Mayor gives update on mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio

Mayor gives update on mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio
Mayor gives update on mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio
Shelly dickstein City, Commissioner, Chris Shaw, dr. Greg Seaman Trauma from Miami Valley, Hospital and Elizabeth long from Kettering health network worth OnStar password continue, Pastor, Richard Berkson gather a pact repeat some of the things I said this morning just to give some information I want to set. I want to seven morning this event occurred in our historical distract, the suspect was wearing body armor and used an AK like gun assault, rifle 223 caliber with high-capacity magazines, and he had additional magazines with him as well. Add 10 fatalities, including the shooter. That number is still the same from this morning and we have had at the hospital that had 27 people treated and 15 discharged as of 10. This morning, in less than one minute Dayton, first responder responders neutralized the shooter, I’m just still completely amazed at the heroic nature of our Police Department, where they did a first-aid, stopped a shooter with under a minute, and so we are grateful for their service. You are a family or friend and have questions you can call 937-333-8430 or come to the convention center and if you have any information on the incident at this incident is ongoing. Please call 93722 56217. We are grateful for all of the supporters and folks helping us from the American Red Cross, get out ha the FBI, ATF excetera, the community blood, blank hospitals and we are working with him to set up a blood donation opportunities. We will have more information about that. In the coming hours at 8 p.m. tonight, the community will hold a vigil for the families and those has wastrel we’ll have a location for you again in the coming hours. The Oregon district will be open coming this afternoon and the early afternoon. Okay, I’m going to let some folks speak and then we’ll do question. First, I’d like to have dr. Seaman, come forward and trauma center for the greater Dayton region. Our facility activated are mass casualty incident plan around 1:30 a.m. this morning in association with the mass casualty incident here in downtown Dayton that mobilized entire team. Our facility received a total of 16 patients, of which 12 have already been treated and released. We do have a total of 4 patients that are currently admitted, and one remains in critical condition at some of those pay have undergone or will undergo surgery. Later today, we are continuing to support many families who are arriving at our facility, and our thoughts and prayers are certainly with all those families are. We worked in conjunction with other facilities in the area to identify, treat and communicate information and timely manner to these families, who is from Kettering Health Network good morning Kettering health network is we receive patients at 3 Grandview Medical Center, which is in Dayton, received the most? We had nine people treated, seven were brought in by Squad and free are in serious condition in fair condition and three were treated and then discharged to or taken to surgery immediately bill being considered for surgery. The injuries ranged from gunshot wounds to the lower extremities rayshun to 1/4 of that happened during the during the chaos right after right. After that incident at Kettering Medical Center goal-setter, two people were brought in and were treated and then released. We want to commend our of our Hospital staff all the way from our ER Physicians and nurses, the people who came in right away when we called the code yellow, alerting people that that we needed backup for the for the great job they did. City of Dayton, Police and First Responders do we know they’re on the first line and then the first line of treatment for people coming in. So we just wanted it to them for a job well done. Text organization that we work with. We have incident called police and Community together or clergy. I’M sorry, thank you, please and clergy together and so we’d like to have Pastor birds, come forward and say a few words about, about clergy perspective, all the victims and their families. Second, that we do want to just really acknowledge the police department, Dayton Police Department, there quick response time. We were very thankful for that and First Responders now that we’ve been here from the start, we’ve been counseling family members. We have a variety of resources. I we are here and we will remain here, so we just want to let you know that this is a Community effort and we’re doing everything we can to help out in this situation like this will certainly Sunday. So some of the businesses were alright, you know are typically some of them want to take Sunday and Monday off cuz, it’s mostly local, but it’s up to each business. If they want to open the street will be open this afternoon places in the whole region. You know these senseless acts of violence that occur event happening any place and I don’t mean to scare people, but frankly I mean we’re at a situation now in our country that you’re, really you know these are so Random. There’S no place that you know. I just don’t ever go anywhere so as far as the safety of the district as it’s one of the safest places in the whole region, I don’t think we have that information yet DTW. We don’t have any of that information to to report on yet at this time, as we continue to get information about the the student, we will certainly tell you, but we don’t have any of that information. Yet I have not. We’Ve had folks that have been reaching out to victims as they’ve come in, and I plan on meeting with those that are going through a very difficult time hours. We don’t know that for certain we’re in the process of that look, I mean Dayton has gone through a really tough year, 3 months ago, early in the morning, the day after Memorial Day. I think we had not quite this mini cameras for the discussion about 14 tornadoes that rabbit ravaged our city and now to you know the awakened in the middle of the night to a mass shooting in the 250th shooting in our country this year happening Dayton. What what really goes through my mind is one seems completely preventable, and you know I just want I just question: when is enough enough, and so you know as we’re continuing to everything we can for the victims for a community for families. You know that’s where our focus is and it will continue to be there, and I continue to be amazed about the grit C & C of this community. The challenge that it is taken off on just in the past few months and the love and support that comes from people is something that keeps me going as mayor and makes me so