Matthew Hedges: British academic pardoned by UAE – BBC News

Matthew Hedges: British academic pardoned by UAE – BBC News
Matthew, Hedges, the British student sentenced to life in prison in the UAE for spying he’s been released and pardon this morning went to get you the very latest on this weekend, cost to for us kehlani who’s, the BBC, Arabic special correspondent. He joined us now from Abu Dhabi and tell us what Mourinho authorized about was the hedges whereabouts now attend local time London time so he might be at 5 London times tonight and of course he has been released but still guilty. Black Supremacy, flips apocalypse, no contact showing him in different sessions, admitting that you work with the MI6 he said, and then, when they start that the official statement they said that they they said, which was the first one to make it clear. It’S not about him because I think it’s just given the intervention of the British foreign secretary and the discussions that have had to happen. What do you think, if anything will be the only impact between on the relationship between Britain and the UAE lost lost statement? They said, don’t cut the relation with them Nations. I’Ve met a lot of people. I keep hearing this thing. That’S the problem behind
A British academic who was jailed for spying in the United Arab Emirates has been pardoned.
Matthew Hedges, 31, denied spying and said he had been researching his PhD.
His wife, Daniela Tejada, who appealed for clemency, said she was “elated” and “can’t wait to have him back home”.
The UAE issued the pardon as part of a series of orders on the country’s National Day anniversary. However, a spokesman said Mr Hedges was “100% a secret service operative”.
BBC Arabic special correspondent Feras Kilani said Mr Hedges had been freed and was due to fly back to London tonight.

But a spokeswoman for Ms Tejada said: “He has not been released.”

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