Manafort Trial At Light Speed While Trump Changes His Tune On Russian Collusion | Deadline | MSNBC

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Manafort Trial At Light Speed While Trump Changes His Tune On Russian Collusion | Deadline | MSNBC
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Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul manafort is on trial today and it’s already moving at lightning speed the metaphor trial is the first criminal trial in the Mueller investigation it will offer the public a glimpse at the evidence gathered against manafort and New York Times reports it could also create the squeeze on manafort to cooperate with Mueller on the broader investigation into Russian collusion with a trunk campaign the times reports quotes of subjects whether Mr manafort knew about Russian efforts to influence election and whether the threat of conviction could lead him to cooperate with the special counsel Robert S Mueller ways not just on the prosecution and defense but on the White House as well among the Americans charge so far by mr. Miller’s prosecute mr. manafort not only held the highest position in mr. torgue’s campaign but he also arguably has the deepest connections to Russia aligned politicians and political forces we should point out that the Manna for a trial commences on the very same day Donald Trump is changing his tune on the question of Russian collusion breaking with his near-daily refrain of no collusion no collusion to the message first tried it out by allies the collusion in and of itself is not a crime and at this hour the man trial opening statements are underway days ahead of schedule better talk about that NBC’s Ken Dulaney and outside the courthouse in Alexandria Virginia former US attorney in FBI official Chuck Rosenberg now and MSNBC of Helsinki Fame spokesman at the justice department and MSNBC political analyst at least Jordan Kendall aliens take us through the day’s events I understand you caught some Snippets of the opening statements detail for me for viewers how to pressure is bearing down on Paul manafort to do as a New York Times describes maybe get squeezed in and become someone who could be more useful to Robert Mueller I left the courtroom just out of the Overflow room the defense was deep into its opening statement the prosecution had finished their opening statement and look this is a dry case about tax evasion and bank fraud but hangover it is this enormous pressure that you can almost feel on Paul manafort he must be spending millions of dollars on this case is got a team of expensive defense lawyers he’s wearing a suit in court but we know that he’s going to sleep tonight in the Alexandria jail and a prison green jumpsuit and he’s facing 10 years in prison and another 15 another case in DC the case just looks overwhelming I mean the government said that they had two dozen Witnesses and 100 documents and they’re going to be potentially portrayed a story of greed and lies they essentially say that metaphoric some 60 million dollars for his work for this Ukrainian oligarch had it paid through foreign bank account so that he could avoid $59 in taxes and then when the spigot turned off in 2014 when Viktor Yanukovych is Patron fled to Russia started milking Banks allegedly the government says committing bank fraud and continued to commit tax fraud Rick Gates who is manforce right-hand man in and turn State’s evidence against him his cooperating will testify against him and they’re essentially trying to portray him as a star witness who cut a deal to save his own skin the interesting thing about that Nicole important dates before gate split so the government’s position was we don’t need Rick Case to make this case against all metaphor in there and they’re saying this case doesn’t rest on any one particular witness also tried to argue that if there was tax it wasn’t willfully didn’t mean to sign a false tax return and that’s going to be a key issue in this trial to go presidency can you take us through urinalysis that whether Robert Mueller’s investigators and prosecutors are ultimately able to convicted Paul manafort or not they will still be able to compel testimony from him right now look at it easier Nicole when somebody pleads guilty and cooperates as Rick Gates did but even if mr. Matt afford is convicted at trial and I fully expect you will be by the way it is as Ken said a very very strong case if he’s convicted at trial they can compel him to testify against others they can immunize him meaning they could strip away his Fifth Amendment privilege after conviction or not they could even do it after an acquittal the government has a number of paths open to it to compel manafort to testify if he doesn’t change his mind and plead guilty and cooperate at this point with opening statements being delivered in federal court in Alexandria and seems like he’s going the long route and will not cooperate but there are options available to the government love itself not a crime you think it’s a coincidence that the man for a child under way that the Cohen tapes of NC’s that they include recordings that Cohen is talking about whether or not Donald Trump might have had some knowledge of that Trump Tower meeting which we is at the center of Robert Mueller’s obstruction of justice investigation and the conclusion questions the supposed to Southern District New York investigation and the Robert Mueller investigation team leaks about what he might have to say they’re out of operate which is spending the rest of his life in jail one way Issaquah operate with prosecutors and get a reduced sentence the other is to wait and hold out and not testify and even if if the snare that choc’late out comes to fruition where you convicted in layers compelled by subpoena testify just to be held in contempt and collect the last dying moment because he’s waiting for pardon from Donald Trump I think that’s the scenario send to a grand jury to pay it it in order to testify and given immunity where couldn’t exercise the Fifth Amendment he would have to but I think there’s always a difference between a witness who comes in and wants to cooperate because they know there’s some value in their cooperation in terms of reducing its and a witness who comes in Bentley just can’t remember what a friend who son was also embroiled and he’s going to be more helpful because he’s waiting for something on the back end the time at the convention Republican platform has changed be more happy with the work that he’s doing the way he’s handling these things the way he’s handling the organization of everything going forward with job earlier Ballers interest in the relationship between Donald Trump and Paul manafort’s these are from the real questions at that were published earlier this year I wrote mother wants to know what knowledge the president have any Outreach by his campaign including by Paul manafort to rush about potential to the campaign I think that you can’t overstate the importance that Paul manafort had and securing the Republican nomination write Donald Trump Austin Wisconsin and his shaky operation had no organizational apparatus where they were going to actually secure the delegates that were needed so that he would actually get the nomination not have a contested convention and actually the swelling the uprising Cruz was still alive and there were talks about collusion with Russia it was on the door for Russians he wasn’t working for people in the Middle East always comes back to Russians in here to Jeremy bash on our program it at the time you said that she blew my mind but it seems more possible today actually sent and dispatched Paul manafort to the Trump campaign or at least that was Paul manafort attached himself to the Trump campaign the Russians said okay our agent is now on the inside and if they try to manipulate the campaign not just through propaganda not just through Russia today but also threw agents of influence you’ll be hard to rule anything out of Ford’s links to Russia or so deep and have been for so long and there’s certainly lots of dark corners and shadows and that story and you he remember he worked for free for Donald Trump and that you know he we know that there’s for been reported he owe quite a bit on it cuz some people back overseas it is certainly as pointed out in the beginning of the block here Rush is not on trial here this whole thing and it is right now and they’re going to study drumbeat these last few days Charlotte Giuliani now we see the president today talking about collusion is not a crime but throughout the illusion oclusion no collusion and of course the crime is conspiracy that’s not the argument they’re making now this is again they’re not fighting illegal since they’re fighting in public relations and they are obviously concerned there so much news everyday it’s easy to lose track of just eliminating I did as you said he he beat back the other real effort to steal the nomination from Trump in Cleveland that we remember being on the floor and being people to go at the time and he ran his campaign and yes it was only for only for a few but he is roll here can’t be overstated and he is now on trial just a few miles from the White House this list to see lots of other great videos
NBC’s Ken Dilanian, Fmr US attorney Chuck Rosenberg, AP’s Jonathan Lemire, fmr DOJ spox Matt Miller, and MSNBC contributor Elise Jordan on the start of former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort’s trial
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Manafort Trial At Light Speed While Trump Changes His Tune On Russian Collusion | Deadline | MSNBC

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