Marnie McBean named Canada’s chef de mission for Tokyo Olympics

Marnie McBean named Canada’s chef de mission for Tokyo Olympics
Marnie McBean named Canada’s chef de mission for Tokyo Olympics
Please welcome the next chapter of our national 10th Olympic Games and I got to tell you wearing the maple besides, the Olympic logo is always magical. One moment that was on stage and Ottawa for Canada day and how fitting that the Canadian Olympic Committee did Marnie McBean is going to be the next Chef to miss you all for the Tokyo 2020 games sushi chef head of Delegation thanks very much. How do you feel, I don’t think an athlete prepped for it, but since 2006 I’ve been working with so many of our Olympic athletes winter and summer, I’m so psyched to have my fingerprints on this and following the steps of other great chef, you make no bones About your ambition and your confidence, what you want and going after that and I’m betting, that’s what you want to do for your team as well or have your team do absolutely SAO season old, lady white ypic. Somebody like me to lead the team, and I think it’s because I want to work with them on or not on being. Okay with her confidence, you know being are authentic. Selves includes a lot of things, but it includes are authentic, emotion, authentic confidence are authentic fear and doubt that’s a big part of it. A lot of people think the presence of fear and doubt mean you’re on the wrong path. Not for you you’re, not the champion. I don’t know erase that I won or thing that I have achieved where I wasn’t completely be convinced I was not capable of doing it or in the middle of it that I wanted to quit. So I want to really get the message out that fear and doubt or part of a Champions path, and we embrace it. We embrace our confidence, we articulate we’re confident enough.. What are goals are, and then we just do our best and try to accomplish them. As someone who lived that, but also as you said on that stage, this will be Olympics number 10, there’s not a game summer or winter yours and get to bring that all together know who gets to do that? What do you think I mean that such critical piece about the motivation and inspiration and in the past job description for you? It people in sport know Chef is head of Delegation of an Olympic team, so I’m officially the head of Delegation as Canada walks into the opening ceremony I’ll be right there with our team, which is looking like it might be one of our largest Olympic teams in Decade, cocanada, but it’s part mentor Park, mascot being behind the scenes, knowing when somebody needs space annoying when somebody needs somebody present its. I think all the work will be done before we get to the Olympics. So I think that’s what I really feel a cat games. It’S Mentor mascot. Some people need some constant messenger messaging of really normalizing. The path like the Olympic dream is a funny one. Some athletes dream of going to the Olympics since before they started their Sport, and so I know, athletes who’ve been world champions for on approach Olympics are still like will is this for me, because Olympic Champions are like whoa and the more we can normalize that path And normalize the idea that it’s normal people like us, we’re doing incredible and special things on the Olympics messaging between now it’s by 387 days. More important date should always be the closing ceremony, because the potential is just a thing and it’s we want to know what we’ve actually done. So it’s a countdown to the closing ceremony because that’s when you know you can listen to you talking, you are me, you spent years as a motivator, you have and you can see it, I’m hearing it all come together, as you already start to think about what You going to do for in with the team, as you look at your years, both is competitor also being are involved in various capacities, with the COC to be drawn from Hugo to be channeling in terms of learning from, as you try to do, the job is, As well as you can well I’ll, go to the back of chefs Kurt her net Mark Tewksbury, silly Bernier, like my first check with Ken Reed. I’Ve had so many incredible chefs who brought their own personality to the role so I’ll bring my own, the Canadian Olympic. Incredible like, like a million years ago, all the time and they change they change to be performance, partner and their performance partner. For me and the incredible machine volunteering for this role – and there was a huge Mission staff of other volunteers who come in all the Professionals of high-performance directors, the people who really know their sport so and no point in time. Will I or anyone go in and tell sport how to do their sport beyond the field of play? They are professionals and they are the experts in that, but I’m going to draw from everyone. Anyone is give me anything like it’s always about listening and incorporating that and making the next games the next games, like whatever happens, I like the nine games. I’Ve been to a few hours, even though you’re not counting down to that opening ceremony. What do you think marching as flag bearer in a closing ceremony in 1996 you’ll be leaving the Canadian team? Imagine that experience for the Vancouver and there I was the last person. Canada was the last country to enter the host nation. Where last and I was last and I walked in – and I member from Clara occurring the flag on back to me, the last watching the Swagger of Team, Canada and I feeling ready – and that would be my dream – is to be with our team Canada’s team and To walk into that opening ceremony on my back can feel it. I can feel the emotion on my Getty and for them to feel that they already for them to know that they already got, and then you go to do everything you can to make sure that’s what they concentrate on exactly who is Chef divisional for cannabis team. The Olympics Tokyo 2020 morning being nice to see you will talk again.
Three-time rowing gold-medallist Marnie McBean has been named Canada’s Olympic chef de mission for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games.

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