McCarthy on the Russia investigation: I really think that the investigation was about Trump from the

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McCarthy on the Russia investigation: I really think that the investigation was about Trump from the
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McCarthy on the Russia investigation: I really think that the investigation was about Trump from the
I think it’s the most insulting article I’ve ever had written, and if you read the article you see that they found absolutely nothing. It’S called the failing New York Times for a reason. I was President Trump slamming the New York Times over claims. He was probed by the FBI for being a Russian agent in a new iPad, Newt Gingrich taking issue with the investigation, saying quote: President Trump was not betraying the Constitution, there’s no evidence he ever consider betraying his country for the Russians. It is the justice department bureaucrats who betraying the constitution in a Fox News, opinion piece Fox News, contributor in former assistant, us attorney, Andrew McCarthy, and thanks for being here this morning. You see you see the former speakers analysis. Where does? Where is the justification for opening an FBI Probe on the sitting, president being a Russian agent? Where does that come from the investigation was about Trump from the beginning from the from the time that they started poking around during the 2016 campaign? I really don’t know I guess. Maybe I’ve been looking at this too closely to the last couple of years, but I’m kind of surprised if people are whipped up about the New York Times report, because it suggests to me that the only thing that happened in May 17th May 2017 after director Comey Was fired is that the FBI and the justice department very rashleigh, in my view, thought that they finally had a crime on Trump meaning obstruction, so that paper in their files overtly what they had been doing covertly for over a year, Donald Trump. That’S what I remember p. He believed the Steele dossier. They went to the fisa court with the allegations in the Steele dossier. If they didn’t believe the dossier they wouldn’t have done that and the dossier was about Trump Carter, page and pull man. There was a side issue that is about an allegation that Donald Trump was in a corrupt conspiracy with Russia to essentially steal the election and then do Russia’s bidding. He was in the white house now, I think that’s cockamamie, but I’m not sure, but I think they believed so they’re in the middle of it. Now they finally have a justification at least from their mind, and then they can all reverse-engineer entire thing. But how did they do that, because Rosenstein wrote the memo that President Trump will be something believe used as justification to fire Jim Comey, and then they turn around and claim? That’S an investigative offense. I think Pete that it’s a very flawed analysis up till that point. What they did was they designed the investigation so that they could say they were investigating the Trump campaign, what people connected to the Trump campaign, knowing that, if they did that they would potentially find what they were hoping for, which was a case on Trump when he Fired Comey and then days later, Comey leak that memo that said that Trump had interfered with the investigation of Flynn. I think they jump to the conclusion that now we haven’t, we actually have an obstruction case potentially and they, I think, in their hot-headedness after their director was fired recently went over what’s something that they have been doing all along. don’t have a way out. Remember the old Burt Lancaster Kirk Douglas movie, seven days in May this 9 days in May, because what happens between the 9th and the 17th is Comey gets fired. That story gets leaked in the New York Times, Rosenstein the source to talk about potentially wiring up against Trump and the 25th Amendment, and then he appoints Muller, so they thought they had a case that could prosecute absolutely any McCarthy you been putting together from the beginning. Thank you for time. I appreciate it. Thanks.
Fox News contributor Andrew McCarthy comments on the latest New York Times article regarding President Trump, Russia investigation.

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