Maria Butina Takes Plea Deal, Cooperating With Investigators: Reports | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Maria Butina Takes Plea Deal, Cooperating With Investigators: Reports | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
But wait there’s more because now tonight we have learned about something else, really important. That is going to happen that same day after Cohen, is sentences go to Just hours after cumming sentencing and hearing that is set for a DC court room at 3 eastern time Wednesday afternoon. We learn today that, in the case of Maria butina, She’s accused by prosecutors of being a foreign agent working secretly on behalf of the Russian government in this country to influence the Republican Party, the conservative movement at potentially the 20 an election. We learn today that Maria butina this case is coming to an end prosecutors and defense lawyer is telling the judge today that they had reached some kind of resolution for her case. I also asked the judge to schedule a hearing and which she could change sweet Maria butina had previously plead not guilty. So wanting to change her plea and pies that she now intends to plead guilty, then ABC News was first to report tonight that, in conjunction with her guilty plea to a concern, Maria butina will also agree to cooperate, cooperate with federal state and local authorities in ongoing Investigation CNN then soon added the fact that has already started me with prosecutors as part of this deal. If this ABC and CNN reporting is correct, that means that on Wednesday afternoon the judge will be hearing Maria butina is guilty plate and weave facing indication of the kind of cooperation deal she is making in conjunction with that plate. Tell you the Daily Beast has just match that reporting from ABC News and CNN and Report. Their incredible detail quotes from the plea agreement and again NBC News has not confirmed this reporting, but here’s here’s two examples of what The Daily Beast is siding tonight, saying that this is from the plea agreement that we will see in court when Maria butina has her Hearing to change play Tina, helped, arrange a trip to Moscow for NRA leaders in December 2015. She pushed for those Americans to visit with senior Russian politician. According to the plea deal, Americans on the trip met with Sergey lavrov, Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Dimitri bogosian Deputy a message in Russian to the Russian Central Bank official, to whom she’s basically reported as part of this alleged for an agent schemes. Her message had to translations in the plea agreement. The first translation about these NRA officials going to Moscow in December 2015 said quote: we should let them Express their gratitude. Now we will put pressure quietly later II. Translation alternate translation in the plea agreement. According to the Daily Beast, then we should allow them to express their gratitude now and then quietly press. So that was a trip to meet with Russian government officials in Moscow in December 2015 it was senior people in the NRA. We will put pressure on them quietly later. Let them Express their gratitude now that NRA trip in December 2015. That was at the exact same time that Trump National Security adviser Mike Flynn was also in Moscow sitting with Vladimir Putin Daily Beast also reports this tonight. According to the plea deal, Bettina also helped arrange for a group of Russians to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, which was held on February, 2nd 2017 to right after Trump’s inauguration, email supported boyfriend, Republican activist Paul Erickson, with a list of Russian attendees for the National Prayer Breakfast, she told him they were coming to the breakfast quote: to establish a back channel of communication Erickson later email. The list to another person reaction to the delegations presents in America will be conveyed directly to Russian President Vladimir Putin and foreign minister Sergey lavrov. The Daily Beast, Porter just a moment, has been all over this story. This is a big deal right. This is the first Russian to plead guilty to a crime that has anything to do with influencing American politics of the 2016 election. So this is a big deal. Consider for a second, what might be going on here with the NRA, especially money and elections. The NRA does spend a ton of money, every election cycle, and especially every presidential year, but clearly something weird happened with the NRA in 2016. For some reason, 2016, the NRA just exploded its previous spending records, the NRA, 2016 pump, 30 million dollars into getting Donald Trump elected, and importantly, they made sure that most of that money came out of an arm of the NRA that doesn’t disclose any about its donors. Like in the news always like large round numbers, write, 30 million dollars sounds like a lot of money, money for them to have spent that 30 million dollars they spent on Trump. That is triple, but they spent the last time around. In the last presidential election on Mitt Romney, almost three times what they spent books, that about Trump is not a more pro-gun Republican candidate than we have seen in other election Cycles. Why did they go off the charts for him in a way they never had for any other candidate any other election? It may be unable to exist beyond our. I had started a digital TV network to expand, expand its reach and influence that digital TV network appears to be, including, as we speak, with some of their biggest and already TV stars. Getting their shows, shut down and just tonight explains this gigantic biggest spending ever in 2016 by a mile, and then it appears to be Financial ruin, certainly Financial atrophy. Just within a couple years. The NRA money in the 2016 campaign just doesn’t make much sense. Given the history of the NRA and give him the campaign, then we got this report last week that the NRA’s huge boost and spending in 2016 may not have just independent expenditures that rebound into Donald Trump’s benefit. In the campaign, new reported Mother Jones magazine showing the pages of federal campaign records appearing to show the NRA in the Trump campaign, overtly coordinating their messaging strategy and their add buying through the same person reporter showed those records to the former chair of the Federal Election Commission and the X chair told Mother Jones quote: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation where illegal coordination seems more obvious. It’S so blatant, probably just thinks there aren’t going to be any consequences, and I know it like this is kind of a big round number of political Scandal, right political campaigns and advocacy groups that aren’t supposed to be illegally coordinating and illegally working