Matt Schlapp on Cohen ‘duping Trump’: It can happen

president Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani stepping up his attack on Michael Cohen’s credibility calling him a quote pathological manipulator who cannot be believed this comes two months after Rudy Giuliani said Cohen was an honest Powerball lawyer let’s talk about all of this with the chairman of the American conservative Union and former political director for George W bush warning match someone you hired to do work for you tape you so I think that raises all kinds of character questions I think the other major question about Michael Cohen is he really much of a lawyer but was he hired by Donald Trump to do a bunch of PR working was PR work I think what Michael cone is engaged in now is a massive Pier a PR campaign to save his reputation on the tapes that we’ve heard he’s setting up LLCs he’s trying to pay off of a Playboy model so that’s that’s in the fixer Department Outlets to stop negative stories compartment I think really basically it seems to me and I don’t I don’t know him I haven’t been haven’t had business dealings with mr. Cohen but he really is trying to do is squash bad stories and work on public relations for the president really isn’t a lawyer and so I think what he’s engaged in is doing anything he can to make sure that his reputation is not destroyed and grows out of all this and probably becomes more famous what is it say about Donald Trump that he had a pathological liar working with him Globe to find that this man was taping him I mean he was paying him he was paying his bills and that’s not a small thing to do work for you and they’re taping you in your office it it that’s one of the many stunning Revelations your iPad how do you explain that Donald Trump who prides himself on being able to assess humans was duped somehow by a pathological after 10 years can happen around somebody who has lied to you for years I have it’s very painful when you find out that the person was not the person you thought they were and you hopefully your wife I turn 50 this year Allison so officially turned old hopefully you can count those interactions only on one hand but when you’re involved at a high level in business or politics or anything else you have these episodes and they’re painful 10 years that’s another day the president continues to try to undermine Robert Mueller and now says 14 months later that he has conflict of interest what do you think those are if there are conflicts of interest I’d like to hear what they are there are there is a team of lawyers who I’m just throwing out that obviously there’s a lot of questions and as you know we’re did Giuliani Among Us so many other people have talked about her credentials and how Robert Sterling credentials and so it feels like the president is casting about for a new line of attack on him I think this I think you know if there are conflicts I think everybody needs to know what they are I think Bob Mueller and his team or the lawyers that. fair enough but in and maybe that’ll happen and he really shouldn’t be the one raising this at all if the fact is this what you talked about a special counsel not picked willy-nilly I really don’t agree with that Rod Rosenstein play pick anybody he wanted yes I assume they ran at 6 check but remember if the FBI we are fine that we found people in this is all part of this investigation what Congress has asked me to from doj people at the top levels of the FBI who had clear conflicts of interest they were still allowed to oversee investigations on President Trump so the idea of the American people are going to be calm but the American people don’t feel like the FBI and the doj have been handling these conflicts while so I want to know what this is business relationship between Bob Marley and Donald Trump that somehow ended acrimoniously I think that is a massive problem hear I want to hear this is the point how can the president throw out a claim and not provide the fact you might you’re giving him a lot of latitude right now you don’t just stir the pot and throw out an inflammatory I hope that maybe the fast will filter out later it is incumbent upon you to provide the fax if you’re going to make an inflammatory claim against these wild charges of collusion throw things out and hope to prove them later downtown’s actually a victim of that and I think what I think that the American people would benefit from let’s see all the facts if there are conflicts I think the doj should make clear what they are inflating what is happening with some agents of the FBI with how a special counsel is chosen and they are different processes I don’t believe that’s right I think if you’re going to go through I think there’s a protocol by which you were picked to be an investigator of a high priority should be very soon if there’s any conflict involved Bob Mueller at any interactions with Donald Trump that ended acrimoniously I think it’s very problematic for his objectivity that’s not the end of the story that were kids clothes there is a team of experts and legal analyst and lawyers and Vetters who check into these things people to eventually know what this is if there is something there Baxter presented I believe there’s something there on your show these times very fair point I hope that in this investigation what I’d like to see the doj do with all this 18 months of this investigation of potential pollution which is ridiculous is I think they should be classified documents let people see everything the American people and have to be the judge and all of this voters are going to have to decide in November and then again with Donald Trump run for reelection what they think about all these matters and I’d like to see more information out there instead of less you know her she is the alleged Russian operative yeah there is a there was that we did check our records and apparently she bought one general admission ticket to see Pack 1 year if I met her I said we don’t recall I never had any interaction or any projects with her and she seems like a very problematic person excites her efforts to infiltrate the NRA Dimensions seat back at Central place and influence in the political party number one plays the gun rights organization the gun rights organization the elections to the US Congress I think they’re referring to the NRA by the way I’m at as well as a co-sponsor of the CPAC conference and other events so my point is she was trying to make inroads about what’s going to happen in the midterms do you think that the Trump Administration has taken enough measures to stop Russian infiltration I think it’s a big mistake that Obama didn’t try to stop it and then has had this influence in our society in our elections for a long time and I believe that Mike Pompeo and Jeff sessions in and John Bolton in the team around Donald Trump are going to do everything they can to make sure the Russians don’t have an impact in our elections let’s also be candid an Diana and if I didn’t even give Brock Obama confident on this in the Secretary of State across the state from 2016 they never got into our voting systems and they never really affected one vote what they did is they try to create in our society and after 18 months of this investigation yet to give him some high marks for creating that chaos sorry I couldn’t hear the last thing that you said if you look at the fact that it’s resulted in a special counsel and the fact that we’re all still talking about think the Russian government tries to show Cassidy little council is what you have ejected the most not everything that happened with Facebook not all of the fake videos not all of the fictitious accounts not all the showing they did look at the money they spent half of the money Russia spent on the elections to try to create that chaos record after election day a lot of the spending occurred in blue States it wasn’t the spending these are facts some of the things they did were to create chaos both for Clinton and for Trump their desires to destabilize the American democracy that’s the problem why was his spending done in such a way where it would also helped Clinton and blue States and like I said to try to do stabilize both campaigns the perspective from the Trump camp
In an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, American Conservative Union Chairman and Donald Trump supporter Matt Schlapp says that Cohen “duped Trump” and it can happen to anyone.

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