Mass shooting update from officials in Dayton, Ohio

Mass shooting update from officials in Dayton, Ohio
Mass shooting update from officials in Dayton, Ohio
Park City Manager, Shelley, dickstein and assistant chief for the fire department, just like it, so we have some updates to give you today. I just took a tour with the governor and the sister wine show the site, so he was been briefed by our our team and understand what happened here early this morning and I’m going to let him say a few words work here. Maybe that works well. Thank you very, very much everyone, my wife friend I want Express to the victims, victims, families, the Dayton Community rate, sympathy heartbreaking tragedy, and it is the type tragedy that you pray never comes out to your state or to your community, and I talked earlier this morning. Very early this morning, prior to that received a call from our Public Safety PPL about about the situation. I just want to say that the city of Dayton, Gomery County, First Responders, everyone is done an absolutely amazing job. You practice for these tragedies and you pray to God. They never occur. If you don’t practice, your not ready clear Dayton was ready. The community was ready. Marist pointed out to me how many other departments have made himself available and it’s been involved in helping. So I just want to thank all them. I want thank the Dayton Police Department, the officers who were involved in ending this tragedy, their professionalism, their quickness, their amazing courage and their response undoubtedly saved many many many lives. We will never know how many lives were saved, but you know police, department and mayor Amy off the tour. My wife ran out of the tour few minutes ago and the assailant was obviously very, very close to being able to kill dozens and dozens more more people. In this tragedy, we have to thank our First Responders. We have to thank or police department for the amazing job that they have done. The mayor, and I have been in contact throughout the morning, will continue to be in con. I’Ve made it clear to her that you know any resources that we have in the state it shortly is available from our mental health. Specialist Highway Patrol course has been involved as well Dayton Police Department into the First Responders thanks Mara traffic is we’ve gone through a number of these issues over the past summer, the governor has always been one to quickly call quickly check in and then be here when, When we’re dealing with these issues so certainly appreciate, your personal leadership are some updates from police, and so I’m going to turn it over to deputy chief Carver Bernie Identity or released the identity of the shooter. The shooter in this incident is Connor Betts, Connor, Betts, white, male 24, date-of-birth 1028 94, and I would ask a we are understanding that the that some images of the suspect have been posted by media. Some of those are not correct. So please make sure that you have the correct photograph for image of the suspect when you report that and secondly there’s, I believe some of the media has the wrong Facebook posting on their on their website. So if you would, please make sure that you have the correct ones, so we’re identifying the proper person and in the proper persons image with that, we will have additional information at 4. We originally thought it’d be about a 3 briefing for for a more comprehensive view of what happened and I’m with the response was that’s going to be at 4, I’m here at this location, so we will give you additional information on the suspect and actually what transpired At this time, I’ll give you the names and a demographics of the nine people who were killed and the first one is Lois Oglesby Oglesby black female 27. The second one is Megan Betts, Betts, white, female 22, Saeed Saleh Saleh, black male 38, Derrick fudge, black male 57 Logan Turner, white male 30, Nicholas humor, cummer white male 25, Thomas McNichols, McNichols, blackmail, 25, Beatrice Warren Curtis, black female 36 and Monica Brickhouse black female 39. Those are the nine names of the individuals who were killed overnight with without back over to the mayor also announced. We will have a visual. At 8 p.m. we’ve talked with the leaders of the Oregon District Association. It will be on the streets of 5th Street in the Oregon district at 8 p.m. this evening. Also, the blood center is closed. Today, we’ve been informed, they have adequate Supply today, but we want to remind people that if they wanted to take action, that would be good to donate blood tomorrow, and we have a special effort that we’re putting together – and I want to thank the Dayton foundation and Have Mike Parks come forward to explain what we’re trying victims, families thanks mirror. First, our thoughts and prayers are with the families in the victim’s. As two months ago, we learned as a community. We came together to help those in need and once again will do that and as we speak, a fund is being established called the Dayton Oregon district tragedy fund at the Dayton Foundation. That’Ll be up and going later this afternoon. For those that would like to help, and if you’d like to help your neighbors and