Maxime Bernier on 2019 federal budget: ‘It’s irresponsible’

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Maxime Bernier on 2019 federal budget: ‘It’s irresponsible’
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Maxime Bernier on 2019 federal budget: ‘It’s irresponsible’
Maxime Bernier on 2019 federal budget: ‘It’s irresponsible’
They need to send money to help the economy, to help album to be re-elected, and it’s irresponsible. What they’re doing right now, I think Canadian can understand that they wanted. They want to be re-elected, but the used that would be our grandchildren and our children will have to pay for that they’re putting that on the deficit and I’m the debt. It’S irresponsible right now only the interests on all that it’s about 24 billion dollars a year. Imagine what we can do with that they are increasing the death. The interest rate would go up. It is irresponsible and they’re doing that only for themselves. If they were serious, they can do a lot about to be sure to Lord lower taxes to every Canada. This country, and I’m not doing that right now, have a plan to get the can government back to balance books. What would you do differently? First of all, you know you can cut the the 2.3 billion dollars that is giving to fight climate change in a freak. I think it’s not the role of the government to fight climate change in Africa. You can cut the corporate welfare five billion dollars over there every year that the government is giving to big businesses. You can save a lot of money. You can Private Eyes, post, Canada, Canada, Post. You can save a lot of money, doing the right to reform and lowering taxes to every Canadian, a flat tax on business on 10 %. You are able to do that. If you manage well the budget, but they’re not doing that spending money and trying to be erected, but it is irresponsible because at the end it won’t be us wallpaper that it’s my daughter’s and your daughters and your children. So it is irresponsible and when will have a reception in this country – and maybe we’ll have – I don’t know when, but you know that’s part of the economy, we won’t have any fiscal room for that, so it’s completely responsible, but also at the same time, just saying That they want to help the families in this country and they are gay 3.9 billion dollars to Dairy, poultry and eggs producer to keep that cartel alive. That’S a shame that charge $ 800 a year to each family in this country. I think twice the price for meal, Dairy and eggs for the last 45 years, and now they want to give compensation with 3.9 billion dollars that we going to pay for that Kartel with 3.9 billion dollars. They can abolish that cocktail, tocarse to abolish. Cocktail working for the middle class. I thought you said, that’s a sign that we had actually a good physical balance sheet. What’S your response, it will balance the budget this year, so we still have it instead of 15 billion dollars right now and next year, nineteen billion dollars so the real, the real matrix. It’S the deficit, we had more dificid and we know that the interest rate will go. They are looking at the economy and they said maybe we’ll be in a recession in a couple of months and that’s what they’re doing we know that the deficit of today are the taxes of tomorrow and tomorrow, people will have to pay for re-electing delivers. That’S what they’re doing they want to buy votes and that’s not the way to do politics with your people’s money and buying both that’s a irresponsible, like I said, also 3.9 billion dollars to keep a cocktail for dairy and milk and and poultry when Canadians are paying Twice the price for that they can save $ 800 a year, but the one that talked tell to stay alive for another 45 years. What’S that the Constable is not cartel it’s about 4 billion dollars, so you can abolish it right now and Canadian you’re not working for my daughters and not working for your children. They will have to pay for these if it’s it and they will have to pay for the reflection of their Liberal, Liberal government. But that’s why we were interesting campaign and I would be there to fight for them.
People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier reacted to the Trudeau government’s 2019 budget.

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