Manafort’s indictment: Where did all the money go? BBC News

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Manafort’s indictment: Where did all the money go? BBC News
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what connects multi-million dollars of men’s clothing Airbnb scam and antique rugs through mentioned in this 31-page chargesheet against Donald Trump’s former campaign manager pool manifold and his business partner Richard Gates the headline charges conspiracy against the United States but both men acted as agents of the Ukrainian government and failed to declare that the trilogy claims at least amount of full frontal with more than 75 million dollars through offshore account in various locations 18 million dollars it’s going to use this is Flash out spending more than a million dollars or men’s clothing in New York Beverly Hills moving a million dollars in antiques including buying rugs recalls in New York and Virginia say that none of this was declared to the taxman on that manifold team Gates trying to cover this hole. Richard Gates of pleading not guilty to these charges
The former Trump campaign chief is found guilty on multiple tax and bank fraud charges. The BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan reports on Paul Manafort’s 31-page indictment, detailing his alleged money-laundering and lavish spending on cars, houses and even antique rugs.
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