McCarthy: If Pelosi brings USMCA to the floor, it will pass

McCarthy: If Pelosi brings USMCA to the floor, it will pass
McCarthy: If Pelosi brings USMCA to the floor, it will pass
Cia, what are the chances that she brings it to the floor? Nancy Pelosi it would pass, but what what I believe, what I say – hers speaker, Nancy Pelosi. She has all the power to bring the what were talking about his negotiations with China just a month ago. China’S no longer top Trader Mexico’s are number one Canada’s number to if usmca would pass and Mexico past it months ago, almost a year since all the three leaders sign the agreement, Canada’s waiting on us. If we pass that prior to getting into the negotiations with China were only stronger think about it or talk to Traders getting an agreement with them, it makes us longer negotiations with China. So thanking of the speaker, Nancy Pelosi, she should bring this up to make America stronger talk about. Usmca would agree to join us this morning. We wanted to do an entire show, focused on usmca, to get their side of the story in terms of why it’s not being brought to the floor. They declined. They want changes. Debbie Dingell was sitting just a few minutes ago and she said: look there’s not an enforcement that I’m believing in that actually will ensure that us workers are going to make more than a dollar fifty an hour. She wants to make sure that’s in there action for America workers inside this agreement. You have NAFTA today what the president’s all with NAFTA, which jobs were leaving America jobs, will actually come back to America. This is modernizing naftin, giving better protection to American workers. I’Ve been in meetings work for the Prime Minister, Canada sitting there to do. They raise the same issues. Trudeau will tell you. I raised it to. We got the agreement inside inside usmca, so I don’t know why we’re holding. We should have done this. The departure in summer, the real critical time is now because, if we’re having negotiated with China, China’s going to have their 70th Anniversary than see the president in November, this is the moment and time we should be stronger in those negotiations. Perdue said: look if we can get this done is anybody’s guess if we get anything else done in terms of other trade deals by the speaker that it was a political, it’s not about the country. They were concerned about tearing the president down instead of building America, because everyone will tell you at the minimum 180000 more jobs or GDP goes up, we’re stronger, whis, stronger than negotiation so and who out there saying? No to this I don’t hear the speaker saying she’s against the she said she wants to get to a yes. The timing of waiting only makes it harder almost a year ago, already agreed to it to eat. When you get to this, are you saying that there’s a chance that this can be opened up and then they have to agree to it again and they already agreed to what’s on paper? Are we getting to this in Mexico? Has already passed it Canada’s waiting there they’ll call their session back in to pass it they’re only waiting on America. It’S almost like the entire world is waiting for the speaker, the Senate, the house, Mexico, Canada, China, China’s probably going to want to negotiate before we get. This done looking for jobs, you want a little boost in the economy, past usmca, because the uncertainty sitting back the investment of going and ever you can Ave Economist – will tell you you’ll get more jobs and the America will be stronger. Our City’s going to do. This is important to you as well. I mean you’ve got New York where Rikers Island is about to close, is going to be an enormous number of inmates being let out crime is increasing in New York and San Francisco, there’s actually a digital Poop Map. In La there is the homelessness: what’s a comeback. So far in Los Angeles, you know what happened. City workers have contacted type this. It is it’s it’s horrendous and its Democratic policy Prop 47 prop 57. They decriminalize heroin people from prison with no training or going on. Well so they got onto our street, then you have the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. So you can’t remove somebody and give them help. Unless you have a bed for them, then they go through and say you can’t even remove them. You got to give them three day notice, just because they set up a tent summer. This is the Democratic policies coming to roost in California and, what’s even worse in California, they made it so unaffordable. They made it so expensive to live that is causing his well-deserved, mental illness and they’re not getting the help they need. Then you know what the governor, California saying I’ll: give free healthcare to anyone, who’s the illegal wanting to come to America, active war on being responsible. The president announced that the US will increase sanctions on Iran, saying that he has many options would have these options come out options. You can move military assets into the region which he has done already, which I think is one of the smartest moves he’s done, because it’s actually cause. When you look at what Iran was trying to do earlier in the threats, they were making put it in a position to stop any of that, but I ran this. Isn’T the first action? They are the Bad actors. This is why you never want them to have a nuclear weapon. This is why President Trump is correct, saying you got to get out of that agreement, and this is why the rest of the world should join with us and put the pressure on Iran to come. Do you feel like we do have allies the rest of the world against the Quran upon the money we provided him and that last agreement, which was a mistake by all means that we never got to vote on? It was not a treaty and this and that that agreement allows them to have a nuclear weapon. At the end of the agreement in 10 years, technology he’s willing to look into irregularities from, but the doj turned it down all we going to see accountability for what they tried to frame then-candidate Donald Trump General, yes, he’s being very fair walking through what I’m not Seeing in the Judiciary Committee by chairman nadler’s know, in a normal Congress after An Inspector General gives a report about the doj, you would call them as members of Congress in both sides of the aisle go through. That investigation asked them what they found. But Natalie will not bring that forward. Natalie’S, not talking about that he’s, not working anything on the border he’s not working on Tech. All he’s doing is having this imaginary impeachment he’s fighting with be legislation about the border of Mexico and Guatemala. Come to the committee of chairman Nadler, and the only thing he said he wanted to be mainly due to become chairman is impeachment, and that’s all he’s focused on he’s not doing the work that the American public asking me do in 2020 in North Carolina. Simply by that increase where we, where we won, we won North Carolina nine in 2018 by 900 Rose. We just want to buy 4100 because the only retirement I worry about his will hurt. That’S the only person, that’s sitting in a seat that Hillary carry this way to more these other retirement or republican seats. You know what it is. It’S about a revolution, there’s new faces. You look at Wesley hunt in Houston graduate of West Point who Apaches for 10 years and running ability to change the face of the Republican party, to look like the rest of America and have the leadership of those who want to join with this president. Who wants to put America group of lawmakers to help boost a company’s, I believe in private property? Why don’t we add private property to our privacy? We should know what big Tech is gaining from us from our own knowledge, but we should actually they monetize it. We should be actually paid for it. We should be able to move it, we should be able to delete it, you should know it, you should be able to delete it and you should be able to move it, but you know what committee this comes through. Judiciary Committee is Nadler doing anything about it. No he’s only focusing on imaginary Patriots, immigration, our privacy Inspector General, with the problems happen to doj. None of that is happening in Judiciary Committee, all Nadler doing that’s. Why, based upon the actions, what he’s doing today, 10 % said you should worry about it? You know what the name one thing that this new democrat majority has accomplished legislatively, but 54 % of them could tell you if they’re only there doing his investigation, something the public defender. Some people think he’s worried about his attraction.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, in a wide-ranging interview with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, discusses the USMCA, California’s homeless crisis, tensions with Iran, and big tech regulation. #FoxBusiness

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