Friends, it’ll be a way to do that hand to assist those that have been impacted. Our community is people woke up this morning van 6 a.m. 7 a.m. folks and leaders from across the community called her reached out and said what I can. What can I do and then others we called and they immediately stepped in – and I went to appreciate, really appreciate the Dayton foundation for doing this quickly, as we know that people that weren’t prepared, obviously for such a tragic event in there and their families, all right With that I’ll open up in question Mike Campbell – yes, that’s the sister of the suspect shooting we’re located in the Oregon district on on around history. As I said earlier, the investigation leads us and different directions. So I obviously we look at that Vehicles. We look at houses and – and yes, we did conduct a search more earlier today. How about we do that? But, okay, I think that’ll be best for put that up and that’s incorrect, and I will say that the the family members of all nine people who are deceased have been have been notified and a victim-witness member from the Montgomery County prosecutor’s office has been assigned to Each of those families, and that’s why we waited until this afternoon to release the next. We will address that at for as best we can, we will be able to provide much more information on the actual incident itself at for the address that we were, he was staying where we conducted a search warrant earlier today was in Bellbrook. Well, all the victims are from our own backyard to, and so you know this is just an animagus tragedy. You no matter where the victims are from their victims and a heart goes out to the families. But this is the Miami Valley tragedy. I cannot. We will comment more at 4. I don’t know if we’ll get into that crater detail, but we will provide comprehend an overview of what occurred at the shooting took place on and around the street and sidewalk a surgery. We’Re telling you that the shooting took place on East 5th Street in on the sidewalks of East 5th Street. Not the parking lot correct that we can. We can give a little bit more information for on that. We will will try to get you a general idea of that at 4. Well, I think that’s the first thought that always goes through your mind whenever there is a tragedy of any any kind of question. Is that policymakers have to think about it is? Is there anything doing the future to make sure something like this does not happen, and I make sure the wrong term but to lessen the possibility or to lessen the number of people who were killed. These mass shootings? I don’t pretend to be an expert, but you know they’re all like and they’re all different in that sense, and so sometimes you get different lessons from each one of them. I don’t think today is the day to try to draw the lessons cuz. Frankly, we don’t have Fox News, will be ample time for the for all of us to talk about what we learn from this from this tragedy. But again, without all the facts, I would just tell people just wait till you get all the facts and then we can start having those discussions. What basketball do respect you’ve asked several questions. If it’s same time, let me just say that lets there will be ample time for us to discuss the lessons learned from what happened to, but let’s first get the facts and get all the facts out and they’ll be time it’ll be time to have those discussions. Each one of us who was in public office has an obligation to take what fax it occur to take tragedies, weather natural disaster weather’s the disaster of a mass shooting such as this, whatever it is, and try to come up with the lessons lesson 4, we will We’Ll address that the best we can for I will say this due to the short of the very short timeline of violence, it’s hard to imagine that the that there was much discrimination and in the shooting it happened than in a very short. Of time. Absolutely we’re always looking at the what could have motivated such a horrific action. Is this and, like I said this morning, we’re interviewing dozens of people and going through a lot of different out an electronic evidence. Other evidence had to try to determine that. We don’t have that answer yet this is the first day this is going to be a lengthy investigation, so we’ll do our best to get to get the information to you, but speculating at this point would be premature. I want I want address there earlier that it was a 223 caliber AK like long rifle Whitney had extra magazines as well as it was wearing body armor we can. We can get to more specific. I want to recognize some people that are here. The coroner’s office has been a great partnership. Obviously the coroner has been an autopsy all day, so Eric plane is here. State representative Phil plumber is here. This is here and my dear friend, I don’t think I can get through anything without mayor of Kettering.. Patterson will see you in a few hours. I will see you at 3 at 3 and depressed because I know how much you guys love press conferences. Thank you.
Officials in Dayton, Ohio are updating the public about a deadly mass shooting that killed 9 people and injured dozens more.

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