proud to do this work. I can get some point we’ll be able to tell you exactly how many shots were fired by officers in exactly how many shots were fired by the suspect. But but I can’t give you that information just yet multiple rounds will get more details at a later conference. But the but for this conference I can’t release that just yet you’re still early in the investigation. We have identified the suspect and we will get that information to you soon. We are at work in our investigative process and that takes precedence that we understand that the that the public you know who this person is, and that will be released and obviously we’re out working very hard to to give the public an answer. As to what the motivation might have been for this pain, we’re investigating all all information all leaves and and we’ll go where the, where the evidence takes us at this point, we’re aware of of one shooter what will get more than information.? I can tell you, like the mayor said earlier: this is a this was a 223 rifle with a high-capacity magazine and extra magazines only person. Yes, of course you know we have just just like we have a police report quickly. It in the district will continue to have folks around and book. You know where we’re pleased. We know the community wants to come together so for the date p.m. vigil. We know we’ll have that side coming. What were you doing there? There were. There were several officers working in the Oregon district in the immediate vicinity, which is you know what we’re all very fortunate that they were there and they were able to to shorten this timeline of violence to two less than a minute, and we we regularly have officers Specifically signed to I to the Oregon district has a high concentration of people and we want to make sure that everybody stay safe. So that’s our goal. So that’s why we we we typically have officers patrolling our special young old race. Anyting will get more information to you. The investigation in a right now takes takes precedence over over people, knowing knowing immediately the public will be, will be told who this person is, and it’s it’s important for us to try to establish, identify all the evidence and the impossible motivation in this in this crying Cuz, I think they’re, the victims of the families of the victims need to know that, so that’s the the priority. I have no information on that. I can’t tell you that the the corners office provides the notification Oregon district. I don’t have account on the number of people that have come with that. A pretty steady group of folks coming in and out – and you know of course, as as families are notified, immediately, make sure that they have the support that we can offer with I’m coping and other issues, but also had to have a victim advocate for each each Family is in is put in place as well and that we can clergy, together and pack to bed at every single one of these as well Anne Grady City. We are when I use those terms affectionately. We have seen a lot of issues in our community and what amazes me about the city – and this is this – you know this tragic incident different – is how quickly our community to comes together, how our community is so connected and how just the number of people want To do something – and you know we saw this in May after the tornadoes we see this again today and I think the other thing you know, I think I meant, like you know, over 50 Mayors across the country who have reached out, because sadly, this isn’t something That only the city of Dayton has experienced and what’s really shocking to me, it’s just the number of people that have personal experience of this going and on and their communities, and it’s it’s it’s sad to me that now dating is one of those communities as well. I did see the Tweed and the press, the I think the White House office has called us. I have correct. Yes, the White House office is called my cell phone. I was on another call at the time, but we have talked to the White House and but not not the president. Specifically, I’ve talked to Senator Brown and Governor dewine as well. Turner has called me as well. I can’t speculate on that. Frankly, with more information in the coming hours – and you know I don’t want to speculate on that – I can’t I can’t really communicate on that until we have a name for you guys or regular all on Street, on the sidewalk with all the fatality zwier outside. I can’t speak to that just yet. We can’t really comment on any of that. We will be able to to let you know. Just that won’t be right now outside our next press conference will be at 1 p.m. we can’t tell you what we’re going to say. We can we tried to tell you at that time, so at 1 p.m. today forgive me, I didn’t catch the first part of that question. I will say this: the Dayton Police Department of Kentucky the investigation we’ve had a lot of assistance from outside resources. Fbi has been here from very soon after the incident occurred and and they’ve assisted with the investigation, so there’s a lot of resources that the that other agencies and organizations have provided and that will all be included in this investigation. I can also add that, after the one we are confident will have a news briefing at 3 provide a little bit more information as far as see the investigation goes. It may not be all the answers just yet, but but will try to get as many to me as we can, and I did want to thank all of the the other agencies who responded. This is a mutual event when something like this happens, so we had. We had police officers from surrounding jurisdictions, as well as the fire response Dayton Dayton, Fire Department response, and there was a mutual Aid request there, so there were metics from from a lot of other jurisdictions to so. We appreciate everyone’s assistance in this response. Kimberly talk about Dad’s right now, so give you the numbers about how many were injured and how many been discharged. We treated a combination of gunshot wounds as well as injuries from people who were fleeing the scene information. I can give you at this time anything about the gunshot wounds, multiple gunshot wounds. Some victims has sustained multiple gunshot wounds at this time. I can’t speak Spanish. Sorry pair with you, I think preliminary it seems to be a diverse group of people in your coverage will see you back here at 1. If we have more information, we have what we have, but information will have will give it to you at 1 and thank you for keeping the prayers of the community of the city of Dayton in Your Hearts and Thoughts.
Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley and city officials give an update on a mass shooting that killed nine people and injured at least 26 others.

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