Marine vet throws out first pitch after double arm transplant

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Marine vet throws out first pitch after double arm transplant
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that was a marine for seven years was blowing up while doing a mounted Patrol I was in a up armored vehicle and I suffered a traumatic brain injury which erase 21 years in my memory unfortunately that memory those like younger years and never really came back my brother is I always in the mind no matter what kind of the guy to your left to your right I stepped on 30 lb of homemade explosives I instantly lost my right arm above the elbow both my leg and then my left arm had was called the gloving incident dark spot in my life there was some part of me that wanted to stay I just laying on the couch and I looked down at my phone and the Boston Massachusetts area code and then my brain kind of switch that is like she wasn’t even part of the plan and then she stopped into my life at first I was going to go up there by myself once she was like right there North 16 hours and 33 Brandon Morocco it’s a lot of physical work and then at the same time it’s a lot of hold your breath waiting feedback if you have to wait for the nerves to regrow now that I’ve got somebody else’s arms and everything it’s giving me this opportunity
For about a minute before a Rockland Boulders game, baseball was more than a sport.

It was a milestone for a wounded veteran and proof that the seemingly impossible is possible.

John Peck, a former Marine who lost his arms and legs after he stepped on an improvised explosive device while serving in Afghanistan in 2010, delivered the ceremonial first pitch.

Sitting in his wheelchair, he used his arm transplants to get the ball across the plate and received a loud ovation from the fans.

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