May back in Brussels for EU talks – BBC News

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May back in Brussels for EU talks – BBC News
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May back in Brussels for EU talks – BBC News
Those who didn’t feel able to support me – and I know the concerns the raw in the House of Commons – about this issue off the back so often that they do not want it to be permanent and about here today. We need to get this together for the night. I’Ve already met beograd, I’m going to be addressing the European Council later and I will be showing the legal and political assurances, but I believe we need to assuage the concerns on this issue. line next general election. But I think it is right that the Posse feels that it would prefer action with a new data. Thank you to think it’s not like. There’S another Ponte Vedra Texas in stock general election. My focus now is on ensuring that I can get those assurances, but we need to get this deal overtime because I genuinely believe it’s in the best interests of both sides. The UK ideal necessary
Theresa May is back in Brussels seeking changes to the Brexit withdrawal agreement

She is meeting the Irish PM and the president of the European Council, ahead of a summit

Mrs May remains as Tory leader after surviving a confidence vote on Wednesday night

The PM won 200 votes, but 117 MPs voted against her

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