Massive Lawsuit Filed In Fatal Duck Boat Sinking | NBC News

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Massive Lawsuit Filed In Fatal Duck Boat Sinking | NBC News
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for 20 years we have known that duck boats are death traps it was proven yet again in devastating fashion Branson Missouri last night we filed the first complaints in this case wrongful death complaints on behalf of Irving Uncle Ray Coleman 76 Maxwell Lee age to these lawsuits were filed because the rose Coleman family asked for two things they want to know what happened why did their loved ones die and more importantly they want to make sure that no one ever dies again inside a deathtrap duck boat they have asked that this lawsuit lead the charge to ban. so they no longer kill their passengers and the children who ride them we know from earlier litigation that ride the ducks policy is that you do not go out on the water if severe weather is approaching not there is approaching they knew it was approaching they’ve been warned it was approaching and then and maybe the mall shocking evidence we have heard so far there’s supposed to go out on the land portion first and then into the water but they slip it as you saw the NTSB release on Friday they review the video tape and somebody comes to the back of the duck boat and there was a conversation about putting the water portion first it is clear that they knew severe weather was coming and they tried to beat the storm by going on water first rather than responding the 40 bucks each of these people paid putting their lives at risk and lives that they would ultimately lose a NBC News thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe I clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
Attorneys representing some of the families of victims in the fatal duck boat incident are filing a lawsuit against the duck boat company.
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Massive Lawsuit Filed In Fatal Duck Boat Sinking | NBC News

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