Maria Bartiromo interviews Vice President Mike Pence

Christmas present thank you so much for joining us today for having me here at the historic room let’s talk about the economic data first off 4.1% growth it’s a great day for America see you in the second quarter 4.1% growth exports growing dramatically that added the reality of 3.7 million new jobs created since Election Day 2016 I couldn’t be more proud to serve alongside a present who’s been working everyday to keep the promise you made to the American people the rollback red tape cut taxes unleash American Energy and I think this 4.1% quarter and a year that’s on track for more than three percent growth is a testament to the president’s leadership and his vision for this economy recognizing contacts that the reality is in the last two administrations the economy grew by less than 2% in the first 18 months of this Administration we were a little shy 3% last year we’re on track to be at 3 or better this year and we really believe that the internals of these numbers whether it be the dramatic increase in business investment a dramatic increase in American exports all support the conclusion that the policies of President Trump has been Republican Congress event supporting are actually working to revive this economy but it would that you sent real momentum and I was I was in North Dakota and Montana this week West Virginia just a couple of days ago and you sent out on the street talking everyday Americans talking to Business Leaders that The Best Is Yet To Come that these these numbers tell the Tale But the enthusiasm and the confidence all across this country among Business Leaders and businesses small tells the same story and more there is out there that China for example was rushing to add more soy beans black rude and crude oil and other Commodities so that they would get ahead of the presidents the 9% in RNR trade or trade deficit was down by 50 billion dollars you know you heard the president say on Friday just how enthusiastic he was about seeing our trade deficit coming down getting started we don’t believe this was a reaction to the president’s strong leadership in in renegotiating our trade relationships a great break through this last week with the European union now the United States in the EU in working toward a trade Arrangement that has zero tariff zero non-tariff barriers and really opens up commerce between our two countries in new and renewed ways as well as having the EU commit to immediately begin to buy more soy beans from American so we think we’re seeing real progress we don’t think this was an anomaly you think American exports are on the rise as a reflection of a strong economy and frankly a reflection of the president strong leadership on improving our trade relationship American jobs in American workers when do you expect another solid official travia will you be able to trade agreement I know the US trade representative continues to believe that there’s a possibility that before we get the Labor Day we may have a reformed NAFTA agreement but those details are still being good luck president came into this Administration with the belief that for too long Americans our economy our workers have been taken advantage of by impound balance trade deals and whether it be in renegotiating South Korea weather be opening up markets to American exports and agricultural Goods renegotiating NAFTA or resetting the balance in our relationship with the European Union and of course resetting balance or huge imbalance with China we really believe that that that kind of strong leadership on behalf of American jobs that workers is actually contributing the momentum that we saw in the second quarter numbers Labor Day what we remain hopeful that in the coming months that will be able to reach an agreement but I can assure you that President Trump’s going to continue to stay focused on American manufacturing and American Agriculture and we’re going to renegotiate after in a way that’s a win for working Americans in the city and on the farm rebar for example in Kentucky saying well the bourbon makers in Kentucky are are being hurt by the retaliatory tariff set of Europe you got Mr of Michigan complaining about material prices Grace’s we think a better trade relationship with the European Union Amor fairmoor reciprocal trade relationship is going to benefit every American we respect members of Congress made in the last 18 months has been made in partnership with Republican majorities but its been against an unprecedented level of democrat obstruction it is amazing to think just as an aside Maria that but in the last year-and-a-half I already ministration has faced more filibusters called by Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in the Senate by a factor of four times more than any Administration going all go back to the Carter Administration so we respect members of Congress we respect them standing up for interest in their District but we’re grateful for the support they provided for the president’s agenda and we remain confident that is we reset the balance in those any relationships that is going to win for their districts and win for America but is this just a ploy to make sure to remind the American people that yours is the party of of tax cuts right before the midterm elections because the truth is you’re not going to get any Democratic support for that or do you really believe this president Trump and I work very closely with the Republican leadership to Passion tax cuts 2.0 the reality is that that before Christmas last year president Trump sign the largest tax cuts and tax reform in American history UCM on everyday Americans the investment that we saw in this last quarter by American businesses is it affirmation of that tax cut package it was past but no president Trump absolutely important we make tax cuts permanent we’re going to work with hours of Congress to move this legislation forward even as it’s unveiled in the coming weeks and and I promise you in the years ahead president is going to continue to look for ways we can let the American people keep more what they are and we can the kind of reforms in our tax code that will encourage businesses to invest here and create jobs here in the USA well I look we respect the independence of the Federal Reserve and the president reflected his own personal opinion about that but what we don’t want to see happen going forward this week policies weather Capitol Hill or elsewhere that diminish the tremendous energy that we have in this economy today look at it before you sent the confidence that Americans Feel Again in in real sense it’s like a steel worker said in Granite City Illinois yesterday with tears in his eyes he said we’re back in and I sent that all across the country people seeing someone with a boundless confidence in the American but also they see a present who’s been keeping his promises to cut taxes rollback red-tape unleash American Energy in the American people are responding I mean the second quarter numbers for .1% growth on tractors the 3% growth after 16 years that average less than 2% it is a testament to the president’s determination and Leadership The Testament to the the members of Congress and partners in the Republican majorities that have supported the president and it’s also a testament to the Ingenuity the resilience the determination and a confidence of the American people in president Trump’s vision to get the Chinese food stop stealing from us we know the China has been stealing intellectual property for decades transferring technology sit around the world nearly 800 billion dollars on an annual basis Maria is half of that is with China for too long China has access to the American economy in the American consumer American companies have faced significant barriers and in the issues that you raised represented a genuine threat to our economy it’s absolutely essential that that we protected property from from being stolen by interest in China it’s actually essential that we end the force technology transfers that exist but we do raising barriers until we achieve a reciprocal relationship with China I truly believe based on the relationship that President Trump has Forge with President G and frankly based on some things that President she has said on precisely though recent speech several months ago president she reported for the very first time talked about the need to address and protect intellectual property and nforce Technology transfers in Weebly raising issues and recognizing the need for a more fair and balanced trade relationship gives us hope that we can improve this relationship and make no mistake about it president Trump is going to continue to stand strong until we achieve free fair and reciprocal trade relationship with China was it necessary this Administration believes in the freedom of the press and president Trump Administration have have provided extraordinary access to the media president answers so many question so many different settings and I can assure you that will continue to do that but but maintaining the decorum that is due at the White House I think it’s an issue that will continue to work for her but I’m very confident that Weatherby with that or any network or any members of the media that we will continue to work in a way that ensures the access of the American people to this Administration and to all the incredible progress we’re making representing all of us I mean did you feel like kicking her out take that everybody would leave that decision to the White House staff and and I just remember he’s confident the relationship between any White House in any press core is is always is always healthy and robust and and occasionally represents disagreements I’m confident that they’ll be able to work this relationship in a positive way we’ll make sure that every Network every major news organization continues to have access because we stand for the freedom of the press in this White House
Vice President Mike Pence discusses the Trump Administration’s economic policies on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’

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