together. I know you feel, like you’ve heard, that a million times it’s kind of a dog bites man story, Federal campaign, Finance, closeness between the Trump campaign and the NRA. This is blatant illegal coordination. What appears to be blatant? Illegal coordination put that together with the NRA. It does seem like there might be something going on there, especially given that their spending to support Trump was all out of a part of the NRA, where they don’t have to say where the money came from. I should also mention, while I like being snarky about campaign Finance, willfully violated campaign, Finance law is starting to become maybe perhaps a more consequential thing. These days, weird money stuff. There was also a strange turn that happened in the lead-up to the 2016 campaign. In terms of how we understand the NRA and its politics, it’s a turn that seems literally foreign. In the lead-up for the 2016 presidential election, there was all of a sudden, a weird Russian twist in u.s. gun politics, a spelled out in display agreement in December 2015. In the middle of the presidential campaign, right before the Iowa caucuses, a former NRA president and a future NRA president and a whole delegation of NRA officials and members all got an all-expenses-paid trip to Moscow. The trip was organized by the right to bear arms, purportedly a gun rights group founded by a senior member of Vladimir Putin’s political party. The head of that group was Alexander torshin. Russian Parliament is a close Ally of Vladimir Putin, and torsions group is right to bear arms actually do anything to promote gun rights in Russia at all. What they have done is make lots and lots of connections to the American and ra. This Russian government official Alexander torshin and his charismatic female Protege Maria butina, started attending the NRA’s yearly conferences in the US every year and at the start of the 26 10 2016 campaign portion and butina hosted that and our a delegation in Moscow December 2015. Then, during the campaign butina was flying around the free showing up events for various Republican Presidential hopefuls during the primaries, including a Las Vegas on the US sanctions against Russia person to get him on record opposing those sections. In May 2016 butenas boyfriend in American Republican to arrange a meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir. He did it by email with the unsubtle subject, line Kremlin connection and Paul Erickson didn’t name Alexander torsion in the email, but he appeared to refer to him as President Putin’s Emissary on this front: Putin and Trump that overturned didn’t work, but then that same torsion himself. Also, reportedly, sought of meeting with Donald Trump add an NRA convention and that itself didn’t pan out, but torsion did get to spend some time with Donald Trump jr. hosted by the NRA and then at the beginning of this year we learned that the FBI was investigating Whether it’s weird and sudden and suddenly deepening Russia ties and this Russian official Alexander torsions persistent attempt to connect with Donald Trump or to connect Donald Trump and the Russian government. We learned at the beginning of this. The FBI was investigating whether all those things might be connected. Mcclatchey reporting in January quote, the FBI is investigating whether a top Russian Banker with ties to the Kremlin illegally funneled money to the NRA to help Donald Trump win. The presidency investigators have focused on the activities of Alexander torshin, the Deputy Governor of Russia, Central Bank, who was known for his close relationships with both Russian President, Vladimir Putin and the NRA, and then, of course, not long thereafter. Maria butina got arrested and charged with conspiring against the United States as a secret Russian agent, now prosecutors, conservative circles in gun, right circles in the US and perhaps even her romantic relationship with us being run by Alexander torshin. The affidavit submitted by prosecutors in conjunction with the charges in her case, there’s Maria butina at 3 a.m. I am ready for further orders NRA doing tied up with this guy and now, just in the last week, things are moving fast for both Maria butina and for Alexander torshin last week, Alexander torshin, more or less evaporated in Moscow, the Russian Central Bank, where he had been a Deputy Governor and unexpectedly, that he had suddenly Bloomberg News. This rather ominous characterization quote the Central Bank declined to elaborate on its one-sentence statement. Friday. Torsion did not immediately respond to attempts to reach him happy retirement. All of a sudden can’t have any to do with the fact that the agency will running in the u.s. is copping a plea and cooperating with the FBI. Now can’t it because now today, we’ve apparently got his alleged agent, Maria butina, reportedly agreed to cop a plea and cooperate with the FBI, Federal prosecutors and what’s been going on with her transparency there. If she in fact is going to plead, does that mean we’re? Finally, going to figure this out if she’s going to play, if she’s, cooperating, already and plead guilty, will this even this week in court, shed light on okay? What appears to be the related case of Paul Erickson Republican entree into this world? We’Ve got reports from The Daily Beast several days ago that he has received a Target letter that Federal prosecutors are considering charging him, as as as a foreign agent, as an agent of the Russian government operating in this country will be Erickson case finally become clear if Maria butina is pleading and cooperating, then there’s the question of whether her play will ultimately give us a window into What freaking happened with the NRA in the middle of this. Could the revolution of Maria bettina’s case finally give us a window into what has been going on here? If the FBI has been investigating the possibility that the NRA was used as a large steel conduit for Russian money into the effort Lex Trump president? Will the Maria butina case give us a window into that investigation and its potential conclusions reporter who has been tracking this? Who may have some insight thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube? If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out, you? 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Rachel Maddow shares reports that accused Russia agent Maria Butina will change her plea to guilty and has been cooperating with investigators in a deal to be explicated in court on Wednesday.
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Maria Butina Takes Plea Deal, Cooperating With Investigators: Reports | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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