Matthew Berry, Tedy Bruschi consult crystal ball for Week 14 fantasy predictions | The Fantasy Show

Matthew Berry, Tedy Bruschi consult crystal ball for Week 14 fantasy predictions | The Fantasy Show
Crystal ball predictions for week, 14 – we’re here, of course, with Tedy Bruschi and our very own Crystal Crystal Teddy’s around. I just feel tingly in Tongue Tied, so just get started before I pass out and roll. The Third Wheel are all right. Crystal. Carson Wentz follow me on Twitter, Teddy I’ll slide into your DMs with some pics 6:30. You don’t strike me as the sliding into the DM type my frat, I got a good feeling about when so I’m going to take the over on Wednesday, because I just keep judging by what I saw last week, Matthew he continues to extend plays. Is the Golden Tate relationship getting a little better? I know I know exact hurts is all going to be there for him, so those two weapons – and I think the Cowboys – will stop the run game and so they’re going to need Carson Wentz to have production. The passing game touchdown passes here in the third best red zone. Defense is here, Alshon Jeffery seems to have disappeared as Golden Tate. It start to emerge a little bit here. They also both teams played a really slow pace of play, so I think we might have a good NFL game. I’M convinced he has a huge fantasy, NFL game 2 fantasy. So much I’m developing a callus. I see Fourteen Points developing for a Mari from Dallas zebra Marty Cooper in this fun Teddy, and I think it’s going to be the over on Amari Cooper. I’M seeing Amari Cooper with a big play off of play-action. Maybe a couple big plays Izzy Crusher over a hundred fifty the first game against this Eagle team. So they’re going to be wanting to stop. They focus on that, but then Amari Cooper on the big play-action place big day for him over. What do you thinking Play? The Eagles week, 10 defense here nine different wide receivers Teddy, that scored over 18 fantasy points against the Eagles that secondary so beat up so struggling again. You know they’re traveling on a so yeah give me Amari Cooper. Do you know they made the choice right right? My Straight by Jerry Jones: absolutely it doesn’t matter all right. Let’S go to the Monday night game and Kirk Cousins, the Viking Institute. When you seen for Kirk Cousins here 17.6, you taking me over the under I’m going to take the over. I just anticipate a bounce-back game, especially with cousins in ceiling, because with the Patriots did the feeling watching that last week, they, even though we got the touch they didn’t, want him to have a big game ceiling with a bounce-back game, Kirk Cousins with the bounce-back game. That’S not protecting here, remember this year last year, in previous years in Washington, with his legs, people forget like this is what kind of a mobile guy used to get some. You know some rushing touchdowns and that bootleg stuff there were rushing yards in five of the past six games. Seattle has the fourth-highest interception rate season. One Oakbrook sometimes turns the ball over here games in Seattle, Primetime games. Do the Vikings feel a little bit. I was just cousin can possibly have one another one of those sayings one of those outbursts after the game, because he loves me an old man with no hair. That’S my Snapchat isn’t strong Crystal not the snap okay and what I love about them is how they, how they defend multiple options of a play in terms of early this week, hamster Run game that’ll be their first priority, so I’m going to go to under for Spencer Ware running back running back to having is 2.6 yards per, carry against the Ravens. In that stretch – and you think about you think about this or that the Fantasy Point projections here – the only Court only one to get / 16.2 points against the Ravens James Conner Christian McCaffrey. I like supposed to wear for the season, but I don’t think he’s in there Stratosphere just yet. I just love being backed up by Stacks Matthews. You can binge-watch all the episodes of the fantasy show right now on ESPN Plus
Tedy Bruschi joins Matthew Berry on The Fantasy Show to predict the over or under of Carson Wentz’s 15.6 projected fantasy points vs. the Dallas Cowboys; Amari Cooper’s projected 14.3 fantasy points vs. the Philadelphia Eagles; Kirk Cousins’ projected 17.6 fantasy points vs. the Seattle Seahawks; Spencer Ware’s 13.8 projected fantasy points vs. the Baltimore Ravens.

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