Manitoba premier criticizes Quebec’s religious symbols law | Power & Politics

Manitoba premier criticizes Quebec’s religious symbols law | Power & Politics
Manitoba premier criticizes Quebec’s religious symbols law | Power & Politics
Canvas barrier still exist all over the place in a year under the cfta, the movie YouTube ashy for lowering internal trade barriers within the country. I want to get to that in one second, but first there is some big news in other parts of the country around Bombardier and layoffs, and I heard some of your counterparts in about a NASCAR discussion that occurred today between the premiers of for the federal government To secure exemptions around only in a general sense Bashi, I mean we’re all concerned with trade issues right now. Obviously, in the US by America, policy is clearly discriminatory and protectionist in its nature and its intent. So as a trading Province, premier Robinson Manitoba, I can tell you that we were really concerned about any restrictions on our ability to do things to help. People in other countries, like the United States, get better products better prices. So can you to work with the other premiers to remove whatever impediments we can to free trade options? Well, obviously, given recent trade discussions there’s a lot of in her face between provinces and the federal government on this, and I’ve appreciated that actual openness and the communication that we’ve enjoyed from the prime minister’s office Minister. I expect that to continue, and certainly various premiers Express concern this morning and will continue. It will continue to advance the agenda. Free trade were free traders in this country. You another premiers have talked about for a long time. I was doing an interview yesterday and remembering how many interviews I’ve done at these various meetings about lowering those barriers to trade with in this country. No fair point I mean I, I remember now to tobi’s as a cabinet minister, there in the nineties advancing the idea of setting up a national Trade Organization, and some improvements have been made over the last 25 years more in the last two I would say than In the previous 23, so what we’ve seen is now agreement among all of this stems from the obvious trade in threats that we have to face for Mom some of our trading partners, Weatherby, China, us or others. But I think Canadians understand the importance of being able to find market send to get to the free exchange of goods and services going, and they know who, from many reports, that international monetary fund, for example, just released a report saying that this is equivalent to about A 7 % tariff that we charge each other because of our own internal trade barriers. So it’s a high priority, Taurus positive progress. We now have provinces heading to list where they’re making exceptions rather than list what they’re willing to trade. That’S a massive change. We change the process today by agreement. Soldat provinces reduce their list of exceptions without any impediment or any process delays. That’S really good and we’ve also made significant progress and things like trade among provinces with alcoholic beverages. We’Ve got agreement on transport rules. Financial Services rules are coming up by the end of the year and many other categories. Workplace safety issues would be another example, big category that we discuss today. I think it’s very important the whole issue of Labour being able to move freely across the mountain provinces in the country. We need to address that better than we have to date, and that means credentials recognition and it means accepting other provinces standards when it comes to training or guidelines around a professional preparedness. That type of thing cuz, Canadian, should be able to move in a healthy country. Labor has to be mobile as much as capital does, so I think they’ve been big truck. Where does the federal government stand with respect to what kind of still needs to occur due to federal health care Prince’s? What? What is your take right now? As things stand up, what kind of rule the federal government should be playing and helping to reduce those barriers, more exceptions than any problems by the mile on procurement, for example, just different rules that limit the ability, Alton, better deals for Canadian taxpayers and more fairness and Provincial businesses that they could participate in those processes, so the sound has come out of the Trudeau government, but now we need follow up and I’ve been on this for a long time. As you know – and I know that the premier is the consensus among the prisoners – is that will continue to press Ottawa to do its part and that will continue to offer to work with them to assist in improving the situation so that put more money back on The kitchen table to Manitoba in Canadian families, where internal trade is concerned or interprovincial trade. Why? I would say that part of the reason vaschy that there’s been so little progress over such a long time is the complexity of dealing with these issues, that it isn’t just dozens. It’S hundreds, if not thousands, of issues that have to be addressed, so some may require legislative change. Others are Regulatory and nature either way the progress has to be pursued and it’ll require persistence, diligence and focus and Partnerships to get the job done, but right now, for example, Ontario has a rule that prohibits the harvesting of bullfrogs by people from Manitoba. Now I know this isn’t going to solve our gross domestic product problem, but it’s an example of the kind of dumb nature of some of these archaic restrictions that we have still in various provinces. So I know they’re going to make progress. I’Ve I’ve heard from the prisoners today they’re committed to this and I’m very excited by the level of commitment that I’m seeing demonstrated in the discussions today listen to go back to Bill 21. You called it, and you said that it sends a non-canadian message to people who wear religious symbols, that they need to hide or that they’re less acceptable for some reason, not just for what they wear, but for what they believe. I just heard a question from a reporter to Premier logo and all about whether or not it had come up in discussion that promote said that it had not. Have you spoken to Premiere logo about your feelings on Dell 21 with who, but I would say, already know my views on this issue. I’M a I’m a farm boy, I’m concerned. When I see you, rosin not just have our soil but I’ve, our rights and our freedom, and I think that in this country, one of the things certainly that most celebrate is is our tolerance and our our diversity as people. So when I see threats to those things then I speak up, I have, and I will continue to – I have more premieres not joined you in speaking of publicly. Have they told you why it is important? Look myself in the mirror. I have to be sure that I conduct myself in a way that I feel is in keeping with my values, and I believe that Manitoba is one of the most multi-national provinces and I certainly think manitobans respect and value our diversity. We just came through Canada day. After all, we didn’t celebrate sameness there. We celebrated the diversity, that is our country, and that has to continue, and so again no other none of your counterparts have joined you a choice. Somebody feel the other priorities. Currently, that are more important. I see issues that affect human rights and and no freedoms as being Paramount and regardless of other agenda items. I have spoken on this issue because I my convictions tell me that people of all Races, breeds and colors need to feel not only accepted our country but celebrated in their citizenship. So that’s that’s exactly where this is coming from. For me, other premiers Community leaders, Federal politicians Willow will make their own call on whether they wish to speak on this issue. I have made Michael pallister pleasure having you on the show again another video thanks for watching
“I’m a farm boy. I’m concerned when I see erosion — not just of our soil but of our rights and our freedoms” —Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister criticizing Quebec’s religious symbols law.
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