disgrace and it some point I wanted to stay out but at some point if it doesn’t straighten out properly I wanted to do their job I will get involved and I’ll get in there by half to the stressful and those comments came just our chapter Trump seemed to tell Bloomberg news that attorney general Jeff sessions job is see through the November midterm but maybe not be on that from continuing to complain about sessions reluctance to investigate his political enemies like to have Jeff sessions do his job and we did every very happy but the job entails two sides there should have never been a special counsel today they’re offering another reminder of the scope and reach of the Russia investigation and the possibility of more legal exposure for president Trump and his campaign sampatan a former associate of Paul made of pleading guilty today to charges brought by the office of the US attorney in Washington for failing to register as a foreign lobbyist Patton also admitted that he made a $50,000 illegal donation to president Trump’s inauguration committee acting as a Soco straw donor for a Russian and Ukrainian band from making contributions themselves patent is agreed to cooperate with Mueller’s investigation I am Joy Now by Tom winter NBC News investigative reporter Susan Del percio Republican strategist for Washington bureau chief for Mother Jones and Barry Grissom former US attorney thanks to all of you for being with us time let me start with you just on this news Sam Patton pleading guilty today illegal donation strawman for Trump Inaugural Committee what do we know about who he is how he fits into Trump World what what can you tell us that was associated with the Trump campaign but he is somebody who is associated with konstantin kilimnik who’s somebody who is who’s been charged along with Paul manafort’s for witness tampering in Paul manafort’s upcoming case in so this is somebody who has connections to people inside the Trump orbit this is somebody who’s done business in Ukraine and I think the big headline here today is that we have a legal foreign donations coming in to the Trump Inaugural Committee now there’s no application from the court paperwork you received that any of these donations that the fact that it was the original source of the money came from a foreign person with something that the Trump Inaugural Committee knew but you do now have essentially Russian and Ukrainian money one of the people that was all the government says in their court paperwork is a Russian if somebody who has ties to Russian intelligence that’s konstantin kilimnik in the other person is Ukrainian oligarch they were able to take they actually were able to get tickets to the inauguration by doing a $50,000 donation in plain English that just means that they took a they ask somebody to buy the tickets for them because you can’t put more money into Inaugural Committee so that’s how this all came together today and I think that’s what that’s a pretty astounding headline us attorney in Washington DC that is not Mueller to do we know if there’s going to be a connection here is the next episode talks about that in the courtroom today in fact Andrew Weissman who is one of the people that’s involved in the manafort prosecution he was in the court today and very specifically in the plea agreement it says not only is he to cooperate with the US attorney’s office in Washington DC but he’s also supposed to coordinate I’m sorry cooperate special counsel’s office Robert Mueller so that’s part of Patton’s cooperation agreement so we can expect here for him to be talking to both Mueller’s team as well as prosecutors Federal prosecutors in Washington DC so yeah they’re definitely part of this we on this topic and I think these names may not be new to you what do you make of this news this development in any specific we decided to the Inaugural Committee donating to the Inaugural Committee apparently getting tickets in exchange for that what we do know that Federal prosecutors have been very interested in contributions to the Inaugural Committee and Mother Jones who reported on major you know six-figure donations they came in from the cousin of a Russian oligarch who runs his business and forcier not easy working he’s not a Russian but that too is very suspicious so it’s it’s interesting it finally some of this is turning into legal matters criminal prosecutions the other big thing here that Tom didn’t mention is that in this plea deal I’m sampatan admitted to lying to Congress he came before the Senate intelligence committee and gave testimony privately and he lied about what he was doing in terms of representing Ukraine in these contributions now this is key because Adam Schiff and other Democrats have asked for investigations of witnesses who come before the committee is investigating investigating the Trump Russia Scandal on on the basis of perhaps lying to Congress which is a crime whether you’re sworn in. And they’ve raised questions about Donald Trump genius testimony I just don’t set them on Prince’s testimony another so if we’re going to get Federal prosecutors looking at the testimony given these committees I’m looking for instances of lying it could open up a whole new horizon for the Mueller probe investigation there will be new developments that emerged to the start of the year at the Laman public people like me it’ll come out of nowhere and yet will then Loom at very significant and moving forward here another potential example of that we were reminded of potential for developments like this we are also as we sit approaching the Labor Day weekend this supposed 60-day rule not an official rule but this sort of tradition name prosecution’s of you kind of hold off for the two months leading up to election day wasted that means for the next two months were not going to be getting much more are we still going to be learning more about you know whether it’s this case was Sam Patton or more between now and election day abide by the Department’s policy and he’s not going to bring anything in October surprise if if we learn nothing about Bob Mueller you know that he is a by-the-book guy he’s not going to jump the gun he’s going to continue with the investigation as he has up to this point in time and it looks as if once he has his findings at that will be released after the midterm elections are over but you have to look back at the what what he’s done to date while we’re talking about a planned approach by the president and his folks to go out there consider this our call this a Witch Hunt by that this is rigged election well we have a situation where mr. Flynn has played guilty that you’re calling his kiss Council has pled guilty LT on eight counts and they will be tried on the remaining counts at in addition to the trial in DC as well today we hear about mr. patents involvement all these various prosecution’s are based on facts nothing is made of people use the term fake facts of fake news these are facts that people plead guilty to at the risk of losing their Liberty and suffering heavy fine so I think we need to keep that in mind we’re talkin that mr. Mueller his investigation but I doubt very going to hear anything before the midterms this question of the 60-day rule you have some information there I think the thing that controls the special counsel no time that’s listed on that memo as far as any sort of specific window in in really the key to it is you can’t bring an action against this particular candidate or campaign for the purpose of influencing that candidate or campaign everybody that were talking here is not running for office Donald Trump jr. Running for office Jared kushner’s not running for office the president is not running for office I use them as examples I’m not saying those are people that are necessarily going to face legal Jeopardy but I just think we have to keep that in mind here there’s nothing here in bass tab reading that memo right necessarily says the president party if you are a republican candidate for office right now you’re looking at the next two months please no more of this from today through Alexa well and we know there’s going to be more because we know manafort’s trial is starting in a couple of weeks so we know it’s going to be a better four-week trials there will be a verdict in that trialed one way or the other so we will see products of the Mueller investigation going or we may see another pain but Republicans are most hoping that the Trump will keep his mouth shut on this because I know I know is 30 to 60 days at the camp bed manafort’s supposed to not do anything then the campaign then the Giuliani spokesperson role has to also kind of keep a lid on it for during the Republican if we’re dealing with Trump coming out there calling this investigation Witch Hunt whatever it may be a couple weeks before election what is that Republican candidate going to do is the Republican candidate to be thinking hey to swing voters do not want to hear the president talking about this investigation I need those Trump MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
The operative pleaded guilty in court Friday and has agreed to cooperate with the Special Counsel.
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Manafort-Linked Lobbyist Admits To Steering Illegal Funds To Trump Inaugural | Hardball | MSNBC

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