Matthew Whitaker: Who Is Trump’s Acting Attorney General? | NYT News

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Matthew Whitaker: Who Is Trump’s Acting Attorney General? | NYT News
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Matthew Whitaker: Who Is Trump’s Acting Attorney General? | NYT News
President Trump’s new, acting attorney general Matt Whittaker, has been a vocal critic of the Mueller investigation, but he also was associated with a company find nearly 26 million dollars for scamming customers called World patent. Marketing and Whittaker appeared in several of its videos and this one he discusses a razor blade. Company promised inventors lucrative patent agreements for the government, accusative bilking, thousands of customers and a judge ordered it shut down. Whittaker was most recently chief of staff for the fired attorney general Jeff sessions and his past before that, as an outspoken critic of the Russia investigation is also drawing scrutiny scenario where Jeff sessions is replaced and that attorney general doesn’t fire Bob Mueller, but he just produces The budget so low that his his investigation grinds to a lab said. Almost the whole Bob Mueller does go beyond the 2016 election and get into Trump organization finances. I think that would be crossing a former college football player and the United States ran for Senate in 2014, but lost in the Republican primaries. Whitaker now has the power to impede investigation or provide special counsel, Robert Mueller from delivering his final report, and that is making Democrats nervous. Protecting Muller and his investigation is Paramount.
The acting attorney general, a vocal critic of the special counsel investigation into Russian meddling, was associated with a shadowy company fined nearly $26 million.

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