Marvel’s first Chinese superhero: Simu Liu cast as Shang-Chi

Marvel’s first Chinese superhero: Simu Liu cast as Shang-Chi
Marvel’s first Chinese superhero: Simu Liu cast as Shang-Chi
What Canadian actor is? Seemingly, you is set to Star as Marvel Studios First Chinese superhero, who will play martial arts master shang-chi and the upcoming movie shang-chi and the legend of the 10 Ring. It is expected to hit the in February 2020. The actor is best known for his role as young on CBC sitcoms King Kim’s Convenience. The announcement was made during Marvel’s presentation at Comic-Con in San Diego and now BBC Arts reporter Jelena advik, is here with more so, what more do we know about his role? The date in the future did this role is huge, but also for many reasons, many reasons related to diversity. So, let’s start with this particular actress: only people known from Kim’s Convenience, the TV show and she’s not household name per se, but you really has struck a chord with this particular character, John Kim on Kim’s Convenience. And so can you imagine this Jaclyn? This man is 30 years old, siding that early in life. He could have Western University anyway to become an accountant, but Siri is like Nikita fresh-off-the-boat Orphan Black who’s, just leaving. I will. I have to get dressed first, but then to meet you. You too, I’m Lauren. Well, I’m going to get changed I’ll, see you later superhero character and yeah. It is definitely a really big deal did on Sunday found out on Tuesday. He got the role as a short turnaround and we found it at Comic-Con yesterday that he’s going to get it. Aquafina will also start. So I it’s yeah. It’S going to be huge significance of an Asian lead at the superhero Hollywood for years is not just a question of Miss representation in a lot of cases. It’S in some instances, these various movies that you’re taking a look at right. Now they are out and proving that the demand from audiences is there for diversity and finally Marvel Studios. Answering that call
The Canadian star of CBC’s Kim’s Convenience was revealed as the lead in Marvel’s superhero film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings at Comic-Con in San Diego.

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