Manitoba will head to polls after Pallister calls early election

Manitoba will head to polls after Pallister calls early election
Manitoba will head to polls after Pallister calls early election
Ctv’S, Michelle Boyer, who is standing by here, to walk us through this interesting two when you think about Brian Palace pedigree, you know being a progressive conservative provincially course federally back provincially and we’re certainly seeing in many different provinces in the Prairies in particular, sort of business Idea of conservativism, I really sort of a being very strong, therefore, eventually at that place to Brian pallister is advantages well, right now, absolutely Todd, that’s right and I can guarantee the whole bunch of people here and I are going to be watching this very early election. Very closely – and I say very early because he’s basically calling the election whole year ahead of schedule. It said he had said that next year is going to be a major milestone in Manitoba and it should be about celebration at not about a not about an election campaign, but the Writ has been dropped. And yet you bring up a good point about how we’ve seen Province after province from red to blue the political landscape very different over. You know right across the country. If you compare a back to 2015 and yes, the conservatives, the federal conservatives doing quite well as far as numbers are concerned in the prairies, but they still do need to do quite a bit of work. I in provinces, obviously like British Columbia, Ontario the latest Nanos numbers, aren’t too great for the conservatives there and it came back as well. You know so because there was a provincial Conservative government and many of them right across the country doesn’t necessarily translate to vote federally. Also, something to keep in mind is when you look at who Canadians prefer think, has the better qualities as a leader, I’d Justin, Trudeau’s, still doing very, very well in comparison to at his rival Andrew Scheer yeah great point. There was also a number of things that Brian pallister said about the NDP I mentioned their new leader wapka new at 37 years old, who died from the humidity in Canada as well. In the course of people, watching in Manitoba will remember, out of the province was run by the NDP under them. Premier Greg Selinger for a number of years, and you really heard Brian pallister go on the attacks. They look, you know we won in 16. This is about moving forward, not going backward and terms of what the NDP did to the finances in Manitoba, so definitely realizing who the biggest threat is for him and his mind anyway walked into and Randy fever. Eventually, right – and you know – I – I had a conversation with the NDP today about some of the things that they are most upset about in some of the things that they stand for, and some of the things that they’re most upset about is us are closing. 3, emergency brooms and cutting nurses things along those lines, Frontline services that affect manitobans and so the NDP they have announced that they would reopen two of those emergency rooms, and tomorrow I could tell you that they’re going to be announcing how many nurses they plan on Hiring back it wouldn’t give me exactly a figure of as to how much that would cost a, but reopening those two years would cost the province about eight million dollars chart TV’s Michelle bouye as the premier of Manitoba. Now, the leader, of course, the progressive conservatives during his election campaign, Brian pallister, calling and election for September 10th thanks Michelle for this
Michel Boyer has the latest after Manitoba PC Leader Brian Pallister called an early election in the province.


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