Margaret Cho: Stewart Owns Republicans Undercutting 9/11 Victims | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Margaret Cho: Stewart Owns Republicans Undercutting 9/11 Victims | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Margaret Cho: Stewart Owns Republicans Undercutting 9/11 Victims | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Very special edition of fall back. I am joined by chameleon extraordinaire, Margaret Cho, she’s, headlining, Nashville comedy tours and done all American Girl and earned a nanny for her portrayal of the late North Korean dictator on 30. Rock action Kim showing on Women’s Championship today are brilliant. Comrade scored 200 points and then went hot-tubbing with a couple guys he’s. Definitely just friends with is Fresh Off The bloat check that out also with us as a governor, a presidential candidate. Well, my first as I use my role as a doctor, now there’s a congressman. Chris Smith, who thinks that Lyme disease is caused by a CIA drug experiment, to that’s the reason that so many 300,000 people a year get Lyme disease space. That’S pretty scary, get rid of Lyme Disease rash willing to talk about it when they know they don’t know anything stay in your life. That’S a good! I mean I can’t have just one thing. I just have one thing: babe a person color white is a color. Is it I mean, will it into me and, for example, I guess what I would say, then why people it seems like the absence of racism or the absence of hardge? That’S my perception also part of this idea. We live in a world that is post, racist or somehow we’re beyond that, but we’re in the midst of it when you’re out doing shows you notice anything different about where Maybe reactions, when you’re touring right now, there’s a lot of people who are just very angry And very desperate, and now it’s actually Crossing party lines. It’S not it’s not. We seemed to really sort of allegiance to our parties before, but I think now all of that is kind of gone away and there’s a lot of people that just need to laugh ASAP. Ferg setlist too, and she’s a lot funnier than I am. If 100 million people are giving away their Facebook their face, facial recognition, artificial intelligence for nothing which can be used in profuse, have to sign something online. It says in perpetuity for the rest of their life or whatever they want without paying them. Any royalty says 100 million kids who signed up for this on face app weather coming in when you hit 50. This is not a fun app anymore. This is more just like I’m a mirror. The very simple thing he’s just wanting to take care of the First Responders of 9/11 people who were very affected by 9/11 by the tragedy of the Fallout. Not just you know everything all of the stuff that was happening. They deserve to be taken care of and taking care of, people that we need as a truth-teller. That he’s been so effective because everyone’s got freedom speech, but I don’t think he will believe that cook was waging his effort. It might have gone as far he has been by all accounts reporting, Washington, very effective. At keeping this on the front burner didn’t want to look at news anymore. They wanted to have some way to absorb that humor. That would somehow help us losing the humanity without losing and that which, I think don’t always had he’s – got an earnestness to him, and this is a really important issue. So this comedian has been laser focused on getting support. Denial of victim stance. 2001. The majority of people under 30 that their news from so and then he has enormous going down those people were almost 50 or 40 so 20 years ago, my pleasure, we appreciate that
Comedian Margaret Cho and former DNC chair Howard Dean join MSNBC’s Ari Melber for Fallback Friday. Cho slams GOP Congressman Rand Paul for blocking the 9/11 bill, after months of Jon Stewart’s emotional testimony on Capitol Hill. Howard Dean calls out the new viral Russian app “Faceapp” for collecting data on over 150 million people.
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Margaret Cho: Stewart Owns Republicans Undercutting 9/11 Victims | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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